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*This is a sponsored post with Philips Health, however, as always my posts are based on my opinions and experiences.

    It’s no secret that I am spread very thin when it comes to my career, my blog and my family obligations.  There just never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done.  As a result, I don’t always get as much sleep as I should and, some days, it affects me more than others.  I’m starting to realize that my body needs its sleep and I would love to know how I can get more rest in my life.

    Philips Healthcare wants to help raise awareness about how important sleep is and how sleep, or lack thereof, plays a part in everything that we do. On March 14th, World Sleep Day will celebrate sleep and highlight the important issues that are related to sleep.  Philips is proud to be a part of helping to improve the lives of patients that are suffering from sleep disorders by encouraging us to make positive changes in our lives that will improve our mental health and our bodies.

At least somebody is getting some sleep in our home!

    This year’s World Sleep Day highlights “Restful Sleep, Easy Breathing, Healthy Body,” through the promotion of healthy sleep for people of all ages.  Failure to get quality sleep  regularly may lead to poor alertness, lack of attention, reduced concentration, and decreased work and academic productivity. It can also increase the risk for an irregular heartbeat, worsen heart failure and increase the chance of having work related or driving accidents.

     Honestly, I hadn’t realized how little sleep I was getting until I took the time to take the Philips Sleep Quiz.  Philips is committed to increasing awareness about sleep disorders such as sleep deprivation and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA.)  You can assess your sleeping patterns by taking the quiz below and completing the OSA assessment for further information.

The symptoms of OSA include:

  • Loud, disruptive snoring; gasping or choking during sleep
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Morning headaches; memory or learning problems
  • Feeling irritable and not being able to concentrate on your work
  • Mood swings or personality changes; perhaps feeling depressed
  • Dry throat when you wake up and frequent urination at night

    According to my results, I am a moderate sleeper which means that I find myself feeling restless and tired during the day.  That is definitely how I have been feeling and have even found myself closing my eyes to try to rest a little during my lunch break at work.  I was also warned to be mindful of changes in my normal sleep pattern.  This information is very useful because it lets me know that I need to prioritize getting more sleep in order to be a healthier me.

    After realizing that I was having so much trouble feeling rested, I checked out the infographic below by Philips on 7 Tips To A More Restful & Refreshed You.  It provided me with some very useful information on what we can all do to take charge of our sleep patterns.

    Their number 1 tip is that you should have a normal bedtime and wake up routine.  Although I do wake up at the same time every day, I hardly ever go to bed at the same time every night.  This is essential to maintaining the natural rhythm of my body and my mind.

Check out how you can maintain good sleep health below:

Let’s Discuss:  How much sleep do you get during the week and how does it affect your performance throughout the day?


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  1. detroitmommy says

    I’d say 6-7 on average but my problem is I have developed sleep apnea after having my 3 kids. I snore a lot according to them & lately I wake up coughing & choking. I’m trying to get my weight back to normal to help out but I’ve been considering doing a sleep test for the apnea so I can get it under control. It’s really starting to bother me.

  2. tannawings says

    I learned that when I take a nap it is much too long and since I am a ‘nightowl’ it doesnt promote good sleeping habits. When I am able to nap it is always longer than 45 minutes and it makes me not want to go to sleep at night .
    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  3. Amanda @ Erickson and Co. says

    Thanks for the tips on how to get a good nights rest. My grandpa has sleep apnea and now has to use a machine that helps him breathe at night. Before he got the machine, he started having panic attacks and anxiety and a bunch of other health problems. Once the doctor figured out what the problem was and got him his machine, most of his health problems disappears – just because he started getting a GOOD nights sleep. What a difference a good night of sleep makes!

  4. Robin Rue says

    I definitely do not get enough sleep. If it’s not one of my kids waking me up, it’s my husband’s snoring. I think I should clear my calendar on the 14th and catch up on all my sleep 🙂

  5. I know I should get more sleep as very morning I wake up I feel like a Zombie.

  6. Janet Watson says

    I took the quiz and scored mostly B’s meaning I’m a Moderate sleeper. I think one tip that would help me is to “free my mind”. I worry about what all needs to be done the next day which keeps me awake at night. Maybe writing it down will help to free my mind.

  7. I took the quiz and got mostly B’s. I’m a moderate sleeper. One change I can make is to try to get on a better sleep schedule.
    Thank you!

  8. I took the quiz and got mostly B’s, which makes me a moderate sleeper. I think reading before bed would help me.

  9. I entered your Swiffer giveaway.

  10. skynkatesmom says

    I got mostly B’s on the quiz

  11. I have a low risk.

  12. Debra Hall says

    i am a below normal sleeper

  13. Natasha Mairs says

    I often get 8 hours a night, but I’ve always been a big sleeper and need about 10 hours a night. When I get less, I feel stressed, crave sugar, have headaches, short temper, poor concentration and put on weight. All just from having 2 hours less sleep than my body and brain need

  14. Kelly Kimmell says

    The quiz says that I am a moderate sleeper. I really need to get to bed earlier!

