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    I can’t believe that it is October already!  The month of September was a complete blur with back to school and all the new morning and bedtime routines.  Thankfully, our boys seem to be happy with their new teachers and classes and I am in full swing when it comes to preparing my students for a successful school year.  It’s amazing how quickly we all made the transition from relaxing and lazy summer days and nights back to business.

    Now that we are all so busy during the week, it has become increasingly important to get together and spend some family time on the weekends.  Since my husband is no longer working on Saturdays, it is the first time in a long time that we can all be with one another during this time.  I’m confident that these memories that we make will be looked upon fondly by all of us for years to come.  Our boys are growing up so quickly that, before you know it, they will have their own families so now is the time to enjoy every moment.

Netflix Titles for Family Movie or TV Night:

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 5.04.56 PM

1. Strange Hill High
2. The Avengers
3. The Smurfs 2
4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
5. Free Birds
6. Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure

    Coming together often means sitting around our living room and watching our favorite shows on Netflix.  There is nothing like the convenience of having such a wide variety of family-friendly titles right in the comfort of our own home.  To make Family Movie Night even more special, you can transform your living room into a blanket fort.  Craft and Prop Stylist Kelly Ladd Sanchez has come up with a really fun way of doing this in a few easy steps.

Check out how fun and easy it is:


Materials needed:

Sheets, blankets, fabric
Fishing line or string
Twinkly lights



Step 1:

Cover your living room walls with sheets, blankets and fabric by tacking with pushpins. Get as close to the ceiling as possible.


Step 2.

String fishing line from one side of the room to another by wrapping the ends around the pushpins that are already attached to the walls. You can also tack the fishing line to the ceiling for extra support. Once in place, gently hang a sheet over it to give the room the full blanket-fort effect.


Step 3:

Dim the lights and string twinkly lights on top of the sheets using the tacks that are already in the wall.

Step 4:

Cover your couch and floor with blankets, sheets and throw pillows to achieve the warm and fuzzy effect.  You can even add balloons to really get the party started!


Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your family’s favorite ways to create memories on the weekends?

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  1. Rebecca Bryant says

    We love spending Sundays curled up watching movies and eating snack foods like pretzels and apples. I love your sitting area this is my kind of place.

  2. We love family movie nights. What a fun idea to create a blanket fort. My son would love this.

  3. Lois Alter Mark says

    Ooh, that looks like such a comfy place to watch movies. I love family movie night, and Netflix always has so many great choices.

  4. We also adore spending time all snuggled on the sofa watching family movies (current favourite is Harry Potter!) with a bucket of popcorn! Thank you

  5. Saturdays is our movie night together. We get popcorn and find a fun movie to watch. Now that my daughter is getting older, I am introducing her to classic 80’s and 90;s movies

  6. Amber Nelson says

    What a fun area for watching movies. I love that! And I love NEtflix!

  7. What a FUN and relaxing environment to watch shows with your kids! Love the idea.

  8. Jeanine @ says

    We love movie nights on the weekends! I don’t decorate like that but I wish I would! Looks so fun! We love netflix!

  9. That is THE coolest movie fort I’ve ever seen. I love that idea and the string lights are a fun touch.

  10. This is such a fun idea! Both my kids are sick and are upset that they’re going to be missing out on some fun things we had planned. I think this would be a great way to cheer them up- nothing like family movie night!

  11. That is so cool. We use to do forts like that when my sons were little but I never thought to string the lights. Now it is just my husband and I but we love movie night and we love Netflix. It is so much more than just movies.

  12. This is such a cute idea! My fomer child wants to crawl up in there. Love movie nights!

  13. I love that space! I might have to try something like that, my kids will love it. 🙂

  14. it’s a wonderful set up for a night of movies watching… BTW, your g+ button isn’t working. I’ve tried multiple times to like your post to no avail. I don’t see it posted on your g+ page either. Will try again later.

  15. Oh my goodness, I love that cute little movie fort you put together! It looks so comfy and inviting!

  16. I LOVE netflix, they really have something for everyone tastes and we love having our weekly family movie night every Sunday. I will have to try out this blanket fort idea, my little girl would get a kick out of it!

  17. Chrystal M. says

    We have hardwood floors and have been looking into new furniture along with rugs and tables. I’d love to be able to have a larger area rug so we can make piles on the floor and tents like I used to do when I was a kid.

  18. Farrah AFM says

    This looks like a great idea! We don’t have cable. We only have Netflix and Hulu Plus, so I’m grateful to know about these movies. My husband is also no longer working Saturdays, so I’m grateful for the extra family time. 🙂

  19. I love how Netflix have these kind of ideas to bring family together

  20. I love what you did with your space! Lately for the weekend, we’ve been spending a lot of time on the beach. After the beach, we come home and watch a family movie!

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