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    I love having a clean bathroom but I detest cleaning the toilet.  With a house full of my husband and two sons, I constantly have to clean it and make sure their “misses” don’t make a big mess.  Normally, I do a big bathroom cleaning about twice per week and I spot clean in between to maintain its cleanliness.  I’ve been using Scrubbing Bubbles for years but I recently came across one of their new products that is going to make my life a whole lot easier.


    The Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Starter Kit and Caddy allow me to keep the toilet clean and disinfected without even having to use my hands.  Its new and improved formula eliminates odors, removes limescale and cleans under the rim and below the water.  The system features two types of cleaning pads that allow you to really scrub or do everyday cleaning.

    I love the Fresh Brush Starter Kit because it comes with its own storage caddy and it looks attractive along with our bathroom decor.  The best part is that I never have to get my hands dirty because I use the cleaning wand to grab the Flushables or Heavy Duty Pads and wet them in the toilet as I swish to activate the cleaner and clean the entire toilet and under the rim.  Afterwards, all I have to do is release the used pad by sliding the blue button forward and dispose of it without ever touching it at all!

    Scrubbing Bubbles products are available in the cleaning aisle of most food, drug and mass-merchandise stores.  Although cleaning the toilet is not much fun for anyone, Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Kit makes the process a little less painful!

Let’s Discuss:  How do you keep the toilet in your bathroom fresh in between cleanings?


Our sponsor is giving away a Scrubbing Bubbles Prize Pack containing

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· Heavy Duty Refills ARV $4.19

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Disclosure: I participated in this campaign on behalf of SC Johnson. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. AmandaSakovitz says

    I will use wipes to clean the bathroom in toilet in between regular cleanings.

  2. margaretsmith says

    I usually clean the toilet two times per week. But, I love this fresh brush and would love to try it.

  3. I have the toilet brush right there beside the toilet. I clean it probably two -four times a week.

  4. Shelia Slusher says

    I try to wipe down the toilet often. Thankfully my children are older so not as many messes as when they were younger.

  5. elizabeth miller says

    Elizabeth Miller-I try to wipe down the toilet seats, light switches, faucet handles, and door handles every other day with Lysol wipes. Other days I will spray with Lysol spray but it’s the Walmart brand of it. As far as scrubbing the bathroom, that’s a weekly must do on all 4 of them.

  6. shelly peterson says

    I use Clorox wipes to wipe it down, as often as possible.

  7. Andrea v says

    I use the scrubbing bubbles gel inside ANSI wipe the outside with wipes

  8. April Brenay says

    My husband and I take turns, we’re trying to teach our boys how to clean the bathroom. We try to maintain it as best as possible

  9. ParentingHealthy says

    I just clean my toilet frequently-not smart enough to treat in between 🙂

  10. Thomas Murphy says

    I wipe everything down with clorox wipes.

  11. Sherrie Cruson says


    I keep wipes in the bathroom to keep things clean and smelling fresh in between cleanings.

  12. Janet Watson says

    I will use disinfectant wipes on the toilet and anywhere else in the bathroom in between cleanings.

  13. markathy says

    I have a bleach tablet I put in it

  14. I use wipes to clean the outside, seat and rim of the toilet.
    Thank you!

  15. erin dear says

    I use disinfecting wipes to keep the bathroom clean in between deep cleanings

  16. Lisa Brown says

    I clean regularly with natural cleaners; I have a small bathroom so it does not take long to clean it and keep it clean all the time. Thank you for the chance.

  17. Kelly Tupick says

    I try to keep them all clean by using tablets in the toilets and having wipes on hand to do a quick clean of the toilet or shower. I also keep air fresheners in the bathroom to keep it smelling fresh and I have a can of lysol to do a quick spray for sanitation.

  18. Nicole Vosburgh says

    Currently, I just seem to be scrubbing the toilet every day with Clorox. Worst chore ever. lol

  19. Rachel Travis says

    I keep everything clean by wiping it down every day. Wayyy easier than cleaning a really dirty bathroom!

  20. Julie Wood says

    Here is what I use in between cleanings. I use the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl cleaner that you step on a lever and it sprays cleaning solution. It works so good at refreshing the toilet.

  21. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I have a bleach spray that I use in-between cleanings. We spray it daily to try to keep up once it has had a thorough cleaning. But as a mom of boys, it does not always happen the way I intend.

