Out With The Old, In With The New…


    Many of you have been along with me since the beginning when I began this fateful journey almost five years ago of launching Tough Cookie Mommy.  There have been many changes and growing pains during this time that have brought us to present day.  I’m blessed to be here to continue sharing my life with all of you and for you to keep wanting to hear about my daily adventures as a consummate juggler.  On August 18th, we will be celebrating the five year anniversary of Tough Cookie Mommy and you might be noticing that some changes are already taking place.

    For one thing, this weekend we launched a brand new blog design to mark the beginning of the next phase in this journey.  Although I really loved the old design, I felt like I had outgrown it and that it wasn’t giving all of you to navigate all of my posts and find exactly what you were looking for.  I’m very excited about the new design and layout and would love to hear what you all think about it too!

    Next, I want to make sure that I include personal posts on a regular basis.  Although I am thankful for all the fabulous brands that we collaborate with, I also get a lot of joy from sharing my life and my experiences with all of you and from hearing all about your lives.  After all, that is originally why I launched Tough Cookie Mommy, to share my journey as a Working Mom and as a Leukemia Survivor while connecting with all of you.


    On the home front, a lot of changes have taken place too.  My husband was laid off back in December and is not working nights anymore.  Although it has been a financial adjustment, I’m thrilled to have him home at night and not as spread thin as he was.  It had gotten extremely difficult for me to assume all responsibilities around the house, job, blog and kids single-handedly due to his heavy work schedule.  Since I’m a firm believer that one door closes so another can open and am hopeful that his employment situation will work out for the best, I believe a better opportunity will come his way.

    Our boys are doing well, thank God.  Our oldest son will be going into sixth grade in the Fall and our youngest will be entering third grade.  They are outgoing and creative boys who bring me joy at every turn and truly keep me company.  I wholeheartedly believe that there is something magical to experience with them at every age and am greatly enjoying being their mom.

    As I prepare to celebrate this important milestone next month for Tough Cookie Mommy, I want to thank all of you for sticking by me through the long haul.  You all have truly become a part of our extended family and this blog wouldn’t be successful without all of you.  Here is to another five years of sharing, laughing, discussing, and some great giveaways in between!



Let’s Discuss:  How long have you been part of the Tough Cookie Mommy Community and what is your favorite part of this blog or the new site design?

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  1. Jennifer Colón Kudyan says

    The new design looks great! It has been a joy reading your blog and participating in it. Wishing you and your family the very best. Here’s to another 5 years!

  2. paulaschuck says

    I actually haven’t known this site very long at all. But I love what I see. I have been here for less than six months. I am also looking at a blog makeover. I love that you are doing this wholeheartedly and with passion. I hope your husband finds something better soon.

  3. This is my first time coming here. Finding this post as an introduction to you and your blog was perfect. I look forward to seeing where you go with the blog and wish you the best of luck with it in the future. Congrats on 5 years!

  4. Elizabeth says

    I like the blog design! My dad worked nights when I was in high school, so I know how crazy that can be. Here’s to a good school year for the boys!! I hope that this fall kicks off a wonderful new season – employment for hubby, schoolwork, and growth of your blog.

  5. Danielle Stewart says

    I love the new design and congrats on celebrating 5 years with your blog. I think that I have known about the site for awhile but about a month or so became more active. I think that you are doing a really great job. Keep it up and here is to another 5 years!

  6. Eileen Layno says

    Wow! milestone 5 years! I’ve barely passed the one year blogging mark and I have a lot to learn. I love your blog, Maria. I admire women who not only get caught in the drone of changing diapers and raising kids, but those who speak their mind to help others. Keep it up. I am definitely a fan!

    • Hi, Eileen. It’s so good to connect with you here. Don’t worry, you will learn so much as you go along. As long as you maintain your authenticity, your blog will go a long way. Thank you so much for your kind words and for being a fan!

  7. lisa leblanc says

    Hi, I am inspired by your blog, with all your ups and downs and changes in your life. Congratulations to almost five years.

  8. amanda ripsam says

    5 years no wonder your blog is doing so well. I love the white back ground and the changes you’ve made so far. I’m coming up on my one year of having blogspot in Aug and in March I’ll have one year of my own domain. mommiesquietplace is enduring changes as well. I’m changing over to wordpress and my host is going to be blue host instead of go daddy. I’m going to start using my blog as a business and no longer for personal use. It’s been so fun getting to know you and your blog I sure hope it sticks around. best of luck.

  9. 5 years–that is a milestone! I’m not really sure when I first starting seeing your site-I’ve been on over 3 years myself now. Things really do change over time on our blogs now–usually for the better. But then change is good and we as people are constantly evolving so what we bring to our blog changes. I do like the look of the changes you’ve made-it is easier for these old eyes to find what I want!

  10. Robin Rue says

    Happy 5 years! My 5 year anniversary is coming up in October! I am loving the new site design. I liked the old one, but this one is nice & clean!

  11. kay adeola says

    Congrats on your big milestone.I have only been doing my blog for 2 years in the next month or so.I love your new design.I Have not been following your blog for long maybe Just under a year.

  12. Carlee C says

    Love the look of the site! Looking forward to seeing what is to come! Congratulations!

  13. Jai @ Mami's Time Out says

    It looks beautiful! Congrats on your five years!! Hope for you and your family many more blessings to come!

