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statefarm1    Two years ago, I attended the wake of one of my former students who was killed in a car accident.  He was not the driver of the vehicle but the driver was another teenager who had just recently gotten his driver’s license.  It was heartbreaking to see such a young person have his promising life cut short so early.

    I vowed that day to help raise awareness about safe teen driving which is why I am proud to support State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive® campaign.  It is geared towards sharing the belief that safe driving is a lifelong commitment from the first moment each young driver sits behind the wheel.

    The number one cause of death among teens in North America.  As the mother of a tween son who will soon be old enough to get a driver’s license, I love that Celebrate My Drive® helps to promote responsible driving practices like 2N2®: 2 eyes on the road and 2 hands on the wheel.

CMD Infographic - English    The ultimate goal of the campaign is to deter teens from engaging in risky driving behaviors such as not wearing a seat belt, riding in a car driven by someone who has been drinking, or texting while driving.  Unfortunately, these risks are higher among Hispanic teens.  Certainly these are the things I worry a lot about when I think of my son beginning to drive soon.  Teen driver safety is a topic that will be very important in our home when our sons start driving.

state farm 2

    This year, the Celebrate My Drive® program will reward schools and communities for making safe driving commitments. Those schools and students that commit to safe teen driving will make their school eligible to win grant money for school programs and a private concert by a GRAMMY® Award nominee band.  So the question is, is your high school registered?

    Hopefully, your school is already registered with Celebrate My Drive® but, if not, contact your school’s principal and encourage him or her to register your local high school!


Let’s Discuss:  How can the members of your community rally around young drivers and help them to make safe driving choices when they are behind the wheel?


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  1. Car accidents are scary as heck. My mom got in one not too long ago, she was really shaken up. Luckily she was okay, but I’d prefer not to think about what might have happened.

  2. Seyma Shabbir says

    No my local school (where my son goes) is not registered.

  3. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered Kohls Giveaway!

  4. tannawings says

    No the high school the kids go to is not registered. I think they would benefit greatly by registering so teens can become safer drivers and in turn make it safer for themselves and others.

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  5. Elena Istomina says

    My son’s school is not registered. I am going tell them about Celebrate My Drive program. Entered Kohl’s giveaway

  6. renee walters says

    My local school is not registered.

  7. shellypeterson says

    My local school is not registered, will have to talk to one of the administrators about getting my school registered for Celebrate My Drive.Only a school administrator (such as a principal, dean, superintendent, etc.) can register a school.

  8. Our school is not listed. I am going to send an email and post a message on the facebook page about it.

  9. mail4rosey says

    It says my school is not registered. It’s easy enough to encourage them to do so, it’s a small system and parents and administrators are friendly. Sending over an e-mail with the website link should be an easy enough way to effectively encourage the school to sign up.

  10. My 17 year old step-son just got his license 2 weeks ago and even though I am nervous every time he goes out alone, I think the treat of us taking away his licence if he’s caught doing anything he isn’t supposed to is enough to keep him in line.

  11. My area school isn’t registered. I would write a letter to the board of education telling them about this program.

    I also entered your Kohls giveaway.

  12. Kids think they are indestructible which is why I am happy State Farm Celebrate My Drive® program is so important. My daughter is only middle school so this is not relevant now but hope that NYC schools are participating because along with texting and other distractions, kids need to be aware of all the traffic distractions in the city.

  13. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    When my Daughter got her license, we took her for insurance right away for her car. The agent we dealt with talked to her about teen driving being the number one cause of accidents.
    By the way,.. My neighbor is the teacher of our local school. I am going to run this by her.

  14. margaretsmith says

    Our school isn’t registered. I’m going to send a email to the administrator.

  15. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    There was a devastating loss in my school too. It’s really quite frightening, and clearly we need programs like this to help.

  16. lazybones344 says

    My local high school is not registered. I could let them know about it if they don’t already.
    Denise Sachs

  17. Jennifer Williams says

    My oldest son is getting his license this week (he does not know this yet so do not tell him!). I am thrilled though that he is still nervous enough to be very cautious. We made him wait for his though instead of letting him run out at 16 to get it, 16 is just way to young IMO.

  18. It doesn’t appear our local schools are registered. Will have to forward this information to them so they can participate.

  19. Our high school isn’t registered either. I will share this with the PTO. If I could get just one message across to the teen drivers here is slow down and buckle up!

  20. My school is already listed. Thank you!

  21. Our local school is not registered so I would need to talk to a local school administrator about having our district sign up.

  22. paulaschuck says

    I will check into this further. Our school is K to 8 so not sure it is applicable yet or available in Canada either but this is a great program that I am sure helps save lives.

  23. Sounds like a fantastic program! It’s so important to keep teen drivers driving safely – they have their whole lives ahead of them and it’s so tragic when they’re cut short!

