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*I participated in this campaign on behalf of Swiffer. I received a promotional item to facilitate this review and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.

    Last week, my boys and I had the pleasure of meeting acclaimed singer, songwriter, author and mom, Jewel.  It turns out that she doesn’t have a lot of time to clean either since she is a Working Mom just like I am!

    Whatever little time we both have, we would rather spend it with our children.  During the event, she unveiled her own unique version of the popular family “Clean-Up Song” to celebrate the debut of the new Swiffer Sweep & Trap.  It is specifically designed to make clean-up easier than ever before!

    I loved that the new Sweep & Trap not only picks up small particles, but it also picks up larger ones such as breakfast cereal and other larger particles with one easy swipe.  As a matter of fact, it does such a great job and is so easy to use that the kids can now help with cleaning up.

    Besides being able to pick up a lot of particles in different sizes, its 360-degree swivel head can easily work around a variety of surfaces quickly and efficiently.  Its trap mechanism picks up and locks away fine dirt, dust and hair that your old broom just cannot pick up.

Check out my son’s music video debut with Jewel singing the “Clean-Up Song!”

    As you can see from the photos, the Swiffer Sweep & Trap is really easy to use and it does a great job cleaning.  It was a pleasure meeting Jewel and she was absolutely lovely and down-to-earth.

    Believe me, it is good to know that even celebrity moms like her have the same concerns that I do about juggling being a mother and running a clean home.  Thank goodness for products like the Swiffer Sweep & Trap that help make moms’ lives easier!

Let’s Discuss:  How do you find balance between cleaning your house and spending quality family time?


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Disclosure:  I participated in this campaign on behalf of Swiffer. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Courtney Bella says

    it would speed up the process of getting the house clean, instead of mopping with water and soap

  2. Our home is mainly tile and this would definitely help us get it cleaner faster! We did a complete wipe down once a week and it can be quite tedious.

  3. Kathryn Finn says

    I am always short on time (I’m a grad student who also has to make money). Therefore, my house is always a little messy. I would love to spend less time worrying about whatever mess I am struggling with and thus, more time with the ones I love.

  4. katygmorris says

    It would be awesome to be able to quickly sweep our hardwood floors downstairs. I’m a brand new mom of a three month old, and any bit of time saved means extra cuddles!

  5. This Swiffer Sweep and Trap would save me time because it picks up small particles as well as larger objects; with the young artists in my family, there always seems to be small pieces of paper on the floor which a regular broom can miss.

  6. Elizabeth Owens says

    It would save me time because the kitchen and hallways are tile. I would be able to easily clean up more efficiently and have more time for fun!

  7. mami2jcn says

    It would help me save time cleaning up after meals so I can spend more time playing with my daughter. I also entered your Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash giveaway. Thanks.

  8. andrea61071 says

    It looks easier than mopping. My kids would think its fun too so they might even help.

  9. Patricia says

    This would cut my time in half when doing chores allowing me to spend more time with my kids. It would make for a happy momma as well.

  10. Erin Ellis says

    I have two toddlers, who love to follow me around while I’m sweeping. When I do not pick up the pile of dirt and dog hair fast enough, they love to grab it and make a mess :/ So it would help me keep their hands clean by picking up the mess for me. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  11. It would allow me to clean daily so I don’t the floors wouldnt get out of control and become a bigger job. The time saved by cleaning the floors daily could be time spent with my family.
    Thank you!

  12. I entered the Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash giveaway.

  13. janetfaye says

    The Sweep & Trap would be a great help to me for when my grandchildren come over. I would be able to sweep up faster and spend more time playing with them.

  14. It will help me by cleaning faster my floors and keep germs away from my 4 kids specially my toddlers that they put everything in there mouth so using the swiffer trap will help me to spend more time with my kids and take care of them better y looking after them and have my house smell and look clean. Thanks for the oportunity

  15. debbie jackson says

    I t would reduce cleaning time and make for more plaly and reading time.

  16. steve weber says

    It would reduce the time it takes to sweep up all the dog hair.

  17. Alena Svetelska says

    it would help me with cleaning a lot,this way my boys who r 18 and 13 could pinch in 😉

  18. Kim Henrichs says

    I could spend less time working on these floors! Having hardwood with animals, plus winter salt mess, it is a challenge. I love Swiffer!

  19. The Sweep & Trap would help me pick up crumbs from my kids and cat and allow me to spend more time with my 2 kids, playing games.