  14. Congratulations on reaching such a great milestone! I love the look of your blog, the colours are really fresh.

  15. Love the new design! Your header is so pretty – it makes me want to do mine again, even thought I just did it. Congrats on 5 years! That’s a huge milestone.

  16. Nice clean design! I wouldn’t change much about it at all.

  17. Happy 5th anniversary. Your new design is very nice. So proud of you for juggling everything – you are amazing!

  18. Congrats on 5 years! I really like the design of the blog.

  19. I really like the new blog design and congratulations on your blogiversary – enjoy your trip to the left coast and stay blessed – I love everything about you, your family and of course your blog!!!

  20. I have to say I love the colour scheme. I love how easily your site loaded too. You’ve done a great job!

  21. Jennifer Williams says

    I hope your husband finds a job that ends up being better for your entire family – fingers crossed for him. I love the new design, I have been following for two years so have not been here for the entire journey but looking forward to continuing to follow you.

  22. Chrissy Mazzocchi says

    Happy 5 years! You are such an inspiration! Keep on staying strong and writing wonderful posts for us 🙂

  23. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    Happy 5th to your blog. You sure have come a long way. Wishing you many more happy blogging years.

  24. coupontammy says

    I love the new design! I think it looks great and I like the layout. Congrats on years!

  25. wow! Congratulations on five years! That’s a big one for sure! Many changes have come your way for sure since you first started out and I hope you continue to enjoy many more blogging anniversaries! I also hope your husband will be able to find employment soon. My husband is getting ready to change careers and while it is stressful it also starting a whole new chapter and you might never know where it could lead you!

  26. Tiffany Collins says

    Happy 5 Years my fellow blogger! I am 4 months shy of hitting one year and I cant even tell you how much I look up to bloggers who have done it for many years. Lots of hard work and dedication does a blog good. Congrats keep rocking it!

  27. I really love it, Maria! It’s so nice and clean!

  28. Rebecca Bryant says

    Ive only been apart of your site for a few months I’m still enjoying finding my way around.

  29. mena & taty says

    Congrats!!! I deny how long I have been blogging for since I have been doing it in tandem with my full time job, but you are right. I need to pay more attention to miles stones. thanks for the new design. It is so light and easy to navigate!

  30. Fantastic!!! I had no idea you were a leukemia survivor! I’ve not been following the blog long, but I always enjoy your posts! Good luck as you soldier on!

  31. I love your header and how easily accessible your social media icons are!

  32. Amber Nelson says

    Congrats to you! Five years is a long time to be dedicated to blogging!

  33. Congrats on your success! Inspiring Kitchen just launched this year. It is so challenging building this business. Enjoy your success.

  34. WOW five years is amazing – I have to admit I can’t remember how long I have been hear reading – but I couldn’t imagine not popping by and saying hi and enjoying your posts. x

  35. Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! Hope you enjoy many more!

  36. Congrats on your 5 year anniversary! Hope you enjoy many more! – Pat. @ Here And There

  37. I do like the new design. When I first landed here, I was thinking I was at a new blog, but then I looked at your pic and was like… I know here! lol. Congrats on your 5 years, and wishing you many, many more successful blogging years ahead!

  38. Chef John & Anne says

    Congrats on 5 years!! I love the new colors! We’ve been going through major job changes too so right there with you on adjustments and believing it’s all for the best!!

  39. Veronica Solomon says

    What an amazing milestone! Congratulations! I love the new design too! It is great reading some of the personal stories. I look forward to celebrating with you

  40. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    The new design is really great! It’s so clean and professional looking. Love it!

  41. Maria, I think this is a great direction to go in. I love reading personal posts a lot more than sponsored ones for sure! And yes, I love the simplicity of the new blog design. Great colors!

  42. What an amazing milestone! I love the new look. I really enjoy reading your blog. It motivates me to be a great blogger.

  43. Wow – what a beautiful new design! I actually found you on Twitter during a Niche Parent chat last year! I couldn’t make it to the conference, but I had participated!

  44. Carmen Nimo Perez says

    Wow, 5 years! Congratulations, what an accomplishment. I just started my blog 3 months ago, so I hope I last as log as you have!

  45. Meagan Bailiff says

    i’ve been a part of the community for about a year, i really like the new design and the new colors!

  46. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Congrats on your blog anniversary! I love the look and layout of your blog. I also love the colours. Great job!

  47. mail4rosey says

    What a sweet post, and 5 years is awesome. Congrats on the upcoming milestone. I agree with you too, that every age for the kids is a great age.

  48. I love the new look. I’ve been following your pretty much since I started to really blog. I love reading your posts and seeing pictures of your little guys! You are definitely one of my favorite bloggers! Keep up the wonderful work and I hope everything will work out for your hubby.

  49. Congrats on the 5 year anniversary and I have to say that I loved the colors of the old blog although I love the look of this one. Sorry to hear about hubby but you’re right, God always has a door waiting for us, we just have to walk through it. I’ve been with you for almost a year now and looking forward to your family photos and updates. Maybe when I come back to NY we can have lunch. 🙂

  50. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    That is a fantastic Milestone. Well deserved I think! I enjoy reading your posts even if I don’t comment often.

  51. Michelle Bartley says

    Love your new design and Congrats on 5 years!!

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