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PhotoGrid_1415578460389_wmdisclosure   Fall is in full swing in our household.  We had a wonderful time planning for and celebrating Halloween last month and we are now preparing for the other major holidays that are quickly approaching like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As always, one of the things that we really enjoy doing as a family is getting together for family movie night.  Since our son just started his basketball season on the Junior Varsity team, we have decided to celebrate this milestone by watching films as a family after every one of his games.

    Having our boys involved in playing competitive sports is very important to my husband and I because they learn about working together and about good sportsmanship towards their teammates.  Since these post-game movie nights are to highlight my son’s athletic accomplishments, we have to let him choose movies that are for big kids since he will be twelve next June and he is not a little guy anymore.  Thankfully, Netflix has all of the titles that he loves to watch and that allow him to assert his independence.

Here are some of the Big Kid titles that my son has chosen for these family movie nights:

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.54.53 PM

1. Strange Hill High
2. The Avengers
3. The Smurfs 2
4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars
5. Free Birds
6. Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure

    Celebrating these milestones with our boys by spending time together with them as a family highlights how important their accomplishments are to us.  Having Netflix allows us to enjoy these moments in the comfort of our own home while, at the same time, making our boys feel special and loved.  You can plan your own family movie nights to recognize the milestones in your own children’s lives by creating your own family traditions!

Let’s Discuss:  What milestones are you celebrating with your children this year as a family?

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  1. 2014 was pretty quiet for us as far as milestones went, but in 2015 we have a whole bunch coming up. My little man is getting his First Communion in the spring and then in Sept, my oldest and I will both be getting our black belts.

  2. My girls are celebrating their 50th day of school. There are no troubles and school is going smooth. That’s a great milestone.

  3. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    Since our kids are grown and have children of their own, we try to be there when the Grandkids are celebrating their special times. Our one grandson is into play TBall and is doing super well at it.

  4. amanda ripsam says

    I do not have cable we use netflix and a few other streaming sites. I loved the smurfs 2 movie. My daughter has watched all the others over and over again Netflix really does need to start adding newer released movies and tv shows.

  5. I love netflix and I also love family movie nights. My kids can’t get enough and I like that i still have these moments with them. Thanks for sharing

  6. Mako mermaids? This is the first I heard of that – I will have to look unto it!

  7. He is just so handsome! Good job!

  8. Jennifer Williams says

    I MISS Netflix. We just moved and do not have internet yet. Unfortunately we are not sure if we will get anything that will be fast enough to stream movies – fingers crossed that we do because my little one keeps asking for it.

  9. Netflix is such a wonderful resource. Movie night is a cool idea. Something everyone can look forward to doing together.

  10. We LOVE Netflix in our household!!! Great movie suggestions. My kids really enjoyed Free Birds, we saw it in theatres last year.

  11. Carmen Nimo Perez says

    We also have movie nights, we love them! These are all good choices.

  12. My kids love Netflix. My daughter will probably be embarrassed about this, because she’s 21, but I always see H2O in her Netflix queue!

  13. mena & taty says

    We are celebrating perfect attendance! We are going to copy you on doing it with movies. Great family time

  14. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says

    My girls are OBSESSED with that H2O show! We just love netflix!

  15. Melissa Vera says

    We are celebrating our youngest being seizure free since June. Netflix is as an awesome way to celebrate.

  16. What some lovely achievements it sounds like you have had and I have to admit I love a good movie night myself. x

  17. There is nothing better than grabbing a movie or show off of Netflix and watching it with your family. It is great that your guy is able to chose or have a voice in the family movie or viewing habits.

    I don’t believe we have any milestones right around the corner but my “little guy” will turn 30 next year. 😉

  18. My husband is obsessed with Clone Wars. Every night, he’s glued!

  19. Well at present my Netfix needs a bit of love. Soon I will have time to watch it again.

  20. Lois Alter Mark says

    I’m happy to celebrate anything with a movie night! We spend a lot of time watching Netflix.

  21. We are celebrating birthdays and officially becoming a preteen. I am a lover of Netflix and have been with them for years. Don’t think I’ll be getting rid of them anytime soon either. 🙂

  22. Lately my daughter has been having some behavioral problems at school, so after she has 3 good days she’ll get a reward, often a movie. Thanks for your suggestions!

  23. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    He picked some great family titles. I really love Avengers. It was full of so many laughs!

  24. Great titles. The Mako movie has been in our to-watch reel for a while. It looks like such a great movie.

  25. Congrats to him, that’s awesome! I LOVE Netflix. My hubby and I will celebrate almost anything with dinner and a movie, right in our living room!

  26. Good picks. I could watch The Avengers over and over again.

  27. Those are some cool movies. And hurrah for the Smurfs… my mom’s fave. Yep, my mom. 🙂

  28. Ashley Bunker says

    We aren’t per say celebrating any particular milestones. My kids are young and growing every day so I just try and appreciate that on a daily basis.

  29. Ann Bacciaglia says

    We are a Star Wars family. We also enjoyed watching Avengers.

  30. Veronica Solomon says

    These are all movies on my favorites list. I have been considering getting Netflix lately

  31. Motivating Mommy says

    I know that for us my son just became a big reader so that is a huge milestone for us.

  32. This year is almost over but we’re celebrating a move soon we hope!

  33. Melissa Smith says

    We were always too busy to sit & watch TV, let alone anything on Netflix. But now that it’s too cold for much outside, I think I’ll finally be getting a subscription & catch up on all the shows my friends have been raving about.

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