  22. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Wipe The Toilet Down With Bleach In-Between Cleanings, It Makes It Easier When It Comes To Cleaning The Toilet By Wiping It Down Daily.

  23. I use the scrubbing bubbles gel

  24. nickie burke says

    I use disinfecting wipes to keep the bathroom clean in between

  25. Patricia says

    I need to do something about it. I am constantly cleaning them.

  26. coupontammy says

    We try to make sure we wipe down the toilet at least once a day with disinfecting wipes. With boys in the house you have to keep on top of it.

  27. Meghan McGrath says

    I use disinfecting wipes to clean up almost every other day. I also use the scrubbing bubbles gel inside the toilet to keep it clean after every flush.

  28. cynthiac says

    I use disinfecting wipes daily and a squeegie on the shower doors. The bathroom always seems to need attention.

  29. Amy Orvin says

    I usually spray Lysol bathroom cleaner directly inside the bowl in between cleaning and use those Lysol cling – ons over the bowl. I’d really love to try the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning system.

  30. Amy Orvin says

    I entered the Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening System-Ends 6/18 as Amy Orvin

  31. I let my husband deal with the bathroom. lol

  32. I use Clorox bleach spray and wipes for quick clean in between cleanings.

  33. jalapenomama says

    I use one of those toilet sanitizers that you plan in the toilet tank.
    I also use the disinfecting wipes for the sink faucets and a quick swipe.
    thank you
    rafflecopter name Barbara Montag

  34. I use Clorox wipes to keep it clean. I leave a canister in each bathroom.

  35. Kendra W. says

    I just use either Clorox or Lysol wipes/spray or any combo in between good scrubs. I put on my handy-dandy cleaning gloves that go to my elbows and I get to work! Wiping down the toilet I do every Tuesday & Thursday, I scrub the toilet every Sunday. Living with my boyfriend of 6 years now, he has never cleaned the toilet once… LOL!

  36. I use Clorox wipes daily on the hard surfaces in my bathroom.

  37. I wipes the surfaces with Clorox wipes daily
    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  38. I wipe down my toilet with lysol wipes between deep cleanings. The inside of the bowl stays as is until I scrub it out the next time.

  39. I use Bleach Spray ( Water & Beach in a Bottle ) and spray the inside of the bowl and just let it sit. And the outside I just spray a little on and wipe off with a paper towel

  40. Heather! says

    I don’t really do anything between cleanings other than flush it. I usually clean it every day, so it doesn’t need much in-between that.

  41. lazybones344 says

    Between cleanings I do minor touch ups to keep it looking like I just cleaned it.
    Denise S

  42. Virginia Rowell says

    I keep a spray bottle of bleach right beside the toilet. I give it a quick spray every morning. Not only does it help between cleanings, it gets rid of unwanted odors.

  43. Virginia Rowell says

    I entered the softsoap limited edition body washes ending 6/10.

  44. Amber Faith says

    I’m going to be honest. I don’t really do much of anything in between cleanings. But, if I win this, I’ll see if I like it enough to keep purchasing!

  45. Marti Tabora says

    I don’t really do anything between cleanings I just try to keep it clean. When I think it needs it, I throw some cleanser in and give it a scrub with the brush.

  46. Bridget Heiple Reich says

    I keep the bathroom sanitary in between cleanings with bleach wipes.

  47. Cathy French says

    I usually use a paper towel and some 409 in between cleanings to wipe the rim. Although, I do clean it weekly. We already love scrubbing bubble products so I hope I win. Thanks.

  48. guettel78 says

    I usually use Method’s “Daily Shower” spray all over the bathroom to keep it somewhat clean in between actual cleanings!

    Geoff K
    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  49. TrippyCusp93 says

    I have antibacterial spray that I use and bleach bowl cleaner that I spray really quickly in the bowl to sanitize it…that’s pretty much it. I clean our toilet pretty frequently though…boys are messy!! lol

  50. mullin77 says

    I clean both bathrooms every day moping the floor and cleaning the sink and toilet every day and I wipe the shower down every day
    Cathy Truman

  51. Antibacterial cleaner sprayed all over

  52. Robin Wilson says

    In between cleanings I wipe down with antibacterial wipes and clean the mirrors with windex

  53. Kelly McGrew says

    I use disinfecting spray for the air and Clorox wipes for surfaces.