  24. AmandaSakovitz says

    My school isn’t registered yet so I would contact their front office and see what they could do and tell them what a great program it is.

  25. Courtney Bella says

    my local school is not registered but i think i will have to notify them about this so they CAN register. thank you so much! xoxo i also entered your KOHLS Giveaway!!!

  26. Thomas Murphy says

    My school is not registered. I could call them and tell them about it.

  27. Lisa Perez says

    I just checked my local schools and they are not registered just yet but when they are, I will spread the word to everyone I know!

  28. Marti Tabora says

    My local school is not registered, but I can ask the administrators to register our school.

  29. I’m so not ready for my son to drive. He’s got a few years left before he does. I don’t know if the local schools are registered, but I think the school we’ll be sending my son to hasn’t been built yet. 🙂 Great information. I’ll pass it along.

  30. Jasmine Reyes says

    Our school is not registered. I’ll have to bring this up to the administration. There are too many accidents and so many distractions teens and well as adults need to pay more attention to the road! 🙂

  31. Meagan Bailiff says

    none of our local high schools are registered. I could contact the administration to see if they can register the school.

  32. steve weber says

    my local high school is registered..

  33. What a great sounding scheme – learning to drive over here is very different so we don’t have anything like this sadly x

  34. Lesley Stevens says

    I will pass this along to my friends with kids in public school, its an excellent idea.

  35. Amber Faith says

    The nearest high school is not registered. I could contact the school board about registering.

  36. My nearest school isn’t registered. I would pass the information of this program to them.

  37. mena & taty says

    I am running to the school right this minute and giving them the information. they are not registered and just this morning there was a teen accident right in front of school

  38. I think it would be nice if cars all had bluetooth installed, or if we could hand out cool devices.

  39. I am glad they are addressing this to keep teens safe. Far too many people fidget with their phones and texting behind the wheel. Hopefully someone will come up with a program that disables them when driving.

  40. This is so important not only for teens but everyone. Teens don’t have the valuable experience that adults have but it is still very dangerous to mess with your phone while you are driving. I am a people watcher and I also don’t drive anymore so I see this all the time. Great campaign to get behind!

  41. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    What an amazing campaign! There are so many young teens getting into these fatal crashes, it’s so heartbreaking.

  42. Thrill of the Chases says

    Having two teen drivers in the family soon, this post was very interesting to me. I will look into our new school and see if they have this implemented. If not I will suggest it. Thanks for sharing!

  43. My local school is not registered I can let my son know about this and he can let the school know that my grandson attends.

  44. I could bring the campaign to the attention of the administrators of my local school. I think it would benefit the students.

  45. What a great program. I’m going to mention the Celebrate My Drive program to our teachers. Would love to see more good community programs in place!

  46. This is such a great cause. I didn’t drive until I Was 18 and I totally could have used more safety lessons, lol.

  47. My local school is not registered but I could spread the word and let them know about this program and the benefits.

  48. Lois Alter Mark says

    What a great program. So important for kids to understand the dangers of driving.

  49. Richard Morris says

    There’s a school about 45min from me that has it but i thought there’d be more participating.

  50. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Local School Has Not Registered Yet, I Can Talk To The PTA And The Principal And Let Them Know About This Great Program And Encourage Them To Take Action And Register Our School!

  51. This is so very important, even though my mini men have been driving for several years, I am always emphasizing the importance of being safe on the road.

  52. Jessica To says

    Our school has not registered yet. It is important for the students to understand the risks.

  53. Kim Henrichs says

    Our school is not registered. It would be good info to send over to the administrator!

  54. This is a great idea. Personally, I had to drive in the car with my parents for two years before I was allowed to drive on my own. I complained back then, but now I see where they were coming from.

  55. Jessica Beard says

    Our school is not registered yet. I should contact the high school to see if they can sign up.

  56. nicole dziedzic says

    Our local school is not registered so I will speak with a school administrator who can register our school for the Celebrate My Drive campaign.

  57. What a great initiative. Teen driving has very scary statistics.

  58. Jeanine @ says

    This is great! Wish we had something like this here, We may … I should check into it, will be needed soon!

  59. Annabellainla says

    Our school isn’t registered. I could always send a letter to school with my child to give to the principle explaining about the program.
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  60. This is such a great program. I wish we had something similar over here. I knew quite a few teens who lost their lives in car accidents over here.

  61. My school is not registered. I should let them know about this program to see what can be done.

  62. sohamolina says

    My school is not listed. I will let hem know about it.

  63. My school is not registered (not surprising, since only 596 schools are currently registered, and the schools in this rural state are all pretty small). I don’t actually think there’s much I could do to get them to register, but I do think it’s a good program.

  64. Power down your phone. I wish everyone would do this!

  65. Christina G. says

    My school is not registered. I can talk to one of the school’s administrators to see about getting it registered. Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. My school is not on the list. We need to change that. My daughter will be able to drive in less than a year, so safe driving is a top concern of ours!