  15. I don’t get enough sleep most nights. I wake often and have difficulty falling back to sleep. It’s something that I’ve dealt with for several years, and has slowly become my new normal.

  16. Kim Henrichs says

    I am a moderate sleeper! I REALLY need to start turning off my electronics a half hour before sleep. Lately i’ve been doing so much on my iPad and messaging on my phone while in bed waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in. I need to learn to put it all away and relax my brain.

  17. I took the quiz and got an A. I do love my sleep 🙂

  18. Fabulous Perks says

    I try so hard to get as much sleep as possible. During the week it’s not easy at all. My 9 month old is up at least 3x a night. On the weekend hubby watches him so I can sleep in.

  19. Lawna Young says

    I am such a night owl so it is so hard for me to go to sleep early. I have little ones so I have to wake up early, which results in not enough sleep. I have been getting to bed lately before 12, so that I can wake up feeling more refreshed and have more energy during the day.

  20. Veronica Solomon says

    I love to sleep. I am one of those people who listens to my body when it comes to sleep. I am not sure if I snore though

  21. I really need to get more active. I think that would help me fall asleep quicker. I find that it is much easier to get to sleep on the days I have put in a good hour at that gym.

  22. Good post and great graphics, but I just can’t get past the fact that World Sleep Day is on a Friday! I have to work!!! I shall celebrate on Saturday 🙂

  23. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and then I wake up a lot. I want to celebrate National Sleep day with a nap.

  24. I’m a total sleeper! I get about 8-10 a night and I often take naps too. I guess my body works hard when it’s awake. lol

  25. I got B mostly, am a moderate sleeper. I learned the tip of Quiet Time that can help to sleep better.

  26. I also take the test and save A most have no trouble sleeping is one of the pleasures I enjoy hehe. I learned that sleep helps your health and some tips that can serve my husband as a tea, do not use the computer or watch TV before going to sleep etc..

  27. AmandaSakovitz says

    I am a moderate sleeper. I think I need to set a scheduled bed time because I always go to sleep at different times.

  28. I am a moderate sleeper. Taking hot bath before I go to bed helps me sleep better. I entered your Dial giveaway

  29. I’m a moderate sleeper according to the test. I learned that I should go to bed and wake up at around the same time every day to set up a sleep schedule!

  30. Lol. I think everyday we should have sleep day. Why is nap time only for the little ones 🙂

  31. Rebecca Bryant says

    yay sign me up i’m all about sleeping I’m really good at it.

  32. I am always napping around 30-45 minutes a day when I have a gap between patients. Definitely helps me revitalize!

  33. This is neat. I am a moderate sleeper. I could do better. I do need the occasional nap. Will someone put me in timeout please.

  34. I get pretty good sleep. My biggest problem is tossing and turning but that’s a pillow issue. I slep good regardless.

  35. i am a below average sleeper

  36. Tiffany Givesies says

    According to the test, I’m a moderate sleeper. I should add more activity and possibly even some sleepy tea. These are all hard to do when having to chase around 2 little ones under 4!

  37. Thomas Murphy says

    I need to go to sleep and get up at the same time every day. I stay up way to late.

  38. This si so important! I have a sleep disorder but can’t take the required meds bc it keeps me from tending to my children at night. I am always tired, etc. I wish I could sleep well but I just can’t. I hope that others read this and make changes so that they feel better!

  39. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Took The Test And Learned I’m A Moderate Sleeper, I Should Maintain A Routine For Best Sleep Results And Be Active Daily.

  40. Richard Morris says

    i’m a moderate sleeper. It would definitely be a good idea to remove the tv from the room and to not read in bed before trying to sleep

  41. I never get enough sleep or rest so I generally sleep in late on the weekends. Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely be taking part on the 14th!

  42. agordon10 says

    I’m a moderate sleeper with low chance of sleep apnea

  43. margaretsmith says

    I took the test and learned that I’m a moderate sleeper. I should really make it a point to have some quiet time before getting ready to go asleep.

  44. Kristin Goodson says

    I learned that I am a moderate sleeper! There are a few things I can do such as turning off lights at night and drinking sleep inducing teas. I did not know that a large percentage of workers get worse sleep on Sunday nights. To prevent that we can write down our work related stresses prior to going to sleep.

  45. Im between a moderate and bad sleeper. I do need to make sure I get more sleep!

  46. I have a hard time falling asleep, but once I do, I don’t want to get up. I’m totally on board with a Sleep Day! Does this mean I don’t have to get out of bed tomorrow?

