Take Snackeez With You On The Go This Summer!

*This post was written by me on behalf of Snackeez. I received complimentary product samples to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% mine.  


    Even during the Summer, my family normally adheres to a very busy schedule.  Most days, you can catch us running out of the house heading to one event or another.  My boys are pretty used to our busy routine and they usually take their snacks and drinks on-the-go exactly for that reason.  It’s always a challenge trying to find containers and cups that are durable and that don’t make a big mess that the kids can easily take with them.


    I immediately fell in love with Snackeez for that reason, it is an all in one drink and snack cup that allows my boys to hold the snack of their choice along with a 16 ounce beverage altogether.  Its design is really convenient and I wish I would have thought of it, to be honest with you.  All you have to do is pour your favorite drink in the cup and add your favorite snacks to the snack holder.  It’s that easy!


    The Hinged, flip-top lid snaps securely shut to keep snacks fresh and in the cup while the clever design lets you hold a 16 oz. drink, all in one hand.  It also comes in four different, vibrant colors that are perfect for the warm weather months outdoors.  Since I’m always worried about spills in our newly redecorated living room as well as my car, I was really impressed with its durable design and the fact that it seals perfectly so I don’t have drinks and snacks all over the place.


    My boys really liked their Snackeez and they each picked out their favorite colors from the ones we received.  I imagine that we will be getting a lot of use out of them this Summer on all of our adventures and road trips.  This makes me a very happy mom because now I can keep us busy and active and not have to worry about the kids complaining that they are hungry or thirsty because their Snackeez cups contain everything that they need as the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution!


Let’s Discuss:  How do you think Snackeez would make your family outings easier to prepare for?

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  1. Oh how funny! My daughters ran up to me at the HEB today and begged I get them one. I was a mean mommy and said NO .. not until a road trip!

  2. amanda ripsam says

    I use these for my 7 year old and my nieces and nephews. The problem I have with them is the lids they are suppose to be spill proof but the kids are so smart they just pop the lids off and all over the back seat goes the food. I thought when they were younger it would work better but now they are older they understand the importance of not taking the lid off for kicks and giggles lol

  3. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    There’s no mistaking the brilliance of combining them both into one handy container. This is so great, especially for on-the-go.

  4. What a great idea. I too wish I would have thought of something like this when my kids were younger. They would have come in handy for so many different occasions.

  5. such a clever design.

    slehan at juno dot com

  6. Robin Rue says

    We see the commercials for these every single day while we watch Disney or Nick & my kids keep asking for them.

  7. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I haven’t yet seen these. I take a healthy snack with me wherever I go and I also take my drinks. This would take up so much less space and keep them both at my fingertips.

  8. I don’t have family outings to prepare for. I do, however, drive quite a bit myself and this would be perfect for me. I could have a little snack when needed and 16oz of water ready for when I start getting thirsty.

  9. kay adeola says

    These look perfect for outings.My kids take snacks and drinks most places we go so this would be perfect.

  10. What a clever design! This would be great for our son to use in the car. I could pack it in advance and give it to him when I pick him up from preschool. He always wants a snack as soon as we are in the car.

  11. mail4rosey says

    My son saw a commercial about these and was beside himself happy telling me to get him one. I think it’s a cool idea. 🙂

  12. Trista M. Laborn says

    I see this commerical all the time, It has cute colors and I actually love it, I would consider getting it for my 9yo twins!

  13. I saw these at Walmart last week, they are so neat!!! Brilliant idea, for sure…wish I had come up with it!

  14. Jennifer Williams says

    We saw these the other day at Walmart and my youngest wants one. I am sure with the way he and his brother fight, they can still make a big mess with them. I think it is a clever idea though.

  15. My daughters have been asking for these for a LONG time (saw a commercial). May have to break down one day.

  16. Amanda Her says

    That is such a cool cup! We could use them on our many road trips for sure!

  17. Awesome, wish they had these around when my sons were young!

  18. What a cool concept! Would have loved to have had these when my kids were younger. I really like the all-in-one style, so convenient!

  19. Carlee C says

    I recently saw a commercial about this on one of the kids channels. These look perfect for on the go and long car rides.

  20. A. Beniot says

    I am so glad you shared this. My children saw a commercial and were begging for them. I may consider them now that I have seen them in action, we would get a lot of use out of them.

  21. kristenione says

    OK that is brilliant. I would love to have this not only for my son but the whole family. Will definitely look for these! Fun colors too!

  22. That is absolutely brilliant! It saves so much room as well :O

  23. Oh what a great idea – I can imagine they are great for tucking in your handbag even. x

  24. Carmen Nimo Perez says

    These are great, I wish they would’ve been around when my daughter was little!

  25. Amy Desrosiers says

    This is way too cool! So you can eat chips, and drink soda all in one unit? Genious!

  26. N Phoenix says

    My kids see me with my travel cup and want to mimic me but my cups spill all the time. This is such a great concept for Moms on the go especially in the car. I have to get this for my girls.

  27. This is so convenient, and not just for kids. I would totally pour some flavored water in there and put some nuts in the top to snack on while I was on the go. But it would also be great for kids, because they seem to be able to spill snacks and drinks everywhere.

  28. I think these Snackeez would be so perfect to take on the go. My girls always want a drink and a snack in the car, and this is a great way to keep it all together!

  29. That looks like a lot of fun. One of the kids I work with just got one as a gift and she loves it.

  30. Veronica Solomon says

    The infomercial for this is a bit cheesy, but I still want one. they look pretty fun

  31. Amber Nelson says

    This is such a great idea for kids. Definitely great for travel.

  32. Danielle Stewart says

    I love these kind of cups. They make it so easy to take everything with you in a nice container.

  33. I really like this. With four young kids, this would be really great for them. I also like the variety of colors available!

  34. These are exactly the kind of snack holder I have been needing with 4 young children. Whenever we give them a drink I don’t know how to give them a snack in the car without them dropping either the drink or snack. How ingenious. Thanks for sharing.

  35. TheNewClassy says

    This is great! I have never seen a container like this, but now I really want one for myself!!

  36. What a fun container! We had a few ball ones when the kids were younger but these seem more functional.

  37. Lauren S. says

    These look great! May have to order some.

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