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    The last few months, I have been working hard to remodel some of the rooms in our home one by one.  Although we redid the bathroom a couple of years ago, it is already in need of some new touches to make it a little more comfortable and  inviting.  After all, it is probably the room in the house that we spend the most time in besides our bedrooms.

    Growing up, one of the ways that my Grandmother added special touches to the bathroom is by displaying crystal and ceramic figurines on a glass shelf on top of the sink.  She would also fill glass bowls over the toilet with potpourri and with scented soaps.  As soon as you walked into the bathroom, you would immediately be greeted with these distinctive scents.  To this day, I strive to create this kind of pleasing experience in my own bathroom to make it feel like home or “como en casa.”

logo2    This summer, Charmin is introducing a new Chamomile scented toilet paper to help bring all of your senses to life.  For someone like me, who has always enjoyed living in homes where the bathroom contained soothing scents, this is a great way to give my children the experiences that I had growing up in my Grandmother’s home in Spain.

    Not only will it allow me to pass on a family tradition, but it also allows me to use Charmin plus the scent of Chamomile to provide my family with a soothing bathroom experience.  They will come to know the same “toque especial” or special touch that my Grandmother used to have in her bathroom.

    The way this soothing bathroom experience is created is that each roll has the scent of chamomile added to the inner tube to create a bathroom experience unlike you’ve ever had where all of your senses are awakened in a soothing way.  The best part is that you can still enjoy all the benefits of the strong quality Charmin toilet paper you have trusted over the years.


    For me, this is the best of both worlds because I get to have a relaxing bathroom experience while resting assured that my growing boys have strong and reliable toilet paper to address all of their hygienic needs.  Make sure you check back this September to see how adding new Charmin Chamomile scented toilet paper, and some of my Grandmother’s loving touches, brings my Chamomile makeover to life and upgrades our bathroom experience for our entire family or “Para toda la familia!”

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the ways that you try to make your bathroom more inviting and relaxing?

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  1. Rebecca Bryant says

    If I’m honest I don’t. Our bathroom is pretty bare right now.

  2. I don’t usually use charmin but it’s good to know they’re making it “smell” better. I usually use potpouri throughout my bathroom and I would also add colorful tissue boxes that makes it look better too.

  3. Lois Alter Mark says

    What a pretty bathroom! I love the smell of chamomile — fascinating that they added it to the toilet paper!

  4. Veronica Solomon says

    I like for my bathroom to feel like a spa experience. I have beautiful smelling soaps and candles around

  5. I need to reassess our bathroom set ups, they are mainly set up to be functional but I’ve always wanted more of a spa or “home” feel. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I use candles and air fresheners. To be honest I don’t know that I’d wipe with a scented tp!

  7. The Chamomile scented toilet paper sounds fantastic. I need to pick some up for our bathroom. It’s funny how scents can remind us of memories from growing up. Lavender reminds me of my grandmother because she always had lavender bath salts.

  8. I used to always use Charmin, but my Hubs buys something else. I don’t like what he buys but I deal with it. I bought some lavender scented toilet paper a few months ago.

  9. WE have 3 full bathrooms in our house. Unfortunately we all use one right now because the others are under construction. To make it inviting- I try to keep all the kiddo bath toys picked up:)

  10. kay adeola says

    I like quilted Paper in our bathroom,I have seen a couple of scented ones in the store I may try them.

  11. Maria Sinclair says

    A good TP is a must aside from that I try not to spend too much time in the bathroom except for showers.

  12. What a great idea! I have to find this product. My mom always did the same things and it made it so nice for us. I try to do these things also but don’t have alot of room. This will be the next big thing I am sure.

  13. Jennifer Williams says

    We love Charmin but ever time I try to add anything with a scent of any kind I get nothing but complaints from all three of my boys (husband included). I am not sure this would work for me but we love their other products. I will be doing a lot of changes soon for our bathrooms to make them more inviting, we are buying a new home and right now the bathrooms need a lot of TLC.

  14. We just had our shower re-grouted, so that has definitely improved our bathroom experience LOL Love Charmin, by the way!

  15. I love that they are adding scents to the toilet paper roll. I would love the calming scent of chamomile in my bathroom.

  16. I use plugins (by Febreze or Glade) to add a soothing scent to the bathroom. That’s really neat that they’re now adding scents to toilet paper.

  17. Onica (MommyFactor) says

    I like to keep my bathroom simple without alot of things inside. But some people like to create a mood and this new scented roll is good for that.

  18. Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about this. I guess it depends on the scent, but I can’t see myself going around and sniffing toilet paper!

  19. TouristMeetsTraveler says

    Can’t go wrong with Charmin they’re a very reliable brand when it comes to toilet paper. Though I like to keep my bathroom looking simple, nothing fancy.

  20. Robin @MomFoodie says

    I’ve never heard of scented toilet paper. I’ve heard of putting essential oils on the inside of the cardboard so when it’s spun, it releases that scent… hm. Interesting.

  21. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I have a Scentsy warmer in my bathroom for a nice scent. I always get a good quality toilet paper.

  22. I have a wax warmer in the bath–Im sure scented TP wouldn’t go over so well with the hubby…but we do LOVE our Charmin so may have to keep an eye open for it.

  23. I generally have some sort of fragrance in my bathroom–be it crystals or whatever. This sounds really nice except I am allergic to the smell of flowers. Perhaps they will come out with a non floral scent one of these days.

  24. mena & taty says

    We painted warm colors and have candles for a relaxing experience
    I think I need to try to scented TP

  25. I would love to try this. I hope it comes to Trinidad soon!

  26. I’ve heard of scented toilet paper before but never tried it. I always have a Scentsy plug-in going to make it nice and scented.

  27. Amber Nelson says

    It really depends on the scent. We have a Scentsy warmer in our bathrooms currently. Amber N

  28. I have a candle in my bathroom to light up if I need to relax. Smells so good 😛

  29. Interesting scent! I would totally try it. Why not!?

  30. mail4rosey says

    What a good idea to add chamomile. I’d try it!

  31. Chef John & Anne says

    Very interesting concept! I do love a nice smelling bathroom and I love to use candles to make any area more inviting especially when there are guests. BTW … love your shower curtain!!

  32. TheNewClassy says

    I like to have nice smelling soaps in my bathroom to make it more inviting. I need to look for that bathroom tissue, too.

  33. One thing is to have decorative towels and a good smell. Oter than that it really isn’t a hang out point.

  34. I love a clean bathroom – it’s always nice to make sure its all nice, clean and smells good.

  35. Katrina Gehman says

    Scented is definitely interesting. I will check this out. thanks 🙂

  36. Meagan Bailiff says

    we are trying to renovate our bathroom right now. it had ugly wallpaper and we are going for a nice, warm color.

  37. Isabel Garcia says

    I keep my bathroom clean and organized everyday! Loved your post! 🙂

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