  47. There are times I get stuck at bed, lol! I just love to sleep – I can even sleep the whole day lol.

  48. Annabellainla says

    I learned that I’m a moderate sleeper and I need to turn off the electronics at least an hour before bed
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  49. Lisa Brown says

    I have a low risk for apnea. i sleep pretty good. i just need new pillows that are softer and less hard for my head. the ones I have now are hard and keep my head at too steep of an angle and I hate them!

  50. Julie Wood says

    I am a moderate sleeper. I need to exercise more so I can get a deeper sleep. I need to stop watching TV and stay off the computer an hour before bed. And sleep in a dark room.

  51. I am a moderate sleeper. I need to turn off the electronics earlier in the evening and relax!

  52. Abfantom Fantom says

    I took the sleep assessment and my assessment was that I’m a pro sleeper.

    I should take naps that are limited to 45 minutes maximum.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  53. I got mostly A’s and that makes me a pro sleeper. I usually read or watch tv to relax me before I go to bed even though the experts tell you not to.

  54. I make sure that I get 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. This is a nice sleep guide for any person who wants to establish a nice sleep routine.

  55. Im a moderate sleeper and learned that I need to get into a better sleep routine to get my 8 hours!

  56. Richard Hicks says

    Quiz says that I am a moderate sleeper which is no surprise. If I got on a more regular schedule it would be a good thing

  57. Babita@BabsProjects says

    It not that I love to sleep, but I am just not a morning person. So waking up really early is difficult. I have to wake up early because my eldest has to leave home by 7.30 for school.

  58. I love to sleep! I just wish I could do it more. I am finding that my nights get shorter and shorter and my days longer and longer. Today was a snow day and school was cancelled the night before so we did all get to sleep in a little bit this morning. Win!

  59. I have a horrible time sleeping. I think I’m going to try the sleeping teas and shut down my computer sooner.

  60. I’m a below normal sleeper (mostly C’s). I learned that I need to get in the habit of getting to bed earlier!

  61. I’m a poor sleeper and I learned to limit naps to 45 minutes.

  62. Most of the time I am able to get about 8 hours of sleep. That is if the kids don’t interrupt it. Today, on this National Sleep day… My eye is twitching from lack of sleep this week. I got about 6 hours a night all week because of sick kids. I’m paying for it. :/

  63. My risk of sleep apnea is low

  64. I have a tough time sleeping. I usually go to sleep early but I’m usually up in a few hours. I blame it on my job. I usually have to be up by at least 4am every morning to be at work at 0530. I find on the weekends though its the same routine, my body has just gotten accustomed to not sleeping.

  65. April Mims says

    I don’t always get enough sleep either. It’s challenging with hectic schedules and too many obligations. I always make time for a nap on the weekend though!

  66. sohamolina says

    I learned my risk of apnea is low.

  67. Lean Lacaba says

    My body really has an abnormal sleeping clock, fluctuating from sleeping at 8pm then sometimes skipping to 12am. It’s crazy. Though I do think it’s influenced by the book I am reading on that day.

  68. shellypeterson says

    The quiz says I’m a moderate sleeper. I need to get to bed earlier.

  69. i can try to have a cup of tea before bed to get more restful sleep

  70. I’m a moderate sleeper. maybe i need to go to bed earlyer

  71. I’m a moderate sleeper – I try to go to to bed at 11pm and hopefully i can fall asleep by midnight. I try to not drink anything after 10pm either.

  72. I learned that even though I’m a Pro Sleeper (I scored mostly As on the quiz), I could improve some of my bad sleeptime habits, such as using electronic devices within an hour of going to bed. I could also be more attuned to my sleep cycle so I can time my wake-up to avoid interrupting REM sleep.

    Geoff K
    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

  73. Courtney Bella says

    i learned i’m a moderate sleeper! i’m shocked i thought i was a great sleeper!

  74. i am a pro sleeper…..I do not have any problems sleeping maybe getting up thou

  75. lazybones344 says

    I’m a pro sleeper and don’t need to change anything.

  76. I am a pro sleeper but certainly don’t feel like it. Tired all the time!!

  77. I am a moderate sleeper, although I wish I were a pro sleeper 🙂

  78. I am a moderate sleeper. I need to try to de stress more. 🙂

  79. I’m a moderate sleeper.

  80. Michelle M Weaver says

    The quick said I am a pro sleeper. But I think I could definitely be more consistent with my sleeping patterns.

  81. Chavonne H says

    I learned that I’m a below normal sleeper which is why I feel fatigued all day. Definitely the stress in my life contributes to it.

  82. Julie Wood says

    I entered the Easter Prize Pack Giveaway on 3/19/2014.

  83. Sandy VanHoey says

    It said
    Your risk of sleep apnea is high.

