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My oldest son's First Birthday Party!

My oldest son’s First Birthday Party!


    I can still recall the joy of planning both of my sons’ first birthday parties.  For me, it was such a precious milestone that should be celebrated and rejoiced while surrounded by friends and family.  So many exciting things happened in that first year including saying their first words and taking their first steps and there were so many joyful events to still look forward to.

    The photos and the memories that remain from these celebrations will forever be etched into my heart.  As a mother, I am thrilled to introduce all of you to Fisher-Price® Mis Primeras Mañanitas program.  It is the first of its kind campaign designed to connect directly with Latina Moms and their families. It refers to “Las Mañanitas”, a song that highlights the love and optimism that a Latina mom feels on her baby’s special day.


    Being an educator, this time also marked for me the start of engaging my children in play that would stimulate their minds and strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.  Many parents are unaware of how critical this period is for sharpening these abilities in their kids and don’t know exactly what toys to look for in assisting them to do so.  Fortunately, Fisher-Price® knows exactly what you need to make your baby’s special day memorable and to kick off this celebration!

    Moms now have the opportunity to enter the Fisher-Price® Mis Primeras Mañanitas Sweepstakes for a chance to win a party prize pack which includes 12 classic Fisher-Price® toys! Included in the prize pack will be:

  • A personalized birthday cake.
  • Personalized party invitations.
  • Party favors and decorations.
  • Fisher-Price® Laugh Brilliant Basics™ Corn Popper®
  • Fisher-Price® Little People ® Lil’ Movers™ School Bus
  • Fisher-Price® Baby’s First BlocksTM
  • Little People ® Spin ‘n Fly Helicopter™ and so much more…!

    That’s not all!  The Mis Primeras Mañanitas website also provides moms with festive and fun party ideas for planning their babies’ first birthday parties.  Believe me, all that planning and preparing can get overwhelming at times so you will benefit from taking advantage of all the recipes and gift-giving ideas.  I definitely would have appreciated having such a wealth of information to use as a resource when I was planning my sons’ parties!

    The best part is that, to kick of the start of the Mis Primeras Mañanitas campaign, Fisher-Price® is giving one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy a Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car!*  Make sure you enter the Fisher-Price® sweepstakes so you can plan your baby’s special day and make it truly unforgettable!

Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car

Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car

Let’s Discuss:  How did your parents make birthday parties memorable for you when you were little?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn™ Crawl Around™ Car with an ARV of $59.99 to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    It’s hard to do for the little ones but anyone that attends can take away ideas from a great birthday party. Make it themed that a one year old would love. Make sure there are plenty of games.

  2. amanda ripsam says

    My 7 year old had all kinds of Fisher price toys infact she still has her kitchen playset she wont let me get rid of she insist she plays with it still.

  3. Richard Hicks says

    The last one we had, we had a pretty birthday cake just for the baby. We let him have at it and took lots of pics and a video.

  4. Robin Rue says

    I am one of three and we were all only allowed to have one big party. Ever. After that, we got small parties with 2 or 3 close friends.

  5. We took our son to Hawaii on his first birthday. My husband had to travel for work, so we all went along. It was an amazing trip. LOL – the good old days when he flew for free because he could sit on my lap. 😉 He also received a Fisher Price toy – the one where you stack the rings of different sizes.

  6. Don’t stress and have 2-3 people take pictures for you.. People you can trust that will do a good job.

  7. Don’t stress about making everything perfect & enjoy the day with your child.

  8. I think if you make it simple it relieves stress on the party giver, plus the little one won’t remember that party when they are older. Memories will come from the pictures taken.

  9. skynkatesmom says

    Keep it simple, don’t stress yourself out. Unfortunately nothing you do will remain in your child’s memory. So take lots and lots of pictures!

  10. What I think is the most important for 1st birthdays is to just enjoy the time with your little one. Take lots of pictures and just be in the moment. It all passes so quickly.

  11. kay adeola says

    I used to spend most of my birthdays on holiday in different countries.With our kids we let them choose what they want to do and normally it involves somewhere like the zoo in which case we will have a party there.

  12. Meagan Bailiff says

    i think 1st birthdays are mostly for the family, it’s nice to just spend time with family and celebrate the little one.

  13. I think a fun cake and lots of balloons. I think my daughters were more into the wrapping paper than the actual gifts at one year old.

  14. We always had big family parties and usually some sort of outing. A fun day out

  15. April Brenay says

    we did my sons first birthday early because daddy deployed on the real day.

  16. jaimemckee says

    We love the Laugh & Learn toys from Fisher Price. My son really did learn so much about counting and colors from various toys.

  17. Well, the child won’t remember it, so I think lots of photos are in order, to share with him or her in a few years. And having family there to help celebrate is a must!