  54. Meagan Bailiff says

    i clean with disinfecting spray or wipes between major cleanings.

  55. Wild Orchid says

    We keep the toilet clean by swishing it periodically with a toilet brush in between deeper cleanings. I am also a big fan of disinfecting wipes for quick cleaning.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  56. latanya t says

    I clean the bathrooms on a regular basis and keep those bathroom drops to keep it fresh and clean.

  57. Monique Rizzo says

    I use those vanish drop ins. They work well.

  58. I use a brush and gel cleaner on a regular basis. I used the dropins that turn the water blue … and my 3 yr old had a quick and inquisitive mind. She noted the new water color and tracked down the source. She took the drop in out and put it in her little pail and decided to paint the living room wall. Not sure how many minutes but it was less than 10 for chaos to strike. Kind of turned me off using drop ins.

  59. I have a Clorox toilet wand – so much better than anything I’ve ever used before

  60. dglitter says

    I wipe down the seat and rim daily with disinfecting wipes-also the flusher on the toilet!

  61. Stacey B says

    I keep Lysol wipes in the bathroom and wipe the toilets down daily!

  62. Allisha Gold says

    We’ve always kept the toilet clean in between with the scrubbing bubbles gel packs that stick to the side and clean with every flush. It definitely helps keep it cleaner and makes it easier to do the more thorough cleaning 🙂

  63. Krista M. says

    I use one of those gel cleaners that go under the rim of the toilet.

  64. I use a brush if necessary.

  65. Misha Estrada says

    We use a lot of the sanitizing air freshener. I also just clean the toilet a lot because I can’t take it.

  66. Dawn Monroe says

    I use the bleach discs in the holding tank but with teenage boys and friends it can get pretty scary. I like that this wand is so easy to use.

  67. To keep our bathrooms clean I use lysol wipes.

  68. cng261974 says

    I use those little things you hook on the side of the toilet or the little blue discs you put in the back to change the color of the water.

  69. I use wipes to spot clean.

  70. kyl neusch says

    I use those Lysol wipes between cleaning and that does the trick.

  71. Betty B. says

    I use the scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel in between cleanings.

  72. Laurajj Jacobson says

    I guess I just do the weekly clean on ours toilet.

  73. I put bleach tabs in the toilet tank, and wipe down surfaces with a spray cleaner.

  74. I entered the Softsoap giveaway.

  75. I wash the bathroom on a weekly basis. I also have one of the tablets that cleans with every flush.

  76. janna johnson says

    I used bleach wipes.

  77. lori clark says

    I have a toilet cleanser I keep in the toilet, I also mop the floor with mr clean and I use magic erasers, and lysol.

  78. Nicole Millheim says

    I drop a toilet cleaner in the tank and always give it a scrub every few days, that way gunk does not build up

  79. Brittney House says

    We have wipes and brushes that we keep by the toilet so everyone in the house is responsible for taking care of their own mess.

  80. tinareynolds says

    i use drop ins for the most part then spray and wipes for major cleans

  81. I keep a canister of disinfecting wipes near the toilet. I try to wipe it down every day.

  82. agordon10 says

    we use scrubbing bubbles on our toilet and a clorox toilet wand as well.

  83. hawkshoe says

    To keep my toilet fresh between cleanings I use those bleach blocks in the water reservoir tank. I find they are somewhat effective.

  84. Clean in between cleaning? People actually do that? LOL! (Please don’t think any less of me, although you probably will. LOL!)

  85. Cynthia C says

    I entered the Softsoap giveaway

  86. coupontammy says

    I entered the Softsoap giveaway.

  87. I entered the Softsoap giveaway

  88. Courtnie says

    We use Lysol wipes, and clean up after ourselves after we use the bathroom.

  89. Cathy French says

    usually use 409 and a paper towel to wipe the rim of the toilet and another for the vanity/sink.

