Spend Family Time Making A Wind Wheel! #HadaPirata #Ad

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    Spending time with my sons is on the top of my list of priorities.  As a Working Mom, I spend a lot of time away from them due to my career and I like to take advantage of every opportunity to bond with them or to engage in educational activities with them.  We do a lot of fun things when we are together and making arts and crafts is just one of them.

    This evening, we are watching Disney’s Pirate Fairy on Blue-ray™ and Digital and watching a familia of hadas or family of fairies working together to bring their loved one, Zarina, back home after she has made the wrong decision and gotten mixed up in some bad company.  Like we say in Spanish, “Dime con quien tú andas y te digo quien eres.”*  They encounter some pirates and use some pixie dust on their adventures which ultimately help to bring the fairies together again.

    We are so inspired by the fairies’ teamwork that we worked together to create Wind Wheels to watch the spring winds blow outside our house.  Lo mejor es, or the best part is that you can make them too with just a few materials that you have around the house!  Make sure you check out all of the fun and creative Pirate Fairy games and activities, including the one mentioned in this post, by clicking HERE!

    Pirate Fairy is available on Blu-ray™ & Digital as of April 1st and I’m so excited that many of you have already been joining me on the Hada Pirata Instagram photo challenge.  I’ve been posting photos about how my family engages in teamwork and togetherness just like the fairies in Pirate Fairy!

    I know your family will find inspiration to spend some quality time together after watching Pirate Fairy too.  After all, you can never have too much love or too much magic!

*Translation:  “Show me your company and I’ll tell you what you are.”  

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your family’s favorite arts and crafts to do together?

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  1. GrandmaBonnie A says

    I love the pinwheels. I have not watched the Disney’s Pirate Fairy with my grandchildren yet. I need to put that one on my movie list.

  2. Robin Rue says

    My kids have made those in school before, but I have never tried it at home. What a fun and easy craft idea!!

  3. mail4rosey says

    I like the pinwheel! I haven’t ever made one, but of course we should. Especially perfect now while there’s still a breeze outside!

  4. Veronica Solomon says

    That is a fun craft idea for a rainy afternoon. My kids are getting old for crafts, but I still force it on them. Lol. I would love to watch that Pirate Fairy movie

  5. I let my kids help me do the cooking for my blog posts. Sometimes a lot of the time) they make a mess, but we usually have fun!

  6. My kids love to paint and glue things. Anything that involves coloring is a huge hit.

  7. Oh my kids would love this. Crafts are so fun and that pinwheel looks awesome. Amber N

  8. Rebecca Bryant says

    What cute and fun project. Your little one did an awesome job.

  9. Amy Desrosiers says

    We love to draw and color together in our home. I love this idea!

  10. Jennifer Williams says

    That is such a cute idea. It is easy enough that my 4 yo and I can make this one. With as windy as it is here it would definitely get put to the test.

  11. Lawna Young says

    Oh, my boys would love to make these. I have heard a lot of good bzz about that movie. I bet they would love the movie too!

  12. That looks so cute!! My girls can’t wait to see this movie! I’m going to make this with them.

  13. My girls really want to see this movie! They’ve been looking forward to it for awhile now

  14. That came out so cute! I think this movie looks adorable. I’m looking forward to it!

  15. Came out cute! 🙂 We used to make those when we were young, too. Paper crafts were always our favorite and we got very good at them with time!

  16. My kids love pirates – and Jake and the neverland pirates has girl pirates – so I think both my kids would love this!

  17. Lean Lacaba says

    I made this with my sister a few weeks back, and we enjoyed it. And the mess was manageable!

  18. I just downloaded this movie – off to watch this one!

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