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    When I first started teaching in 2000, our middle school had a band class, daily arts classes, and put on a full-scale play every semester.  During this time, our students were engaged and invested in these activities and it translated into improved academic performance in their core classes.

    In many cases, they used some of the skills that they learned from the arts to help them learn in the areas of literature, Science, and Mathematics.  I have had the opportunity to see first-hand how participating in the Arts helps to improve the overall academic performance of all students.  Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, many of these arts programs have been cut from schools and many schools struggle to raise the funds to keep these activities afloat.

    Since becoming a parent, I work very hard to ensure that both of my boys experience music and arts and become well-rounded individuals.  My older son is in the Glee Club at his school and participated in their Spring Production which was a parody of a medley of popular fairy tales.  On the other hand, our younger son excels at music and is currently taking vocal training and piano classes on the weekends with his music teacher who is also a vocal coach.  I’ve seen how participating in these activities has enriched the lives of our sons and how important exposure to the Arts and to music is to their growth and development.

My son and the other members of his Glee Club posing for pics after the Spring Production

My son and the other members of his Glee Club posing for pics after their Spring Production

    I live and teach in the Bronx and I am aware of all of the talented children who attend its schools and may not have some of the privileges that our boys have.  I am always looking for ways to support the students in this borough and to enrich their experiences in music and the Arts.  A small school in the Bronx, KIPP Academy, works hard to support kids who are in need of a lot of help and assistance. Ninety-five percent of its students qualify for free or reduced-cost lunch due to their socioeconomic conditions.

    More than one in seven of its students receives special education services. Music helps KIPP Academy reach and engage every child who enters its doors. The slogan on the Music Room wall sets the stage—All of Us Will Learn Music. No matter what backgrounds they come from or what challenges they face, they learn lessons together that will serve them the rest of their lives.

I would like to help KIPP Academy to raise $25,000 to fund their music program and I need all of your help!  Here are some of the ways that you can help me:

  • Request a Schoola Bag which you can fill with clothing that your children have outgrown.  Schoola will cover the shipping costs and then sell the clothing you donated, at a severely discounted rate, to people all across the country.  Schoola will then donate 40% of the proceeds from these clothing sales to the KIPP Academy to help expand its music program.
  • Just for requesting a Schoola Bag, they will donate $1 to KIPP Academy for every request and if you actually donate clothes and provide the school’s information, they will also donate $2 of every $5 made to KIPP Academy’s goal.

    Please help me to support the KIPP Academy in continuing to use music to reach every one of its students.  No child should have to miss out on experiencing the Arts or music in school because of where they live or where they come from.  All children deserve to be enriched in this way and we need to fight to keep these programs alive in our schools!

Let’s Discuss:  How important do you think music and arts programs are to the development of students in schools?

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  1. Robin Rue says

    I think music and the arts are very important. Many kids wouldn’t have the chance to be exposed to either if they didn’t get it in school.

  2. I also agree that music and the arts are important. I take my son to a music class on Saturday mornings during the school year. I really like the concept of Schoola. It sounds extra convenient since they cover shipping for you to send stuff in.

  3. Both my daughter’s are in choir/glee and love performing when they are selected for school plays. I have a ton of clothes I was going to take to Goodwill, but I’m going to request Schoola bags instead. Thank you for lending your support to this cause Maria!

  4. We’re fortunate to have a strong music program at our schools, which our daughters take full advantage of. Wasn’t familiar with Schoola, but sounds like a program I could get behind!

  5. Connie Maras says

    We were blessed with a school that had a great music program and my kids had the same. It seems that these programs don’t mean much to the schools anymore. They are so important.

  6. What a fabulous cause! It is so important to champion the arts. I love how this program also supports recycling, thank for making me aware of it!

  7. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I totally support the arts in schools. I think it’s so much more valuable than many people realize. Thank goodness for Schoola!

  8. Lois Alter Mark says

    Great cause. Art and music are so important, and we really need to keep them in schools.

  9. April Mims says

    Music and art programs in schools are critical and I hate to see them get cut. It really does help children with performance is other areas of school.

  10. I think it’s scary when schools are willing and ready to cut thins like arts and music in schools. I can’t wrap my head around it.

  11. Jennifer Williams says

    I love that they give back. They have done away with so many things in the schools due to budget issues that it is nice to see companies helping out.

  12. Arts and Music is very important in the school systems. It is shameful that in this country we should have trouble keeping these programs going in EVERY school. I have no clothes to donate (no kids) or I surely would. I will try to find out what else I can possibly do as I live right outside the Bronx.

