Celebrate Motherhood With PassionRoses This Mother’s Day! #Giveaway #Ad

*I participated in this campaign on behalf of PassionRoses. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating. All opinions are my own.

    Being a mother is probably the most rewarding role that any woman will ever have in her entire life.  There is nothing like bringing life into the world and nurturing your children to become productive and loving members of society.  That being said, it’s also a lot of work and most mothers don’t want any recognition for what we do lovingly all year.  We do, however, look forward to that special day in May when our efforts and sacrifices are recognized.

    Mother’s Day is the day to celebrate motherhood and to show appreciation for all of the mothers in your life.  There is no better way to recognize all that mothers do for their children and for their families than through the gift of roses.  These beautiful and delicate flowers have come to symbolize much more than just love and are now given for numerous reasons and to celebrate special occasions with those who matter the most.  PassionRoses wants to help you make the women in your life feel special and valued this Mother’s Day!

    Grown in Bogota, Colombia, PassionRoses bouquets can be found in more than 5,000 retail and grocery stores across the US in every color that you could possibly imagine.  Their roses are of the highest quality in both beauty and sustainability which makes them perfect for expressing a multitude of emotions.  PassionRoses is a family oriented company that is committed to supporting the communities where they live through education, donations and community outreach.

    Since 2011, PassionRoses has been the “Official Rose of the Miss America Pageant.” PassionRoses was also selected by the Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses to become the “Official Rose of the Rose Bowl Game,” and the “Official Rose of the Rose Bowl Stadium.”  Their gorgeous roses will make any mother feel like a queen for the day this Mother’s Day!

    For more information on PassionRoses, visit www.PassionRoses.com  If you order your roses before Mother’s Day, you can use the special promo code ROSES4MOM to receive 10% off your order!  You can never go wrong with roses when it comes to demonstrating to the mothers in your life how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them for all they do!

Let’s Discuss:  Who is the mother in your life that you would love to give PassionRoses to on Mother’s Day and what makes her such a great mother?


Our Sponsor is giving away to 7 readers of Tough Cookie Mommy 2 dozen roses each for them to have shipped to the mother in their life by Mother’s Day.  Each winner will be able to choose between red, pink, white, yellow, orange, or peach roses.a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign on behalf of PassionRoses. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Debra Hall says

    my mom has always been very understanding ,caring and thoughtful, i consider my self very blessed to have a great mom

  2. JadeLouise Designs says

    Oh my goodness, those roses are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to get roses on Mother’s Day and I’d love to give my MOM roses on Mother’s day! Amber E.

  3. tannawings says

    My own Mom is gone but my Aunt has always been there for me. I would give them to her . My Aunt doesnt have children of her own so she makes all of her nieces and nephews feel special.

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  4. I live all the way across the country from my Mom and so I’m not able to see her very much. She’s amazing and I miss her. I would love to be able to send her these flowers. Thanks for the chance!

  5. Kristin Hale says

    My mom lives in FL, I live in OH. She has been my rock and pillar in the best and worst of times. She is my one constant. I appreciate her more each day. She is 77 and I pray the good Lord lets me enjoy her for at least another 25 years. I would give these to her, not just as a token of Mother’s Day, but for everyday.

  6. Janet Watson says

    Since my mom and mother in law have both passed away many years ago, I’d love to give these to my daughter, who is the mother of my two grandsons. She is an amazing mother and I love watching her in that role. I’d love to show how proud I am of her.

  7. Janet Watson says

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  8. I would give these to my mom. Growing up we weren’t close at all. Now she is my best friend. We walk everyday together if the weather is bad we still talk on the phone. She helps me with my children and is always there when I need her.

  9. I would give them to my mother in law, because our family is going through a difficult time right now and they would be a wonderful surprise.

  10. janetfaye says

    I would love to give PassionRoses to on Mother’s Day to my mother. We are very close and I consider her to be not only my mom but also my friend.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. Virginia Rowell says

    I would give the roses to my daughter. She is a wonderful mother to two beautiful children.

  12. ahhhh I want to give these to my mom, and I would send them to a cousin who is a new mom as well.

  13. mena & taty says

    After 8 unsuccessful attempts y best friend is finally a mom, I would love to get her a beautiful passionroses bouquet. Her dedication will make her an awesome mom

  14. Kelly Kimmell says

    I would love to give these to my Mom, she has always been there for me and my sister and she deserves it.

  15. erin dear says

    I would love to give my mom a beautiful bouquet of PassionRoses! She has always been a huge inspiration and supporter in my life!

  16. Notblessedmama says

    I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I’d like to send these to myself!

  17. Wow those are beautiful roses – I have to admit they have to be some of my favourite flowers. x

  18. I love that this company is actively involved with and gives back to their community. Gorgeous roses! I’d love to gift my mother a bouquet for Mother’s Day, she has always been there for me and I certainly love her dearly!