  18. That is an awesome giveaway. First birthdays were such special times around here.

  19. Carlee C says

    That car is so adorable! I would say for a first birthday, keep it simple and let them get messy in the cake. A 1 year old doesn’t need to be entertained with party games, so just let them get down and visit with everyone.

  20. I think taking pictures captures memories your child will understand way past the first birthday. You can use these same photso at their graduation and other events!

  21. Courtney Bella says

    I think taking lots of pictures and making photo albums or scrapbooking is a great way to celebrate your children’s first birthdays. that way they can go back and recapture the memories. That’s what i’m currently doing!

  22. How sweet that photo is Maria! Doesn’t it blow your mind looking back at old photos?

  23. That car is so precious! I love that toy!

  24. RambleSAHM W. says

    We video recorded the whole thing and our oldest loves watching them! My youngest will to when he is older! Pictures are great too.

  25. Rebecca Bryant says

    what a great toy for kids to learn by. So fun.

  26. Alena Svetelska says

    for my daughter 1st we did taken the pictures how she smashing cake it was fun,her expression was priceless because her hands were with icing,/dirty;-)

  27. That car toy is too cute! I cannot wait when I have kids & plan their first birthdays 🙂

  28. Fisher-Price has always been a favorite In our home. My parents made my bdays special simple by making sure it was treated as a special day. When I was older, they would let me choose a restaurant to go to which was a huge deal at that time, just to go out to eat, let alone to get to select where!

  29. Amber Nelson says

    To make any birthday special, you need to have a birthday cake!

  30. I was little a long time ago. LOL. I had 3 older siblings and my father passed away right before I was born. Despite all of that, my mom always made our birthdays special with a special cake and a present. We also celebrated with lots of relatives and grandparents. I have great childhood memories.

  31. My toddler got that car for his 1st birthday last year and he absolutely loves it! His second birthday is approaching and it still gets played with by all my kids on a regular basis.

  32. Stacey B says

    Taking pictures and creating a scrap book of their first birthday is a great way to cherish the memories!

  33. April Mims says

    A child’s birthday is a very special event! It’s so amazing to see them grow and change over the years.

  34. mena & taty says

    the most important thing a mom can do to make the first birthday memorable is try and make something herself like the cake or a centerpiece, and then take lots of photos! she will never forget that!

  35. Danielle Stewart says

    What a great giveaway. I have always loved fisher price toys they are so amazing and my son loved them.

  36. TheNewClassy says

    I always loved getting my daughter Fisher-Price toys when she was little. She loved them!

  37. Carmen Navar says

    I love give to my children the best, I made the cake with a special color and of course I buy fisher-price toys 😉 I like the quality.

  38. Maria Beas De Bonilla says

    Moms can make their child’s birthday unforgettable by taking a lot of pictures and if possible record a video for them to see it as they grow.Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing prize pack.

  39. Veronica Solomon says

    Fisher Price is one of those toy companies that puts your kids safety first. Great giveaway

  40. Moms can make their child”s first birthday unforgettable by not only taking lots of pictures but also taking lots of videos. I still have my VHS of my 1st birthday party and that was almost 28 years ago! As a mom myself I know its hard to hold a video camera while attending to the party itself. What I did was assign someone in my family to record the party for me either with a video camera or a smart phone. I also leave a disposable camera at each table so that way not only am I taking pictures but the quest are as well since I am only person and cant be in more then one place at a time. Moms can also take all the pictures from the party and create a scrapbook of their childs 1st birthday party. I did that with my older children and I do not plan on giving it to them (they dont know about it) till they turn 18 or when they get married. I plan on doing all this once again when our baby girl who is due in August turns 1 next year!

  41. This looks like a pretty cool toy. Unfortunately all the babies I know are up and walking. I will have to keep this in mind as a future gift.

  42. shellypeterson says

    by taking lots of pictures and videos and making it lots of fun with games and a piñata.

  43. Michelle M Weaver says

    Mom’s can make their child’s first birthday memorable by taking lots of pictures. Even videoing it also.

  44. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Make The Child’s First Birthday Unforgettable By Taking Lot’s Of Pictures! Host A Birthday Party Invite Family And Friends To Celebrate Such A Great Milestone.

  45. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    That’s such a great prize pack, and Fisher Price really does make classic and timeless toys.

  46. A memorable birthday for my baby would take lots of photos and video of the party invite family and friends and give lots of love and play with him for passing a very happy day!

  47. What a great prize to give! We love Fisher Price for our kids.

  48. I think that being sure to share a video or a photo montage creates a memorable and lasting memory for the 1st year celebration!

  49. Sometimes we forget about family! Famy should be involved in first birthdays for sure.

  50. Birthday celebrations were a little bit different for me (more traditional) when I was a kid. However, for both my girls, I went all out for their first birthday.