  13. kay adeola says

    It is really great that they give back.I think that music and art are very important lessons for kids to have.

  14. I love how Schoola supports schools. I’m doing this for Yo Wick for their art program. I hope we can rock this and get those schools their amazing programs!

  15. Amanda Her says

    I love the idea behind Schoola. Helping schools keep critical programs like music and art is something I fully support.

  16. Rebecca Bryant says

    It i so sad that the first classes to get cut are the art programs. Music and Drama are so good for kids who aren’t interested in sports.

  17. mail4rosey says

    I love this! Two of our four children took music lessons for awhile and there were so many benefits. I think the kids are really missing out if music isn’t offered in the schools.

  18. Celebbabylaundry says

    I can’t believe it’s already time for kids to be going back to school, the summer went by so fast!

  19. What a fantastic cause! I think music and the arts are SO important for our students, and our world!

  20. Amy Desrosiers says

    I think arts are very important to kids! They need a way to be creative and Schoola is helping! Love it!

  21. JadeLouise Designs says

    I think music and art in school is crucial. The ARTS was the only thing that made high school barable for me! I think without them in all the grades; we will end up losing a lot more kids and lose interest in academics.

  22. My mother was a K-5 Music Educator and always had to fight for funding! The arts are crucial- no excuse to underfund or cut them!

  23. Nicole Ramage says

    I think music and arts in school is so important. Where I live, to keep these programs in schools, the state has an arts tax.

  24. Amber Nelson says

    Music and arts are so important in a school system. It is usually the first programs cut in schools when funds are low.

  25. I noticed when I lived in NY that music wasn’t in much of the schools. It’s promoted here in CO and my son is in band and plays the trombone. Something the wouldn’t have done in Brooklyn’s public schools. I miss NY but not for that. I do think they need to include more arts in the public school systems.

  26. I love when kids are empowered through the arts. My daughters are attending acting camp this week and they do art throughout the entire year. Great job!

  27. mena & taty says

    arts is very important in our family. we are going to support Schoola as much as we can, what a fabulous program for the future of well rounded individuals!

  28. It’s so sad that the musics & arts are being cut from schools. I loved the arts during school!

  29. Mommy2jam says

    I really think they shouldn’t take the arts away in schools. Its such a shame.

  30. This is a great program! Our children need art and music!

  31. What a creative idea to save an very important program for children. I love this idea, great thinking outside the box.

  32. Tracy Batwinas says

    I think the arts are SO important for children in the school system. The arts teaches children ways of problem solving and thinking that will be able to apply in many different areas throughout their lives. The curriculum seems to focus on teaching facts, which have a short shelf life for most people. Good on you for the work you’re doing; huzzah!

  33. I didnt know they were doing that! I just hate, hate, hate what is happening to our school system these days. LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE! We grew up with a great school system and these idiots need to stop changing everything.

  34. Melanie Roberts says

    I hate that they are cutting music and art our schools are now cutting PE.. HATE it.. this is a great post, thanks for sharing and wish more people would speak up

  35. Meagan Bailiff says

    i think music and arts are so important, it’s very frustrating that so much more funds and attention is given to sports, but that isn’t for every child.

  36. Music was always my favorite in school. I hope it doesn’t go away!

  37. Kristen @ kristenione says

    I was always into music and even started out as a music major in college. So wonderful that you’re bringing light to the subject and what a great program.

  38. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I think music and art are so important in school. They teach important skills to kids like creativity.

  39. Cynthia Wright says

    Adorable pics! Music was my favorite class in school.

  40. Art is such an important class for kids. They need creativity. Music too…. I can’t believe these are being cut.

  41. What an awesome program! I really hope music stays in always schools, my friends and I always loved music class. It was always the last class of the day, a great way to end a stressful day on a high note!

  42. Veronica Solomon says

    great program to get behind. It would be a shame to lose their music program. I know they will make their goal

  43. Mommy2jam says

    I love how dedicated you are with your passion for kids. I love that you are a strong advocate not only for the arts but for education. Thank you for help spreading the importance of this and showing us how we can help as well. No wonder you are in the profession that you are in. You can tell its purely passion based, to make a difference. :O )

  44. This is a great initiative! I’ve seen art and music programs (even educational ones) get cut out of school systems due to budgeting. I’ve also seen and felt the benefit that art and music can have on students through their participation. The Schoola idea is wonderful! What a great way to not only reuse clothes but also raise money for the arts!

  45. This is a great program! Kids need Music and Arts!

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