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*I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for the Northwestern Mutual Foundation. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.


    Have you lost someone you love to cancer?  Unfortunately, chances are that you have been negatively affected by this disease in one way or another.  In 2007, when I was thirty years old, I was diagnosed as having Chronic Myeloid Leukemia or CML.  There is no way for me to describe to all of you what a shock and horror it was to hear those words.  When you are young you think you are invincible and you never expect to hear that you are afflicted with a life-threatning illness.

    Since I had a newborn baby and a toddler, I did not have the luxury of feeling sorry for myself and I decided to take my health into my own hands and to become proactive about my treatment.  I am very blessed that advances in modern medicine have made my form of Leukemia treatable although I do still suffer from side-effects due to the life saving medication that I will have to take for the rest of my life.  It goes without saying that cancer advocacy is a cause that is extremely personal to me and close to my heart.

    This year, I am proud to join the Northwestern Mutual Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand in their efforts to raise money to fight against childhood cancer.  Through May 13th, they are calling upon sons and daughters who want to honor their heroic moms or mother figures by uploading images of them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the #MyHeroMom hashtag.

    For each social action (image upload, Facebook share and like, tweet and retweet) generated by consumers, the Northwestern Mutual Foundation will donate $5 to its nonprofit partner, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), up to $50,000 for childhood cancer research.

    Northwestern Mutual is an organization after my own heart when it comes to raising the battle cry for finding the cures for childhood cancers and standing behind those families who are battling this horrible disease.  As a matter of fact, since 2012, the Northwestern Mutual Childhood Cancer Program has supported more than 2,500 children and families and funded more than 26,000 research hours toward life-saving cures.

    The battle doesn’t stop there, however, ALSF also works in conjunction with physicians, scientists and nurses to identify the specific challenges they face in bringing new treatments to children with cancer.  They develop grant opportunities to speed up the process of bringing the most promising and life-saving treatments to seriously ill children and bringing hope to their families and loved ones.  Share a photo of your “Hero Mom” on social media using the #MyHeroMom hashtag and keep Mother’s Day going all year long!

Let’s Discuss:  How has cancer affected your life or the lives of your family or friends?

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Northwestern Mutual Foundation. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Chavonne H says

    What a great foundation to help people who are going through such a horrible disease. I’ve actually never known anyone with cancer until just recently when my boyfriend was diagnosed with leukemia and it’s been really hard especially the recovery so to have support is definitely helpful.

    • Hi, Chavonne. I’m sorry that your boyfriend is going through such a traumatic diagnosis. I’m a Leukemia Survivor and I live with it as a chronic disease so feel free to message me for support or just to talk.

  2. BohemianBabushka says

    $5 is a generous donation and BB will definitely be posting on all social media platforms! Having lost my mother to cancer, I know the affect it has on families so this will be done ASAP!!

  3. Robin Rue says

    I have lost both of my grandfathers to cancer and both my mom and my nana are cancer survivors. It’s so much worse when it’s a child that gets cancer, though.

  4. It would be so scary to get cancer when you have two young children. My mom got cancer when I was in 6th grade and she passed away right after my 9th grade year because of side effects of the chemo and radiation. I’m glad you’re doing good!

  5. Jennifer Williams says

    I have not lost anyone to cancer but have friends who have and one that is currently getting chemo. I love that they are doing something to try to help.

  6. Healy Harpster says

    I knew how costly for the cancer patient to undergo all the treatments that he/she needed plus the impact to their families. I had lost my uncle because of cancer and it still hard to accept.

  7. What a lovely foundation and donation project. Cancer does affect so many lives. Thankful not to have lost anyone to cancer, yet, but have had many relatives contend with various forms. Never easy to deal with. You are an inspiration, Maria!

  8. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I had a cancer scare a few years back…. Oh Man!! I was so scared and I know what these people go through. I hope some day we can drive this horrible disease away for good.

  9. I think we have all been affected by cancer in some way or another. I think this is a great donation drive and I hope it is very successful!

  10. TouristMeetsTraveler says

    Many people have been affected by cancer, it’s a horrible thing. Childhood cancer is something that’s never pleasant to go through, I hope that one day we’ll be able to get rid of cancer all together.

  11. Rebecca Bryant says

    I have have had several family members and in laws pass away due to cancer. Plus last year I had a scare myself with Breast Cancer.

  12. Helene Bludman says

    What a great project! I hope it is hugely successful. Alex’s Lemonade Stand has raised millions and someday there will be a cure for cancer.

  13. I do not know any kids who are effected but my heart goes out to them an wishes them a full recovery.

  14. What a great cause. I have lost many relatives to cancer, and I always love to see companies joining in the fight against it.

  15. $50,000 will do a great deal of good for this cause. I was just reading a very sad story today about a little 5 year old twin that is fighting cancer and most likely will not make it much longer. So very sad.

  16. We’ve lost people to cancer but maintain hope that a cure is coming. Just this morning, I heard on Fox News about a breakthrough treatment that I want to research!

  17. Video gave me goosebumps! I pray one day cancer becomes a thing of the past. I lost an aunt to stomach cancer. Heartbreaking!

  18. Amanda Her says

    This is a great cause. My family has been affected by cancer and I PRAY for the day it comes to an END.

  19. Amanda Smith says

    What a great cause to be supporting! Sharing!

  20. Veronica Solomon says

    This is a great cause for you to stand behind! Cancer is such a horrible disease. It really makes me sad to see the many cases of childhood cancer

  21. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    What a touching thing to do in honor of those affected. This is fantastic!

  22. Meagan Bailiff says

    I’m very lucky to say that I haven’t had any close family or friends that have struggled with cancer during my lifetime.

  23. mail4rosey says

    I think it’s wonderful. We’ve had members of our family affected by, or pass away from cancer. It’s an ugly, nasty thing that I will be glad to see gone for good someday.

  24. I love this post! My Mom is a breast cancer survivor, as is her mother. It was very scary to go through the experience with her!

  25. C'mon Get Crafty says

    Very beautiful. Two of my aunts were touched by cancer, one fatally. There can never be enough awareness, or attempts at finding a cure.

  26. My mom is going through cancer right now. I am so glad there are programs out there helping to raise money.

  27. Adrianne Grant says

    This is so sad I dislike cancer however I love programs like this. I think this is great to help others especially ones going through something like this. Breaks my heart

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