  90. Betsy Barnes says

    In between bathroom cleanings, we use Lysol wipes and a little Lysol disinfecting spray in the toilet. I keep them under the bathroom sink when not in use. 🙂

  91. I buy the wipes from dollar store and use it regularly to clean it. Also on Saturdays i put bleach power and clean it to keep it disinfected and clean. Usually i put the bleach tablets in the tanks to keep it clean

  92. Sonya_Morris says

    I use Monk disinfecting wipes to clean several times a week and use bleach tablets. With a three year old, I find my self touch up cleaning the bathrooms almost daily!! I think my kids set a daily quota of messes to make!

  93. Brittany Kirk Steuart says

    I always use Lysol wipes. I hate for my bathrm to be nasty or stink. After someone in my house uses the toilet. I usually go check and see if it needs cleaned because im very ocd and picky. im constantly spraying it and wiping the seat down too. I don’t want a dirty bathroom. I recently bought the scrubbing bubbles spray to use.

  94. brandy c says

    I give a quick spray of sanitizing spray.

  95. I try to keep a toilet tablet in,so at least it helps in between cleaning!

  96. I keep germ fighting wipes under the sink and give the bathroom a quick wipe down every day.

  97. I use Lysol wipes to keep my bathroom touched up in between cleanings. They always come in handy.

  98. Outrun1986 says

    I use disposable wipes to keep everything sanitary inbetween cleanings.

  99. amypugmire says

    I use clorox wipes.

  100. I use clorox wipes on it daily and have a clorox pack in the bowl that releases with every flush

  101. msrodeobrat says

    I don’t normally touch it up between my regular cleanings. I guess I should! I never really thought about doing that before
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    entered as Kim

  102. I currently use the drop-in tablets in my tank in an effort to keep my toilet at least a bit cleaner between cleanings.

  103. i use scrubbing bubbles in the toilet and i also try to keep it clean as possible.

  104. Cassandra Eastman says

    Since i’m potty training my daughter I keep them clean by doing a wipe down daily and deep clean once a week!

  105. I do a quick spray and wipe of vinegar. This helps keep everything fresh in the bathroom.

  106. Tammy Shelton says

    I do the Fly Lady cleaning system. I swish & swipe daily.

  107. Danielle Marie says

    we have cleaning ladies twice a month and use scrubbing bubbles the rest of the time.


  108. mysweetiepiepie says

    In between bathroom cleanings I use wipes and disinfecting spray. I also clean the toilets with bleach every couple of days.

  109. Lisa Voyce says

    Besides regular cleaning, I also use a leave in the toilet tank cleaner.

  110. amanda whitley says

    i keep wet wipes in the bathroom to clean surfaces.

  111. Seyma Shabbir says

    I clean the toilet and bathrooms twice a week. In between cleanings I use clorox wipes. Since I have 2 sons, 4 and 6 it needs to be cleaned often.

  112. Seyma Shabbir says

    I entered the Softsoap giveaway (and another). Thanks for the giveaways and reviews!

  113. maggiesmith says

    I just do a quick spray and wipe! I have three boys in my house. PRAY FOR ME! lol

  114. Dawn Sweeps says

    I use Clorox wipes for quick cleaning between the bigger cleans. They are really handy.

  115. susan1215 says

    I use Lysol wipes to keep my bathroom touched up in between cleanings.

  116. usnamom2014 says

    I spray the toilet with Clorox everyday and wipe the countertops daily

  117. I keep it clean since I’m the only one using it.

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  118. Laurie Steiner says

    I use a Lysol wilpe to disinfect the sink and toilet every other day or so, and clean completely once or twice a week

  119. I hate cleaning the bathroom – I would love to try this product. I use the disposable clorox wipes to make things easier. I like when things are easy to use.

  120. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I use wipes in between cleanings. They work well and then I use my Scrubbing Bubbles wand to get the job done.

  121. rtrexel64 says

    Mainly I use a toilet bowl cleaner that in the tank of the toilet.

  122. Deb Christie says

    I use a cleaner that fits in the rim and it helps somewhat between cleanings.

  123. I dump a cup of bleach in the bowl each night before we go to bed and let it soak

  124. Jill Myrick says

    I use Lysol Disinfecting wipes on the lid and seat daily and add bleach tablets to help keep the inside clean between deep cleanings.


  125. missreneer says

    I usually leave bleach inside of the bowl and let it soak until it gets flushed. LOL!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  126. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    I use some of those bleach tablets in the back of the toilet for helping it get clean.

  127. Kim Ripley says

    I use the toilet brush once a day.

