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    Last weekend, my husband and I took our sons and nephew to see the new Captain America:  The Winter Soldier movie.  It was such a pleasure to watch how excited they all were to see one of their favorite superheroes live on the big screen.  During the movie, they acted out some of the parts and I knew that they would continue having fun and pretending to be part of the film even after we went home.

    What my boys didn’t know is that they would have some amazing toys to encourage their fun and creative play.  You see, Hasbro is celebrating the world of Captain America with a new toy line featuring the much loved Super Soldier.  To build to my boys’ excitement over seeing the movie, I planned for them to have fun with the action figures that were inspired by this sequel.

    I cannot even begin to describe to you all how excited my sons were when they set their eyes on the Marvel Captain America Super Soldier Gear Battle Helmet!  The helmet has a button-activated light-up visor which is easily turned on and a missile-firing projectile rocket launcher that they have the option of connecting at different points on the helmet.  As you can see from my son’s video below, he feels like he can “Save the day” when he is wearing the helmet.

    My boys also love to pretend-play using action figures.  They used the Marvel Captain America Super Soldier Gear Action Figures to recreate their favorite scenes from the film.  It was amazing how lifelike their Shockwave Blast Captain America figure was right down to his mini shield and the fact that his weapon really launches rockets.  Every time I turned around, some imaginary battle was taking place and rockets were flying around our living room.

    For more information about how you can use the new Captain America toy line to foster creativity and pretend-play in your kids, visit the Hasbro website!

Let’s Discuss:  How do your children engage in pretend play and use their imaginations when they are playing with toys?

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  1. Captain America was really good! “I’m going to use it to save the day.” What an adorable video! That helmet looks so cool!

  2. Robin Rue says

    Well, I know what my six year old is getting for his birthday this summer. He is going to FLIP when he sees that helmet.

  3. Rebecca Bryant says

    My son use to build entire villages with legos. From castles to armory to bridges.

  4. Lawna Young says

    What lucky little boys! I know my kids would be super excited to not only see the movie, but be able to play with the fun new toys too!

  5. My kids love to tell stories with their toys! My youngest would love the action figures, he is really into them.

  6. Curby Aardvark says

    Got to love Captain America; the latest movie was so good and I know my younger cousin would absolutely love these toys! 😀

  7. My daughter used to love to play dress up. I spent so many hours in costumes with her! Looks like your sons are having a great time!

  8. Jennifer Williams says

    My youngest has so many Captain America things, that helmet would go great with some of his other items – glasses, gloves, costume for a Halloween costume next year (or of course to play!),

  9. My two sons were the experts at pretend play when they were younger. They are adults now so there was not the access to technology that there is now. When my youngest son was around 4, He-Man was the big thing and he would play with those figures for hours.

  10. mail4rosey says

    That does look like fun. I love super hero get-ups and we’ve got plenty in this house. 🙂

  11. Megan Chamberlin says

    I love to listen to my son play – he has such a great imagination! He’ll hold conversations for all his toys, and just makes me smile! 🙂

  12. Anne Newsome says

    It really is such a joy seeing your kids enjoy something so much. Sounds like a great family time. My kids get very imaginative with their toys. To think of a specific example at this moment is proving challenging but sometimes I do get a big kick out of their play!

  13. Onica {MommyFactor} says

    I like games that let me son get into being the characters. These games really allowed your boys to play as their fav superheroes. The helmet is very cool.

  14. My children are always pretend playing. I often see my son just talking to himself. Its cute!

  15. Katherine Gilbert says

    My kids still like to play with action figures and pretend like they are playing school. one is a teenager and the other will be a teenager later this year.

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