  20. Kathy H. says

    I think using the Swiffer would cut my cleaning time and also help get my house cleaner so I can spend more time with the kids and more time enjoying life!

  21. Virginia Rowell says

    It would definitely help me with some quick cleaning and give me time to do extra activities with the kids.

  22. Virginia Rowell says

    I entered the Bottle of Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash-Ends 3/13.

  23. It would allow my kiddo to help me clean up so I am not the only one cleaning! I can always use a little more help

  24. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    The Swiffer Sweep & Trap Would Allow Me To Clean Up Fast And Easy, Cutting Cleaning Time, Giving Me More Time To Create Memories With My Family.

  25. This would be great in my house. My kids are constantly dropping crumbs in the floor and I’m constantly having to sweep and then find the dustpan. With this swiffer, I can get it dove faster.

  26. Laura Ari says

    We have only hardwood floors and this would allow me to quickly clean them. Then I’d have more time to hang with the kids.

  27. Less time cleaning equals more family time. That’s a win win!

  28. Quick and easy sweeping is great and this Swiffer seems like it would do a great job!

  29. Meagan Bailiff says

    it would make cleaning our kitchen and bathrooms much easier and quicker. My daughter could even help, she enjoys easy chores.

  30. this would make cleaning a lot faster and easier. i would not have to spend all the time with the different tools i use and could use just this and then spend more time with the kids on weekends.

  31. latanya t says

    It would make cleaning up and picking up after my son easier and less time consuming.

  32. I would love any Swiffer product that allowed me to spend more time doing puzzles, crafts, or playing games with my family! Cleaning is just necessary; it shouldn’t take too much precious time!

  33. Danielle Sweetie Hall says

    i love swifter products anyway but this would be another way to help clean stuff faster

  34. carogonza says

    All Swiffer products make my life easier. And this one is no different. It would be great in the kitchen for those messy spills.

  35. Cinderella10383 says

    It would make my life easier as my son loves cleaning and by him being able to help me we could knock it out quicker and spend more time together.

  36. msrodeobrat says

    It would make my cleaning up easier because I know the broom does not get everything! We have large dogs inside the house that shed constantly, their fine dog hair is not easily swept with a broom!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Kim on rafflecopter

  37. Richa Kaul says

    It would give me more time to spend with my family! 🙂

  38. kelly willis says

    It would save me lots of time because all my floors are wood and tile so to sweep and trap my floors would me more family time

  39. Sarah Hall says

    I would be able to clean my house in less time and with less stress. I have a bad back so this would help a great deal.

  40. I think it would save lots of time cleaning my house!

  41. This would allow me to clean and help it stay clean longer

  42. Desiree H says

    This would save me time and make cleaning up so much easier. My kids get cereal and food everywhere. I have twins, so anyway I can save time is great!

  43. AmandaSakovitz says

    This would make cleaning much faster and easier so I could spend more time with my family.

  44. Natalie yeoman says

    it would make it easier for me because i clean on floors on my hands and knees its really hurts my bad

  45. MARIA simon says

    oh my ..this would be so great as we have so much homework and after working a full time time anything would help:)

  46. sohamolina says

    If I don;t have to spend too much time sweeping my mostly tile floors, then I can play with my kids instead.

  47. shellypeterson says

    This would be nice to have. I could clean in less time, which would be nice.

  48. Chavonne H says

    I like that it makes cleaning quicker and easier by trapping the dirt. I wouldn’t have to spend so much time cleaning and could spend time enjoying family and friends.

  49. Mihaela Day says

    This would save me time and make cleaning up so much easier and FUN :))

  50. amypugmire says

    It would save me so much time while cleaning and my kids would love to help!

  51. Erica Carnes says

    I’d be able to clean faster…could do quick clean ups instead of getting out all my tools and taking up too much time.

  52. skynkatesmom says

    My 2 year old LOVES to try and help me sweep and mop all the time. This would be perfect for him! No more worrying about him flinging my dirt everywhere!

  53. Karen Drake says

    This would make cleaning my floors much faster so I could spend more time with my grandkids when they visit, I have been really wanting a Swiffer.

  54. Rebecca Lock says

    Hopefully, I will not have to spend so long cleaning. I have four kids who keep me on my toes. Any time I can save, means more time for my family.

  55. It would allow me to clean much, much faster, thus allowing me to spend more time with those closest to me.

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