  128. Daniel M says

    sometime put a cup of bleach in the tank so when you flush it gets everywhere in the bowl

  129. carogonza says

    I use wipes in between the cleanings. It helps keep the toilet fresh.

  130. We clean with soap and water after each use

  131. Courtney Bella says

    i rub it down with lyson pads ! ! !

  132. Karen Drake says

    Currently I don’t have a way to keep it clean in between scrubbings, I would love to win this prize package.

  133. Jennifer Reed says

    I have to use the toilet cleaning brush daily (I have boys!) and I use disinfectant wipes to wipe the outside daily.

  134. I use a toilet brush and I make sure to flush after each use.

  135. Jim Rector says

    Lysol and toilet brush

  136. Kelly Britton says

    I use bleach and a toilet brush to clean the toilets.

  137. We have a candle illuminated in the bathroom.

  138. kathy pease says

    I brush the inside bowl daily and keep one of those automatic glade spray things on the sink. I also like to use a bleach tablet in the tank to help keep it clean

  139. When I clean it,I use bleach.
    It seems to keep it clean the bowl clean.
    Then I use Lysol spray or the wipes to wipe it down.

  140. Buddy Garrett says

    I keep an automatic toilet bowl cleaner on the toilet. I clean the bathroom every other day In between cleanings I use Lysol spray and wipes to wipe down the sink and toilet bowl.

  141. We use an auto cleaner day to day. I also wipe things down with a bleach based cleaner between deep cleanings.

  142. Carolyn Daley says

    I spray Clorox in it every few days to keep it sanitary in between actual cleanings.

  143. Sarah Hall says

    I wipe off the outside with Lysol wipes and clean the bowl with a quick splash of Clorox until I do a thorough cleaning once a week.

  144. wrestlingaddict says

    we use wipes a lot, and those things you drop in the tank, a lot of times I have the one hanging on the inside too. I wish it was easier to clean!

  145. Francine Anchondo says

    i use lysol wipes to keep it sanitary between cleanings.

  146. s riches says

    I use those blue things you put inside of the tank.

  147. I use bleach in between cleanings for it to stay fresh.

  148. I entered the Pampers/Futbol Prize Pack giveaway.

  149. Sioux City Sue says

    Every time I use the toilet, after flushing, I use toilet bowl cleaner. I am the only one in my family who does that but it helps if just one person does it in between cleanings.

  150. I clean the bathroom regularly so dirt doesn’t really have a chance to build up.

  151. paigechandler says

    I have an old brush that I clean the toilet with every other day

  152. I just try to give everything a weekly scrub to keep it clean.

  153. Mihaela Day says

    I spray Clorox in it every few days to keep it sanitary in between actual cleanings.

  154. Ricky Daniels says

    i use clorox disinfecting wipes and lysol

  155. susansmoaks says

    i clean the bathroom as often as possible. i like to get it done at least once a week, sometimes twice.

  156. Rochel S says

    I use lysol wipes a lot!

  157. Susan Climan says

    I use disinfecting wipes if the bathroom needs tidying up between cleanings.

  158. Kaitlyn Ortega says

    I like to throw a couple of denture tablets in the bowl and give a quick swish after a few minutes.

    missysweepsalot at gmail dot com

  159. Wendy Hark says

    In between cleanings, I use disinfecting wipes for quick touch-ups and I put a little bleach in the toilet mid-week to keep it fresh.

  160. LibraryLadyKy . says

    I actually wipe counters and clean the main toilet daily. This keeps the bathroom in decent shape at all times so that I never have a “big” job to do.

  161. I use the Scrubbing Bubbles fresheners that you put under the rim. That keeps it fresh.

  162. Lisa Vanhook says

    The cleaning/germ killing wipes everyday and bowl scrubbing with comet 1 time weekly..

  163. brmetcalf says

    I like a clean bathroom, so a quick daily cleanup with the Scrubbing Bubbles spray works good for me. Thanks!

  164. californiapoppy says

    We use Clorox Tablets inside the tank to keep the bowl fresh and clean.
    [email protected]

  165. I clean the toilet regularly for easy cleanup. Thanks for the giveaway!

  166. Thanks for the giveaway…we clean the toilet bowl every few days with a bit of bleach & a bowl brush between weekly cleanings.

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