  19. AmandaSakovitz says

    I would love to give these to my mom. She always stays positive no matter what and she is my best friend.

  20. I send my mom an arrangement every year as part of her Mother’s Day gift, but honestly – I don’t think I have ever sent roses. This might just be the year!

  21. Meagan Bailiff says

    Id like to give them to my mom, She loves to get flowers for pretty much an occation!

  22. Thomas Murphy says

    I would love to give PassionRoses to my mom. She is an awesome person!

  23. I would love to give some PassionRoses to my mom on Mother’s Day. Her honesty and unconditional love makes her a wonderful mother. Thank you.

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  25. I would love to give roses to my mother in law. Our relationship has been rocky in the past but I believe we’re doing a lot better now and I think these roses would make her feel appreciated.

  26. I entered your Dove body wash giveaway.

  27. Being a mother is the most rewarding role, yet it can be very stressful especially when they become independent teenagers!

  28. I would love to get a bouquet for my mom. She always knows what to say. She continues to be a great role model to me. Its funny how even when you are an adult and have children of your own you still sometimes just want/need your mommy.

  29. I would love this for my mom!!! She is always there for me when I need her, and a wonderful grandmother to my children 🙂

  30. Touristmeetstraveler says

    These passions roses look like they’d be perfect for my mother on Mother’s Day.

  31. AshleyTucker says

    I would give my step mom these Passion Roses. She is a great mother because she is caring.

  32. Sarah Hall says

    I would give them to my daughter as I feel she is a great mother. She has raised her son alone since he was a month old as her husband died then. She is a wonderful mother to him and is teaching him to be a good person.

    • Chickie Brewer says

      Since I’ve lost my mom recently. I think my neighbor who is raising her grandchildren would love them.. In fact I think she would cry with happiness.

  33. I would give these to my aunt,as I lost my Mother and she has been there for me. It means so much to have her in my life.

  34. Jennifer Williams says

    Those are beautiful, I love grabbling flowers to brighten up a mood. It would make a great present for Mother’s Day, I would love to have my boys give me a bouquet right after I crosse the finish line to the race I have that day!

  35. The roses are lovely. I think they would make a lovely mothers day gift.

  36. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    My Daughter is the most awesome mother I know. She has so much more patience than I ever had with her.

  37. These roses are gorgeous. Anyone would be lucky to get a bouquet of these!

  38. After trying which like seem forever my sister and her husband finally became parents. I think a bouquet or roses for her first Mother’s Day would be wonderful.

  39. Rebecca Bryant says

    The mom I admire in my life is the one that taught me how to live in the moment. These are so beautiful.

  40. mail4rosey says

    My mom took such good care of my grandmother in her final years (her mother). It showcased a tender side of her that wasn’t really known until then, and I’d love to spoil her with some roses.

  41. I would love to feel special on Mother’s Day with some roses!!

  42. Lawna Young says

    I agree, there is nothing better than being a mother. I wouldn’t mind a rose delivery on Mother’s Day! Perhaps, I will have to hint it to my husband!

  43. My mother of course. She is always there when it counts and there for the tough times.

  44. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    My own mom is such a loving mom. She’s a little wacky, but her heart is in the right place. lol

  45. I would give them to my mom. I know that this would make her day and she would be incredibly happy to feel special and loved with a surprise bouquet.

  46. I would love to send these to my mom because she works so hard and rarely spends any money on herself. I know that having beautiful fresh flowers in her home would be a treat and a reminder that her dedication is appreciated.

  47. shelly peterson says

    I would love to give these to my Mother. She is so special to me and so many others. She is the most kindest, selfless, helpful person I know

  48. Veronica Solomon says

    Flowers are always awesome mother’s day gifts. I always like to give my mom plants though so that they will last, but she also loves getting flowers.

  49. I would love to give passion roses to my Mother. She is an amazing Mom– the one Mom in the neighborhood we could always count on to take us places, jump in if a scout leader was needed, and let all the neighborhood kids hang out at our house.

  50. I send my mother flowers all the time. She deserves so much more. I have never heard of passion rose. Definitely trying to save 10%!

  51. Raine Dawson says

    I would send them to my mom. She’s my best friend and she’s always there for me. When my husband died she was my rock and she helped me raise my kids when I was having a hard time. She’s an inspiration to me every day.

  52. coupontammy says

    I would send them to my mother. She has always been there for all of us kids. It has always been an unconditional love. She is an amazing woman and my best friend. She deserves to be pampered. I don’t know how she raised 5 children, when it’s tough enough with 2 kids.

  53. coupontammy says

    I entered your Dove giveaway.

  54. I would give them to my mother. She is a great mother and grandmother and deserves something nice like these flowers!