  51. Sandra Stephenson says

    Take pictures and celebrate it with family

  52. Dawn Monroe says

    I always like to have a small cake just for the birthday baby and let them get as messy as they want.

  53. Elizabeth Dalton says

    I can’t remember if I already commented, but I have another thought. Pass around disposable cameras for family member to take pictures of thier first birthday party. It’s always fun to see pictures from other peoples persepctive.

  54. Laurajj Jacobson says

    I would say making the first birthday memorable is to have those you love come over and celebrate with you! Decorate it up, and have that first birthday cake just for baby! Take lots of pictures!!!

  55. Just have all the important people around and a little cake they can smash 🙂

  56. entered Frito Lay

  57. sarah oswald says

    I did realize that if you want good pictures use chocolate cake it make better pictures when they try eatting it. My son had chocolate all over him and I still laugh at them when I look at them. I think taking pictures is what makes it memorable for them because I dont think think they remember the day at all at that age.

  58. mecarolks says

    Take pictures and celebrate it with family

  59. Wendy Hark says

    I think what Moms can do to make their baby’s first birthday special is to invite close family and take lots of pictures — especially of the baby eating cake!

  60. Linda G. says

    Take lots of pictures and have a small cake just for the birthday child to mess up!

  61. Linda Meyers Gabbard says

    Surround the child with all the important people in their lives. Make sure tge child receives lots of love.

  62. Make a theme party and take a video of it.

  63. Burning Moon says

    Have a theme party and remember to take a ton of photos because they won’t remember the party.

  64. I entered Movies on Demand.

  65. Laura Unger says

    I think making sure all of the people who are a big part of the child’s life are there, and maybe choosing a theme with some sort of significance to the child or family.

  66. Heather! says

    I’m not sure…is it really possible for a baby to remember his or her first birthday? I suppose it can be made unforgettable for family by taking lots of pictures.

  67. To make the first birthday special, put a lot of love into it, like homemade birthday treats or cake, a lot of photos, cool party bags, and invite your entire family!

  68. renee walters says

    Have a theme party and remember to take a ton of photos!

  69. Amanda Whitley says

    i think just to have all the family there and pick a good theme will make it special and memorable

  70. Shakeia Rieux says

    Have a theme party and have people dress up like the characters

  71. Sheila K. says

    Take plenty of photos and videos, serve good food, and invite good people!

  72. Sheila K. says

    I entered your Movies on Demand giveaway!

  73. Shannon Faith says

    Invite everyone who loves your baby, serve great food, and have fun! The less stressed the host is, the more fun the party is! lol

  74. jacquelyncannon says

    Invite family and friends over to the house and play with my child’s favorite game!

  75. Joni Dolniak says

    Have a theme type party. Make sure there are lots of bright colors. Also lots of love.

  76. rhonda1981 says

    I would invite family, friends, godparents, take a big group picture with baby 7 put in scrap book!

  77. Invite the whole family! Decorate! Make lots of food that your child likes and don’t forget to take pictures of the smash cake! Also, don’t stress. The kid’s only 1 & won’t remember anything.. Just have fun.

  78. A fun party, cute decorations, lots of photos ,and lots of family!

  79. I made my girls’ first birthday unforgetable by choosing the theme they were currently in to (our first love princesses, amd our second daughter loved minnie mouse) we had a party for them where all of our family came… We had a night of games for the kids to play which included a pinata, lots of yummy food and lots of sweets and cake.. Of course we video recorded the party and took lots of pictures that we still look back on and our girls are very aware of all the effort that went into their special day.

  80. Have family over and of course focus on baby! A cake smash is lots of fun and any 1 year old would enjoy it! Make sure to take lots of pictures!!

  81. Angela Winesburg says

    Have a theme party and have people dress up and act like the characters

  82. Brittney House says

    I think having a lot of fun activites would make it fun and memorable.

  83. Elizabeth says

    I think to make a 1st birthday party memorable a parent needs to realize that the party is really for them to celebrate their hard work raising their baby! Take lots of pictures and give yourself a pat on the back for making it to the toddler years 🙂

  84. Mindy Easterling says

    Taking pictures would make it most memorable.

  85. Mallory Weaver says

    To me, making the first birthday memorable means taking pictures, making sure your baby has the best time ever, invite family and friends! Get a smash cake!! Just make sure everyone has a great time!

  86. Erica Carnes says

    Take lots of photos and enjoy yourself.

  87. Christy Leeper says

    Unforgettable for me (because baby isn’t going to remember) is a lot of pictures and a cute outfit for our little 1 year old with a fun cake.

  88. Cassandra Davis says

    Invite everyone, have loads of fun and take tons of pictures!

