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*I participated in this campaign on behalf of Keurig. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating. All opinions are my own. 


    My day can be pretty hectic.  If I told you everything that I do within a 24 hour period, you probably wouldn’t even believe me.  Between getting my boys ready for school, teaching middle school students, blogging, running a household and driving my kids to all their activities I can barely keep my eyes open sometimes.  I like to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in the morning to start my day off on the right foot but I just don’t have the time to change filters and measure out spoonfuls of coffee.

    This is exactly why Keurig is the perfect brewer for a busy and independent mom like myself.  You see, I can make a a delicious cup of coffee, tea, cocoa and a variety of other beverages less than 60 seconds and at the push of a button.  I’m not kidding, if I had to do anything more than that to get that coffee into my system in the morning, I don’t know what I would do because I just don’t have the time.

    My Keurig Elite Brewer is so easy to use that even my ten year-old can work it.  He makes a cup of hot chocolate for himself and his brother to enjoy before going to school and will often make a cup of coffee for me too.  I like that it is safe and easy for him to use and he likes feeling like a big boy and being able to work a major appliance on his own.  He even knows that my favorite coffee flavor is Hazelnut!

    With a large variety of brewers to choose from and a new expanded color line, there’s a perfect Keurig brewer for every busy mom. Whether you’re more of a Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend lover or a Café Escapes Chai Latte fan you will find that your Keurig can do it all and do it quickly.

Here are some of my favorite K-Cup flavors!

    To find your favorite beverage, visit Keurig to see the wide variety of Brewed coffees, teas, hot cocoas, iced beverages and more.  With so many choices, and the ability to enjoy them in such little time,  you will have a few minutes to savor that perfect cup!

Let’s Discuss:  How would the Keurig Brewing System help to keep you going in the morning?

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign on behalf of Keurig. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Robin Rue says

    I have a Keurig and I would be totally lost without it! I use it every single day and I am pretty sure it’s the best invention since sliced bread 😉

  2. Chavonne H says

    The Keurig sounds amazing! We sure would love to have one here. I love that it makes different drinks, coffee, tea, cocoa, that’s awesome and in only 60 seconds, WoW! This would be a great gift for my boyfriends birthday this friday. Love the smiley face cup!

  3. Betsy Barnes says

    I have been wanting a Keurig for ages! It would be so nice to brew flavored coffees for iced coffee during the summer, quick and easy 🙂

  4. My husband recently informed me he’d tried the apple cider you got and loved it! It’s great how many things you can make with them.

  5. I am loving the idea of a nice hot cocoa in one for the evening, that sounds like bliss to me 🙂 x

  6. Curby Aardvark says

    These are so easy to use; it’s a must in any home with coffee or tea lovers.

  7. Love the mug, too cute! My neighbor has one of these and loves it. I’ve been impressed with the cups of coffee offered 🙂 Love the variety of options!

  8. I really want a Keurig for Mother’s Day. I love how easy it is to use them with little cleanup!

  9. amanda ripsam says

    I got my grandma a Keurig with a friend of ours we chiped in together but I love the idea of having my own as they make more then just coffee. How on earth did you get them to send you a keurig to review ?

  10. Lawna Young says

    I have a Keurig and I use it every morning. My kids even like it too!

  11. We had one of these at work and it’s very handy! At home, we brew tea by the pot…

  12. My Keurig certainly helps my days start a little easier! Easy start up, easy clean up, great tasting coffee! I love it!

  13. My Keurig was the best purchase ever! love it! Amber n

  14. I really want one of these! They look so convenient and have so many awesome flavor options.

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