Cortana Gives Busy Super Moms Everywhere A Helping Hand! #Lumia #Giveaway @NokiaUS

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    I’m not going to lie, even I need a helping hand from time to time.  Although I don’t like to admit it, there is only a certain amount of time in the day to get everything done and I’m only one person.  Today I’m feeling especially overwhelmed because it is only Monday and my whole week is already booked with things that need to get done.  I often think how wonderful it would be if I could clone myself or, at the very least, hire an assistant to help me out from time to time.

    As a matter of fact, the closest thing that I have to an assistant is my smartphone.  The Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone comes equipped with Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana.  Not only does she have a cool name but talking to her is almost like having a human conversation.  Her capabilities include being able to set reminders for you to remember to pick up dinner, track flight departure and arrival times, send messages, share weather forecasts with you, and even answer all your questions.

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    Talking to Cortana is really easy.  Surprisingly, she understands you in much the same way that a person would.  You can pretty much chat with her about whatever is on your mind.  Believe me, when you are a busy mom and you talk to kids all day, having this type of interaction can be very engaging!  All searching on Windows Phone 8.1, including Internet Explorer, is handled through Cortana, which itself is powered by Bing.

    My favorite thing about Cortana is that she gets to know you over time.  All you have to do is click on her to take advantage of the many services that she offers.  She is really is the next best thing to having a personal assistant.  Her role is to help make things easier for you and to keep you updated on the things that matter to you the most.  My husband loves that she can even make predictions about who is going to win the football game.  He often asks her for her game predictions and she gives him her picks.

Check out how Cortana can be your go-to helper:

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Let’s Discuss:  How do you think Cortana would simplify your life as a busy mom or parent?


Our Sponsor is giving away an AT&T Nokia Lumia 635 ARV $149.99 equipped with Windows 8.1 and Cortana.  Winner will receive the phone only and will have to provide their own service.  The device comes with a SIM card inside the box which winner can activate online, choosing from a variety of monthly plans.The Nokia Lumia 635 comes with Windows 8.1, a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, a 5 Megapixel camera, 512 MB RAM, and 8GB ROM.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Meagan Bailiff says

    i think it would be nice to verbally set myself reminders or add things to my calendar. it’s not as easy to do with siri.

  2. Virginia Rowell says

    She sounds awesome. She could really help me with remembering all the things I need to do. I forget unless I write it down. I also love that she even does the weather!

  3. I’ve already gotten acquainted with Cortana on my Windows phone and my husband is jealous! Although I wouldn’t normally encourage him to take up with another female, Cortana helped us find his football scores while on vacation and also pulled up a Coleridge poem the other day. Come on AT&T, don’t leave him mooning over my phone!

  4. Just some”one” to remind me of the two things I went to the grocery store for would be awesomesauce! I’ll come home with a cartful of stuff, but not the two things I went for. 🙁

  5. I think it would be great to remind me of appointments and after school activities.

  6. margaretsmith says

    I could really use reminders and having a Lumia, would give me those reminders. I can’t tell you how often our schedules get messed up, especially with having kids going in all directions.

  7. Erin Murphy says

    I really think that it would be great for calendar reminders! From time to time I forget what I about some appointments…

  8. Kim Henrichs says

    It would be incredibly helpful being able to have good aps. I’ve been running on a Blackberry forever with horrible internet. This would let me access maps and get important reminders.

  9. It would be helpful to me when my husband takes business trips and I need to check his flight times. I also like that Cortana gives you reminders for errands you have to do…sometimes I have mommy brain and can’t remember them.

  10. I love the reminders and calander.

  11. Cortina could help remind me of important dates and tasks. I would definitely use it to make to-do lists and remind myself when to do regular chores and special events.

  12. AmandaSakovitz says

    I think it would be helpful to remember important dates and events

  13. steve weber says

    It would be nice to be reminded through the every day hustle and bustle.

  14. It would be helpful to keep my appointments straight and in order.

  15. Thomas Murphy says

    I like that it can remind me of any appointments I have. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love the calendar feature and that you can type in your question or search for something!

  17. Seyma Shabbir says

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  18. lazybones344 says

    This would help me keep track of everything I need to do.

  19. Jonathan S says

    It would help me remember to buy those things at the store that i remember while i’m driving and can’t write them down. No more getting home and going “Doh! I forgot….”

  20. angelmom037 says

    I am a busy working mom of 3. It would help me keep track of tasks! I always think I’ll remember to do something and then I forget.

  21. I would find the reminders most helpful. I tend to forget things.

  22. I could desperately need reminders about appointments, meetings, and after-school events, as well as help with menu planning and activity organizing!