  89. Steve Kuntz says

    Memories for the 1st Birthday are more about making memories for the family rather than the child. I don’t think it has to be a big bash, save that for when the child is older. Invite those that are close to the child and make a cake for the child to have fun with. Takes lots of pictures, but most of all spend time together not only on the 1st birthday, but everyday.

  90. Lisa Voyce says

    I don’t think anyone remembers their 1st birthday, but a way for the child to know what happened is to take plenty of pictures and videos.


    Since most babies probably won’t remember their first birthday,taking lots of pictures and making a video is the best way to capture the milestone 🙂

  92. Heather Swarthout says

    Take plenty of photos with you in them with your child. Your child may not remember anything and seeing that you were there the entire time and not hiding behind the camera will make it even more memorable!

  93. Cake and music and family would be a good beginning. Streamers and a videotape too! This would guarantee a memory.

  94. lillaniegirl says

    Videos and photos make first birthdays memorable because you can look back at it!

  95. jenny moses says

    I think the most important part is having the whole family together. Baby will love that more than anything!

  96. Mihaela Day says

    I think the most important part is to gather the entire family and dear friends and then allow the kids to choose the fun

  97. litefoot873 says

    I think that the best way to have a memorable first birthday for your little one is to take lots of pictures. The theme is reallt for the parents, as all the child wants is to have all that glorious cake!

  98. I think that having a theme for your child’s 1st birthday party make it more fun for everyone. You can make food and party favors for the theme. My son will be 1 in October and since it’s so close to Halloween we are going to have a Monster party. I will also have a collage framed with his past year’s pictures. You can make multiple copies and give to grandparents. It makes it especially memorable and fun.

  99. cpsnsamples says

    Id say having family and friends over and taking lots and lots of pics would make it very special
    [email protected]

  100. Take lots of pictures. 🙂

  101. Barbara Fox says

    Make 2 cakes…a regular nice cake and a birthday baby cake of just whipped cream. Makes much less of a mess but you’ll still get the smeared cake videos!

  102. Will McCole says

    Definitely take lots of pictures so that everyone can look back on the happy occasions. Plus, smash cake!

  103. Make sure you do a smash cake session and take tons of pictures at the party.

  104. Brenda Elsner says

    Make a special small cake just for the one year old and take lots of pictures!!

  105. Rose Gonzales says

    For my LO’s first bday, its usually small, with very close family & friends. Lots of pictures are taken, I go over board on decorations. Oh and of course lots of sweets and a jump house or pool depending on the weather

  106. amberleigh key says

    My mother taught us to go all out for birthdays no matter which one it was. For my son’s first, I plan on doing a smash cake, taking a million photos and inviting everyone we know.

  107. valeriemabrey says

    Take lots of pictures and try to get a toy that they will keep forever! Something they sleep with or something .

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  108. Allison Kusel says

    I am going to take lots of pictures and videos. Also we are keeping it small, just a few close friends and relatives. I am making him his own little smash cake!

  109. I think moms do alot to make the first bday memorable. They take pictures and invite many family and friends to the party.

  110. Rachel Ellis Freer says

    I think moms can make their child’s first birthday unforgettable by inviting lots of close family and friends and decorating with lots of balloons (what toddler doesn’t love balloons!).

  111. Janice Crespo says

    Pictures is what will make it memorable. Lots of fun and possibly a video too!

  112. T Michelle Trump says

    I think lots of photos are important. I also try to keep it to just close family and friends for the first birthday!

  113. Caitlin McClure says

    Take lots of photos and have lots of family there

  114. Sarah Jestings says

    I think the most important thing is to have as many people as possible that love your child there. Right from the beginning love is what really matters. You could have a guest book where everyone writes to the child telling him or her what they mean to them.

  115. Sarah Marshall says

    Lots of photos is definitely a must! Other than that, lots of colors and/or characters that the child has embraced can make it special!

  116. my sister planned her daughters 1st birthday party at the local zoo. She had an expensive fancy cake made to commemorate this day. Thank you

  117. Leslie Stanziani says

    The most important thing to do is take lots of pictures.I also think the day should be about the child and not the parents.Keep it short as 1 year olds can’t do hours and hours of a party.

  118. Jennifer Q. says

    Scrapbooking your child’s first birthday is a lot of fun!

  119. Take lots of photos and videos Becuse baby will not remember.

  120. tamara serrao says

    photos and video are a must!! Thanks for the chance!

  121. bellagirl07 says

    I think a mom can make a childs first birthday one to remember by having a big party with family and friends and take tons of pictures and video it.
    heather [email protected]

  122. I think to make a child’s first birthday memorable you should have lots of friends and family and bubbles, lots of bubbles!

  123. amber snell says

    Have lots and lots of cakes and cookies!! What child doesnt love cake! The bigger the better 🙂 Oh and Kisses, give lots and lots of kisses!

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