  55. These are so beautiful. I would love to get those beauties for my 2nd (!!!) mother’s day. I love being a mom.

  56. Laurajj Jacobson says

    I would love to win for my mom! We recently had a scare, she had a clogged vein in her neck and had to undergo surgery for the second time. Was supposed to be 1 day stay in the hospital. The morning after surgery…she woke up and the vein had a bleed…they rushed her into surgery…and had to be in ICU for a week hooked up to a breathing machine. She is now doing well and at home again…but scared us all so much! She has been a wonderful mother over the years and is a great grandma to 1 and a grandma to 9! I would love to send her the flowers!

  57. My mom! She is 85 years old and has been the rock in our family. My 90 year old father has been having some medical issues and my mom has really stepped up to the plate in caring for him ( along with help). She certainly deserves roses and more!

  58. Pretty roses! I love the color of those. My mom deserves some roses this year, I am sending her some 🙂

  59. My mama is my favorite mother! She always amazes me. She gives so much of herself and never gets tired. She works hard, ALWAYS has time for anybody who needs her, her home and person are always more than presentable, and she is absolutely always laughing, humming or singing! I have never in my life understood where she finds the energy to do and be all that she is, and I wish I had inherited that. I think it might be her happy heart that gives her so much to offer others.

    My mama is amazing. I love her beyond description, and I’d love to surprise her with these lovely flowers!

  60. Those are gorgeous roses. Love flowers! Amber N

  61. Jessica To says

    These would be for my mom. She has put up with my father, myself and my 2 sisters for so long! I’d love to send her some flowers!

  62. I love flowers. Those roses are absolutely gorgeous!

  63. jenmalonee says

    I would love to send them to my friend’s mother. She always took me in and cared for me as a mother and I would love to show her some love.

  64. Jessica Beard says

    I would love to give my mom Terri a bouquet of roses. She is the best mother ever. She is so thoughtful and takes time out of her busy day to help me with my two boys.

  65. I love getting flowers (the few times I received them lol). I would have loved to be able to give some to my mom but she is in Haiti so no flowers this year. Maybe next year =)

  66. TheNewClassy says

    Those roses are absolutely gorgeous. Roses definitely make a great Mother’s Day present.

  67. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I’d Love To Give My Sister These Beautiful Roses, She Is A Great Mom And I Love Her So Much! She Deserves It!

  68. These would be so lovely to send to a friend of mine who is a new mom and who is so kind and patient and nurturing.

  69. Betsy Barnes says

    If I won, I would love to send the Passion Roses to my mother. She is so very special, has always let me express myself, never being judging and is always there for me. 🙂

  70. Lorayne Gothard says

    My mother is really sweet and works very hard, so I would love to brighten her day by giving her roses.

  71. I would send them to my mother since she works really hard for our family!

  72. lil_lady_dz says

    My mom deserves some Passion Roses on Mother’s Day cause she has the heart of gold! She’s always putting in overtime to help others, she always bring the family together, and always is the most thoughtful. She really engages everyone with happiness. She is dedicated, golden in her smile, and her laughter fills everyones heart to whom she meets. She is a mother who never forgets to love.

  73. coupontammy says

    I entered your Dove giveaway.

  74. Debnmike moretti says

    Since my mom has passed, my sister has taken on the role of “grandma” to my two young boys. I would love to surprise her with roses, since I don’t think she has ever received them from anyone. She totally deserves it!!!

  75. Keishla Morales says

    My mother its more than a mom to me and my sister. She is our father, friend, and our strength. We are nothing without her, words can’t describe her she deserves everything in the world. ..

  76. usnamom2014 says

    I would send them to my sister. She had 5 children and adopted 2 more from Russia. She’s the best.

  77. These roses are absolutely beautiful! I wish my mom was still around to get her some for Mother’s Day… she passed away 2 days before Mother’s Day last year. 🙁

  78. Courtney Bella says

    my mother deserves this for having to put up with all my crap over the years. me and my sister really gave her a rough time. My poor mom. she’s been through sooo much.

  79. I would love to give the PassionRoses to my older sister. She has always been like a mother to me!

  80. I would like to give these PassionRoses to my mother in law. She’s the greatest, so kind, thoughtful and always there for me.

  81. Deborah Gardner says

    my mom, Michelle, helps everyone around her and calls me ever week which makes her such a great mother! I would love to give her roses as a thank you this Mothers day.

  82. Tamlyn Barry says

    Your flowers are beautiful….I would like to give a nice arrangement to my aunt.. my mom passed away 4 years ago and sent her flowers every year for her birthday….. I would like to keep up the tradition.

  83. hi i would give roses to my mother who has always been aware of their children and now their grandchildren too, since my sister works all day and my mother has to care for them.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. Thank you, I received my 2 dozen long stem orange roses and they are beautiful – send picture soon!

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