  23. Amber Faith says

    One of my favorite features that I believe would help me as a busy mom is that it reminds you of your appointments.

  24. I like how it will remind you of appointments, help with menu planning and organizing!

  25. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I am a mother of four and extremely busy with them all. Having the ability to be reminded of appts would make my life so much easier!

  26. Elizabeth Ray says

    I don’t have a GPS in the car, and my old cell phone allows phone calls and texting, but it’s a pain to do. It does not even have the option of voice mail. A phone that could remind me of appointments, give directions, track my activity (I’m training for my first half-marathon) would be wonderful!

  27. I think it would keep me organized and stay on schedule. I like that it has a more human voice rather than a robot, you feel like you are having an actual conversation

  28. Michaela Riedersberger says

    I really think it would help keep me organized, and without having to type everything in and just be able to verbally speak everything to the phone, and have it note down my tasks.

  29. I think the Lumia would make my life easier because it has a camera so I won’t have to remember to bring one. I also like it has a notebook so I can write my last minute stuff down which I always forget.

  30. Wild Orchid says

    Cortana would be wonderful in my life because I am constantly in need of directions while I am on the road. It would be so nice just to “ask” my spartphone rather than having to type it all in, or bring directions printed from home.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  31. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Cortana Would Simplify My Life By Helping Me Stay Organized And On Task Everyday. Keeping Me On Schedule And Helping Me Navigate While Traveling. Cortana Would We An Awesome Tool To Have!

  32. Wendy Rozema says

    Cortana would simplify my life because it would help me by staying more organized and it’s user friendly so I could easily use it!!

  33. Cortana would simplify my life by giving me reminders so I don’t forget appointments or school events.


  34. Cortana would simplify my life by keeping track of appointments and giving me reminders just to begin with.

  35. Cortana would help me remember all the appointments for me, which I have trouble with keeping up to date! I would love a personal assistant like Cortana!

  36. Daniel leal says

    It looks a lot more organized than my iPhone & from what I’ve seen more user friendly. Looks helpful from keeping up with social media, pics, music, email, to easy reminders! Thanks for the chance, can’t wait!

  37. I entered your Sleep Matters giveaway.

  38. Kristin Hale says

    Looks to be a lot more user-friendly and provides better assistance than Siri. I know Siri and I fight often because she cannot understand 1/2 of what she is asked

  39. Wow, that’s cool. I think it would be a great help to me. It would help me keep track of doctors appointments and keep other important item reminders updated. I guess its only limit is your imagination. 🙂

  40. sohamolina says

    I am not sure if Cortana would help me or not. I guess I could use her as a calendar and she could help me that way.

  41. I like the idea of having a “personal assistant” to remind me of important things I need to do
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  42. I’d love to get verbal driving directions.

  43. It would help me with organization and keeping my schedule.

  44. Tanya White says

    It would help me stay organized with my daily appointments.

  45. katieklein says

    Totally reminds me of the movie “Her”! I think it would be a great tool for keeping me organized and giving me reminders. There is always so much to do in a day.

  46. Lauren Harmon says

    I just recently started using a windows phone and I love Cortana… She’s capable of doing everything Siri couldn’t live up to!

  47. Allison Downes says

    It would simplify my life by keeping me organized and reminding me of my daily tasks.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  48. Cortana would help to stay organized and I especially like the reminder function.

  49. It would help me keep with my boys’ bust schedules. Too many appointments, practices, and games to keep track of.

  50. I think it would help keep me organized and the reminders would make sure that I don’t forget appointments

  51. Renee Stacey says

    I’m always on the go so the voice commands would be so nice and convenient to have!


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  53. it would be easy for me to add notes when I need to on the go

  54. Cortana would simplify my life as a busy mom because there seems to be less setup and it is intuitive

  55. Danielle Williams says

    with my hectic lifestyle i am ALWAYS forgetting little meetings or shopping lists stuff like that so having Cortana would be an AMAZING help!

  56. It would simplify my life by keeping me organized.

  57. It will help me keep up with important events/dates/times to allow me to follow through in a timely manner or be on time. It would be a great for reminders.

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  59. Courtney Bella says

    Hmm. I think this phone would simplify my life because i need a calender and planner SO badly. With all my work meetings and appts things are getting a bit hectic!!!

  60. I think I would finally get organized. I would have everything in my calendar. Set reminders of thing I need to do.

  61. Janice Cooper says

    This would help simplify my life by being able to set reminders for appointments and reminding me of things that need to be done that day.

  62. Janice Cooper says

    I entered your Kohls giveaway:)

  63. Heather NC says

    This would help to simplify my life by giving me a “NEW” working phone, so with a phone that works, I can keep track of my all my daily life activities. I can’t use my phone as it’s busted, I keep all of my school notes on my phone and I keep track of my schedule’s.

