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    The time has come for another Monday Mingle. It is always a pleasure to meet those of you who are linking up for the first time and to see those of you back who have been linking up for a long time. It is so exciting to link up with you guys week after week!

    I’m happy to report that this weekend and Easter Sunday was a big success!  We took the kids to LegoLand today and they had a ball.  It’s amazing how nourishing for the soul some quality time with the family can be.

    I’m exhausted from running around with my boys all day but it was totally worth it and it’s a good kind of exhaustion.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter/Passover weekend with your own family and that you are ready to mingle with us this Monday!

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    This blog hop continues to be for everyone with NO RULES. Personally, I hate having to follow a bunch of rules just to connect with all of you so this hop will continue to be RULE FREE!

    I hope you are all ready for a great week of networking. So please link up and follow each other on Google Friend Connect, Facebook, or Twitter. Monday Mingle will always be easy and fun because nobody wants to follow some boring list of blog hop rules. Here are the rules:


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Let’s Discuss: How did you spend this Easter/Passover weekend with your own family?

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  1. paulakiger says

    Hi Maria, sorry to have been MIA from the Monday Mingles — but it’s nice to be back! 🙂

  2. Monday Mingles… That’s a fun idea. Glad you had a great weekend. I love the feeling of exhaustion caused by quality family time. There’s a difference between that type of exhaustion and the kind you get from work, errands, chores, etc.

  3. I think this is such a cool idea! I love the idea of meeting new bloggers and showing them some love. It;s how I met some of my closest blogging buddies.

  4. You and the boys look like you had a wonderful time @LegoLand! After Resurrection Sunrise Service I went home and took a nap! Have a wonderful week.

  5. Easter was very low key for us this year. My daughter and I weren’t feeling good the days leading up to Easter, but felt fine on the actual day. We went to see Rio 2 in the morning, then went to my mother in laws for dinner and a small egg hunt.

  6. We have a very low key weekend this year as our friends we used to celebrate with moved away. It was nice to have a few nights in and a set of friends over the night before to play and hang out. Refreshing and not an egg in sight.

  7. My mother came over and I cooked an amazingly good leg of lamb. My son had his first Easter basket. It was great!

  8. Chavonne H says

    We had a nice dinner. Pork Roast (since I don’t like ham), shells & cheese and broccoli. It was very nice. We haven’t really celebrated before but my boyfriend is used to it so he thought we should and it turned out great.

  9. My cousin was here on Friday / Saturday – Sunday we didn’t do much and just relaxed really as I was a bit over tired 🙂 x

  10. We had a family dinner for Easter yesterday. It was nice to see all the family, except my husband and my daughter’s fiance, who had to work.

  11. Amy Desrosiers says

    I had a nice Easter as well. The ham dinner was better than I expected, and dessert was so good!

  12. Curby Aardvark says

    I love LEGO; I would like to go to LegoLand one day and enjoy all the awesome LEGO.

  13. Maria Sinclair says

    We spent the day at home, relaxing as much as possible. Getting over a bad cold is tough.

  14. Jennifer Williams says

    I am glad you had a great Easter. This was my first one in our new home and the first one where my mother could not be with us because of our move. Unfortunately I had no idea how it would affect me so mine was a bit disappointing.

  15. New to your link up. Following on Twitter, G+, and Bloglovin. Thanks for hosting. Found some new bloggers to follow.

  16. I think everyone had a busy Easter whether they celebrated or not. Happy belated Easter!

  17. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I did some baking and cooking and took a nice long afternoon nap. Happy Easter!

  18. Always a great blog hop! Thanks for hosting 🙂 As far as the weekend was concerned, Easter dinner with my family on Saturday, then three church services Sunday, Easter lunch with my hubby’s family, and then I went and photographed a wedding, TIRED. This chick is TIRED 🙂

  19. So glad you had a wonderful Easter. We had a great one too, spending it with family and friends

  20. I cooked a giant brunch for my family of five and my cousin and his family of five plus his mom. We had an egg hunt in the backyard and then just all stayed outside to enjoy a gorgeous day!

  21. April Mims says

    My oldest daughter wasn’t able to come home from college and my youngest had to work so my husband and I just enjoyed the day together.

  22. What a great blog hop! I’m happy that you had a great Easter time with your family! We spent some quality time at the beach!

  23. Amanda Her says

    Cool blog hop! It’s great to discover new blogs to read.

  24. We had a ball! Friday we spent time with family, and then on Sunday we went to DC for Monday’s Easter Egg Roll at the White House!

  25. Awesome blog hopping session for the week!

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