  67. This is a great cause. I hope all schools would do it.

  68. Our local school is not on this list. My sons are adults now but i still know the Principal and will most likely give her a call and get this information to her.

  69. My nephew just turned 13, and it freaks me out that in just 2 short years, he’ll be learning to drive. It’s so scary.

  70. As a pedestrian, I’m always worried about getting hit by drivers – regardless of age. I’ve almost been killed by a new driver.. he didn’t notice the light was green for crossing and red for cars and just drove through at an insanely fast speed… missed me by a few centimeters. I’m just waiting for the day that we can have some sort of app that can help with that.. like for example if I could have filmed it and sent it over to the police it could prevent this person from killing in the future.

  71. Carmen Nimo Perez says

    I am terrified for my daughter to start driving in 2 years. She says she is scared as well. I think we need to have many of these programs in our schools and make kids realize how important it is to drive responsibly.

  72. Melissa Smith says

    This sounds like an amazing program! My kids are only in the elementary school, but I’ll have the ladies in the office let the high school know about it.

  73. It is not registered and it says I need to “talk to one of your administrators about getting your school registered for Celebrate My Drive”

  74. I checked and our school is not yet registered.

  75. christinew says

    What a great program. My son is in elementary school so it is not registered. The local high school is though so that is great. Thanks for the chance!

  76. Amber Nelson says

    This is a nice program. Our school is not yet registered.

  77. Great program! The thought of my children driving makes me freak out!!

  78. What a wonderful program. I have been through a traumatic car accident, and I support any initiatives to avoid them!

  79. I don’t think my school is registered but I can tell them about this program and encourage them to register.

  80. This is a great program. My son will be driving soon and it scares me!

  81. this is always a perfect thing – better than safe than sorry.

  82. Amanda McMahon says

    Can they bring this to India? It would be super useful!

  83. Lean Lacaba says

    With accidents happening left and right, one needs to be safe, especially around kids. This is a great thing!

  84. My kids school isn’t registered. I could mention the number of young drivers to get them signed up.

  85. Dana Rodriguez says

    Wonderful program.We use State Farm but I don’t think the local school here is registered.

  86. My school wasnt listed. It says to contact a school administrator to get the school registered.

  87. My school is not listed so I will call on Monday.

  88. amanda ripsam says

    We have state farm as our insurance we have life insurance car insurance and renters insurance because I live above smoky the bear but that’s a post for a different day. I am so excited to see this because I know when my teen step kids start learning how to drive that we are with the right company who cares about teens.

  89. Laurajj Jacobson says

    Our Highschool is not listed. I will call them and see if I can help get them registered! So important!

  90. My local schools are listed! Thats a great program that helps kids/families

  91. my local high school has already registered. This sounds like a great program.

  92. Sarah Griffin says

    Our High School is not registered yet. I need to get ahold of administration from our school to get them on board!

  93. Unfortunately my son’s school isn’t registered, but I’d like to print out some of the information and bring it into the front office, and I will also email the information to my son’s teacher.

  94. I don’t have any high school age kids right now, but several high schools in my area have registered.

  95. I entered kohls giveaway.

  96. my school is not listed! im gonna have to tell the school about this!! sounds like a great program

  97. Francine Anchondo says

    The school i tried isnt listed but right now I dont have any highschoolers yet but sounds like a great program and hopefully most of the highschools will sign up.

  98. Janet Watson says

    I looked and our local high school is already registered! Doesn’t surprise me because they are on the ball, and so are the local parents!

  99. Janet Watson says

    Entered Kohls giveaway, too!

  100. Erica Carnes says

    You can talk to your administrators to have them register.

  101. My school is not registered. Only a school administrator (such as a principal, dean, superintendent, etc.) can register a school, so talk to one of your administrators about getting your school registered for Celebrate My Drive®.

    slehan at juno dot com

  102. I could talk to my school on school night about registering.

  103. Christine Jessamine says

    they are not registered yet. I could let the kids teachers know about this.

  104. Deborah Gardner says

    My school is not listed yet but its a wonderful opportunity!

  105. My school is not registered so I am going to talk to my school administrator about registering.

  106. I checked and our school is not yet registered yet. I’m going to have to tell the school about this. It sounds like a great program

  107. tinareynolds says

    I checked and are local school is not registered I am going to bring it up at the next community meeting

  108. AngelaCisco says

    Our school is not registered but can mention to the principle next time I am there.

  109. Lisa Pecora says

    My school is not registered but I can try to get some of the teachers involved.

  110. Richard Hicks says

    Our high school is not registered and not really sure why not. This is a great program for the kids. Will talk to a few of the teachers and ask them why not

  111. Carolyn Daley says

    I can take the initiative to inform the school to register into the program.

  112. As great as this program is I would have thought that our school would be enrolled but isn’t. I can contact our school administrator to ask about enrolling in this program.


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