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    Over the years, I have addressed the issue of taking possibly taking vitamins and supplements with our family doctor.  It is something that I am definitely concerned about because I often worry whether we are getting enough of our daily recommended allowances of the vitamins that we need.  This is especially true because we often eat out due to our hectic schedules and I am sure that our boys don’t eat as many fruits and vegetables as they should.

    In my case, my Oncologist advised me that it probably would not be a good idea for me to take vitamins and supplements due to the cancer medications that I take as a Survivor.  This was not the case during both of my pregnancies when I took prenatal vitamins religiously and was actually Anemic so I had to take additional Iron supplements as well.

    My sons’ Pediatrician, however, advised me that it would be a great idea to supplement their vitamin intake by giving them a daily children’s vitamin.  As a result, I have been giving our boys vitamins every single day.  Our older son actually had some blood work last year that showed he was vitamin deficient in some areas and we have since seen an improvement in those numbers since he has been taking a daily vitamin.

Here are some of my thoughts on vitamin and supplement usage:*

To learn more about supplements and their consumption, please visit:

SPANISH: Suplementos (Vida Sana) (CRE)

ENGLISH: Supplements (CRO)

You can also submit your questions about health supplements to Dr. Jose Luis Mosquera at [email protected]. He will answer them in his column Ask Dr. Mosquera.

Let’s Discuss:  Do you take vitamins and supplements and how do you think they are helping to improve your overall health?

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  1. Mandy Young Carter says

    I take a multivitamin plus some supplements for pre and post workouts.

  2. I keep meaning to take a daily multi-vitamin, but I am so forgetful that I only end up taking them a couple of times a week. I need to get better about that.

  3. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I do a lot of herbal supplements as well as certain vitamins and minerals. Very important to keep me healthy. Great video by the way.

  4. Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought vitamins would have a negative effect on the treatments your oncologist does! Informative post!

  5. It’s hard to get all of those vitamins in with food. I take a daily vitamin now as do the rest of my family.

  6. I take a children’s vitamin (the coating of most regular vitamins irritates my stomach.) I now split a vitamin with my son so he’s getting extra nutrients. I talked it over with a doctor, obviously, but he doesn’t eat enough vegetables to get everything he needs. (He’s 3. Vegetables are tough!)

  7. I’ve taken a daily vitamin every day for the past 5+ years. While I can’t say what it does for me, it hasn’t hurt me!

  8. Rebecca Bryant says

    I do not take a supplement only because I forget to. with all my other med the vitamin always gets lost in the shuffle.

  9. I started taking vitamins and supplements during my pregnancy. It made a huge difference to me and I haven’t stopped taking them afterwards either.

  10. I should really try and take more supplements, I’m sure they would do me a world of good in some ways. x

  11. I am BAD! I will buy vitamins and take them for a day or two and then forget. I finally bought my girls some kid vitamins and they remember (since they have a sweet taste). My husband is the best at taking them.

  12. Melissa Smith says

    I always take some sort of vitamin or supplement. I tend to not remember them though until something reminds me, like Vitamin C when I start to feel under the weather.

  13. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I have them here but I’m terrible about taking them. I have GOT to get more consistent with it. It’s important.

  14. I hear both good and bad abt taking vitamins.. what is the real answer?

  15. I have multivitamins and forget to take them. I would love to be more regular and take more supplements for my heath.

  16. My kids used to take several vitamins and supplements. Now my daughter takes potassium and calcium, and they help her it seems.

  17. I take vitamins every day and have for years! I give them to my kids too. I think they are necessary for good health.

  18. I just had my husband ask his dr. if he could take all the supplements he does safely with his prescription. Like you said in the video, they really could clash so it’s best to check. He got the clear. 😉

  19. I take some supplements. It would probably be good for me to get out in the sun more and since I don’t and am vegan, I take a vitamin D supplement. I also take some other vitamins which seem to have helped my skin.

  20. Amber Nelson says

    I need to start taking more supplements on a daily basis. I’m horrible!

  21. I’m a firm believer in vitamins and supplements for my kids, myself and my husband. I always have a good multi-vitamin on hand for all of us and then I use a “take as needed” approach to other supplements.

  22. Tracy Iglesias says

    I take a ton of vitamins, was actually doing so well before my own battle with the big ‘C’. I take a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Calcium and alternate with some others. I do notice a difference if I run out and don’t replace them right away. I think that is why I am loving some of the health based subscription box services I have been testing! 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  23. I know I should but I don’t take any vitamins. I am simply not a fan of taking anything. I understand their are health benefits but in my mind not taken them outweighs doing the opposite.

  24. I take a few supplements but not many. I did take fish oil but my doctor just told me that the latest studies show that it really does not benefit the heart and so I stopped taking it.

  25. I was into vitamin supplements years back and I really need to get back into to ensure I stay healthy.

  26. I need to take a few supplements. My problem is remembering to actually take them!

  27. Amanda McMahon says

    Supplements are sometimes not the best quality so you make a good point in the video.

  28. Melanie Roberts says

    Great post.. I always worry about getting enough Vitamins so checking out supplements is a great option, too. Thanks for sharing this with us and I will see what my Dr. has to say about it, too..

  29. My little one tends to eat vitamins gummy like candies and sometimes sneaks in more than she is supposed to. So I had to stop buying them. But, I agree vitamins are important.

  30. I take a multi vitamin, and a few others like C and D. I also take fish oil and glucosamine for help in my painful joints.

  31. Motivating Mommy says

    I take a number of vitamins daily from a multi vitamin to a Calcium supplement, B3 complex and Fiber. I give my son a dilay multi vitamin as well.

  32. Onica {MommyFactor} says

    I think giving kids vitamins or supplements can really help. They need it for their growing system.

  33. I’m with you. Sometimes we’re not able to get all our vitamin intake by our foods so a supplement is a good thing. When you only take supplements without eating though that isn’t good.

  34. I do take vitamins and supplements. I take evening primrose oil to help with postpartum hormones and for my skin, I take a postpartum prenatal vitamin, and I also take fenugreek for my breastmiik supply. I love vitamins, supplements and any natural way to help me live a healthier life. Great post!

  35. I take vitamins and supplements to make up for what I am lacking. My son takes them for the same reason.

  36. Thrill of the Chases says

    I take vitiams in various forms on a regular basis. I think it was VERY wise of you to check with your Dr first. It is a great idea to add to your son’s life if he isnt big on eating fruits and veggies daily.

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