  64. Annabellainla says

    AS a busy mom I can use this to help my kids with their homework by asking questions on the go
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  65. I entered the kohls giveaway

  66. Emily Smith says

    This would simplify my life by being able to set up reminders as they come up. Usually if I write something down I lose it or forget about it.

  67. For one, I don’t have a smart phone so this would totally make my life as a blogger easier. For two, cortana would help me remember and keep track of all the dr.s appts and various family activities.

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  69. erica best says

    I love that she can my day go alot more on track

  70. Cortana could simplify my life by reminding me of events and such that I need to do. I have to worse memory and can’t ever remember until too late what it was I was supposed to be doing or where I was supposed to be at.

  71. As a busy girl, I could use the Cortana phone instead of a paper planner. Going ‘old school’ to the new way would be awesome & I wish!- Jessica M.

  72. Danielle Marie says

    it would help me stay organized. i am always forgettings/losing things. always.


  73. mommyto2girlz says

    I could use it to keep up with my daughter busy high school schedule and also her softball schedule. It’s hard to remember when she has to stay after school and for which activity. Thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  74. I would use this to keep track of appointments, and add couponing apps to help me save money.

  75. Dawn Monroe says

    I like that she can help me do searches and remember dates. I use a dry board now and its not working to well.

  76. Cortana would help a lot

  77. Cortana is the best at all

  78. I think Cortana would help as a busy mom because sometimes I am busy cooking or cleaning and need to look something up. Cortana could do that for me!

  79. Elizabeth Dalton says

    I love how it remembers you and it is like a personal assistant, I need one in my life. I love the game predictions! That’s funny! My husbadn would have fun with that.

  80. Angela Yer says

    I’m really busy with 2 kids. Cortana would help remind me about my appointments and events.

  81. From appointments to errands to run at home, I think Cortana would help keep my on track.

  82. nickie burke says

    It would help me get organized

  83. Right now I share just a basic cell phone with my husband. The Cortana would give me independence and

  84. It would help keep me organized by keeping track of appointments — both mine and the kids. It would take the place of a planner.
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  85. Stephanie P says

    I feel like I’m always searching for the same things so I love that it will learn my preferences. I also love that it will help me stay organized – such a challenge!

  86. Laura Sloan says

    Probably the thing Cortana could help me the most with is keeping track of what foods I have in the pantry, what’s in the freezer, what’s on the grocery list and where the best sales are. It just seems like I’m always forgetting something I need or buying something I already have at home.

  87. Erica Carnes says

    I could keep track of appointments and be able to search a lot.

  88. This would completely help me out with keeping all my son’s doctors appointments in order. My son has at least two appointments a week plus my work appointments. This would help me from becoming less stressed out than I already am.

  89. Brittney House says

    I would be able to keep track of appointments and other things I need to do and take care of.

  90. Leslie Davis says

    Keeping track of appointment and such but I’m sure there a ton of ways I’d have to see. 🙂

  91. Jill Myrick says

    To me Cortana is a great idea. It would definitely be a big help to me in staying organized with every ones schedules, remembering to do lists, helping me to do searches so much quicker etc, etc.


  92. She can help by keeping track of the kids’ appointments and play dates.

  93. I am not entering for myself. I think it would help my adult son keep in touch with me more easily, via text.

  94. Sue Barney says

    I think Cortana would make my life easier by helping me with reminders. Also the traffic alerts would be fantastic!

  95. Crissie Woolard says


  96. tinareynolds says

    Cortana would help me keep up with tasks and find places

  97. Karen Drake says

    It would help me keep track of appts and help me find the places I need to go, doctors offices etc.

  98. Debra Hall says

    it would make my life easier because i don’t have a cell phone…my old one broke and i just have not had the money to get a new one

  99. madison frady says

    it would help me keep track of doctor appointments and time and to keep everything organized.

  100. Richard Hicks says

    This phone would simplify my life because it would give me more flexibility and stay better organized. It is is very nice phone!

  101. Richard Hicks says

    I also entered the
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  102. This would simplify my life by keeping everything in one place and not having lists all over the house and remind me of my schedule and appointments.

  103. Carolyn Daley says

    Cortana could make my life simpler by reminding me of things that I need to do.

  104. Carolyn Daley says

    I entered the Case Logic Griffith Park Backpack giveaway for an extra entry. Thank you for the opportunity.

  105. Cortana would help me keep track of doctor appointments and time and to keep everything organized.

  106. Heather Dawn says

    This would help me keep track of appointments and activities!

  107. It would simplify my life because I would have all the answers on hand. I like that I can also schedule things and be organized.

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