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    Whether we are headed to basketball practice or vocal lessons, my boys are always on-the-go!  Since we spend a lot of time in the car traveling from activity to activity, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with snacks that are easily portable and that they can snack on quickly.  I’ve found that some snacks are either too messy, too big or just not healthy enough in my book.

    Since finding Jif To Go® Dippers we don’t have these problems anymore!  Not only are they easily transportable, but they also come in two delicious flavors creamy peanut butter and chocolate silk peanut butter spread.  My personal favorite is the creamy peanut butter variety but my boys are split 50/50 with one preferring the chocolate silk peanut butter spread and the other liking the creamy peanut butter.

    When it comes to convenient snacks for life on the go, Jif® delivers much more than delicious peanut butter because it keeps my boys going and delivers wholesome energy, with new Jif To Go® Dippers! It’s so easy to dip into an all-in-one portable snack of Creamy Peanut Butter with Pretzels or Chocolate Silk Peanut Butter Spread with Pretzels. From basketball championships to road trips, Jif To Go Dippers provides a simple and delicious solution for our busy snacking needs.


    Jif To Go Dippers are available at grocery stores nation wide!  This means that, no matter where we are, we can get our favorite on-the-go snack.  You have no idea how convenient that is since my son’s traveling team sometimes takes us outside of the New York Tri-State area.  The best part is that I don’t have to worry about having a big mess in my car, because they are so good that my boys make sure that they eat every last drop!

    Through October 1, 2014, Jif To Go® is celebrating life on-the-go by giving fans like you the chance to share a picture of how you and your loved ones “get going” in the #GetGoing photo contest. You can enter each week for a chance to win $1,000 to use for your next adventure!

    For more information about JIF products and the #GetGoing photo contest, visit the JIF website, the JIF Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter.

Let’s Discuss:  What challenges have you faced creating snacks for your family?

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  1. I saw these recently and my kids would love them. I just hate spending so much money on a prepackaged snack like this when I could make tens more for just a little more money.

  2. I am wicked lazy, so I don’t create snacks at all. I just open a pack of goldfish crackers or pretzels and give them that.

  3. I try to keep grapes in grab-n-go baggies in the fridge, same for pretzels and string cheese. Those are the easiest snacks – oh, and crackers.

  4. Dana Torres says

    I love peanut butter! I usually carry sandwiches with me when I go out, or some fruits and veggies depending how long I’m gone for. I’ll definitely give this a try!

  5. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    These little dippers would be perfect for me to take when w travel. My Hubs loves peanut butter … and snacks.. I like that they are just one serving.

  6. I just saw these for the first time yesterday! I love Jif anyways, so I’m sure these would be right up my alley!

  7. Lesley Stevens says

    My kids love peanut butter, this would be a great snack idea for them on the go. I like that you can just grab it out of the cupboard and take it with you, that is so convenient. I’ll have to get some of these for after the softball games when the girls are hungry for snacks, carbs and protein – the perfect replenishment.

  8. Lois Alter Mark says

    These are such a brilliant idea. If they had been around when my kids were little, I’m pretty sure they’d have lived on those!

  9. These would be great as snacks for my son. He loves peanut butter but it can be hard to pack!

  10. Amy Desrosiers says

    My kids love PB! I love that these are portable!

  11. I think these Jif snacks would be great for adults to when traveling or in a hurry. I love PB so this is something I am going to look for.

  12. I recently bought these and they are awesome! So convenient.

  13. These Jif dippers look yummy! I’d totally grab a peanut butter to go for myself!

  14. My son is a peanut butter NUT! We will have to pick these up for sure

  15. We had something like this called YAN YAN, lol. Yumm.

  16. My kids would really enjoy these! We are all Jif fans!

  17. We’ve got some coupons coming to try these out and I can’t wait. They sound good to me. 🙂

  18. TouristMeetsTraveler says

    Anything that’s easy to go, this looks perfect!

  19. My toddler would LOVE these. Perfect for busy weeknights on the go!

  20. Chrystal M. says

    I love peanut butter on my celery, or just by the spoonfuls. We dont keep a lot of snacks around here. Mostly vegetables.

  21. April Mims says

    I love peanut butter and banana for a snack or with apples. These would be handy to keep in my desk at work.

  22. We LOVE this and have actually went out and got some more after our samples were gone. Just love, love, LOVE them.

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