  84. Sandy VanHoey says

    I entered Peeps giveaway

  85. jalapenomama says

    I learned that I’m at low risk for sleep apnea.
    Also that an eye mask would help me to sleep better.
    thank you
    rafflecopter name Barbara Montag

  86. I learned that I’m a below normal sleeper. I also learned that I can help my nightime sleep be better by limiting my naps to 45 minutes.

  87. msrodeobrat says

    I think I need to work on having quiet time before bed. I know that I am bad about using tv’s and computers right up until bed time and I know that has to hurt my sleep.
    Kim on rafflecopter
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com

  88. I need to stay away from the computer before bed. I don’t watch TV so don’t have that problem.

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  89. I got mostly B’s which according to the quiz means that I am a moderate sleeper. I should probably put in practice the “Quiet time” tip, I usually stay up late to use my computer and go to sleep right after I turn it off, maybe I need to find a better time to use my electronics and just relax for a while before going to bed.
    Leidy R – rafflecopter form

  90. I am a pro sleeper! Does not surprise me because I always fall asleep easily.

  91. Elizabeth says

    I am a moderate sleeper, according to the quiz. I try to get 8 or 9 hours a night, but I do wake up easily due to light or noise…

  92. Christy Leeper says

    My risk of sleep apnea is low.

  93. i SLEEP 5 HOURS

  94. Misty Lunceford says

    I am a moderate sleeper. I can agree with that. I usually get around seven or eight a night.

  95. AshleyTucker says

    I’m a moderate sleeper. I think that is pretty accurate, I usually sleep 6-7 hours.

  96. Jose Benavides says

    I am a moderate sleep and I can try by going to sleep earlier because my sleep patern is very messed up ..

  97. DustyTymes says

    I’m (now) a Pro Sleeper. I’ve been on a CPAP for years and am trimming down. I get 7-9 hour sleep average (and I sometimes nap). I no longer fall asleep during my active day and am glad to get the care I get. 😀

  98. Nicollet Z. says

    3 b’s and 2 c’s. I need to be more active.

  99. I learned that I have a low risk of sleep apnea so I am a pro sleeper, but if I made a change I would try sleeping with a sound machine because little sounds seem to wake me up, so that might help.

  100. I entered your Walking With Dinosaurs giveaway

  101. I am a moderate to a pro sleeper. It doesn’t ask if you wake up a lot which is my problem. Get a lot of hours sleep but wake up periodically Rosanne

  102. Wes Hovorka says

    I am a moderate sleeper. I wake up a lot overnight.

  103. LIDARKSIDE says

    My risk of sleep apnea is low. I sleep very well and get plenty of rest.

  104. mecarolks says

    I am a moderate sleeper. I can agree with that.

  105. Chrystal D says

    I learned that if I drink some herbal tea and make a list of things I need to do the next day or things I’m worried about it may help me get better rest!

  106. Katie Contests says

    Thankfully I don’t have sleep apnea, but I intermittently have trouble sleeping due to pain. I also find it hard to limit my nap time to 45 minutes!

  107. It says that I’m mostly Bs which is a moderate sleeper. I would sort of disagree with that. I try some of the things but it doesn’t work

  108. I don’t get enough sleep at all

  109. I’ve learned that Im a moderate sleeper

  110. Alicia Thibadeau says

    I already sleep like a pro, I sleep too good!

  111. I got a moderate sleeper/below normal sleeper (which is probably why I’m up at 2:30 am commenting)

  112. Kor Watkins says

    I’m a moderate sleeper.

  113. Anastasia says

    I got mostly B’s, so, according to the quiz, I’m a Moderate sleeper 🙂 I’m sure it doesn’t help that my sleep patterns are random. If I went to bed at roughly the same time every day, that would probably improve my sleep 🙂

  114. All but one of my answers were B. I am a moderate sleeper. I have pretty random sleep patterns. It’s hard to get into a routine with a baby, but he is starting to sleep through the night, so we might be in a routine soon! 🙂

  115. Outrun1986 says

    I learned that I am a moderate sleeper, surprising for me.

  116. I’m a moderate sleeper. Wouldn’t hurt to write stuff down before going to bed. I’m often awake going over “checklists” in my head.

  117. I’m a moderate sleeper. I almost never have any problems sleeping, unlike my poor insomniac husband.

  118. According to the quiz, I’m a moderate sleeper. I’ve recently begun doing things to help me sleep better, like making sure the room is dark and quiet (i.e., no TV on).

  119. Lisa Voyce says

    After taking the test, it says I am a moderate sleeper. I do exercise almost every day which helps me sleep.

  120. Mihaela Day says

    I got mostly B’s, so, according to the quiz, I’m a Moderate sleeper 🙂 I’m sure it doesn’t help that my sleep patterns are random.

  121. kelly Nicholson says

    I’m a moderate sleeper,but i feel like its wrong…i sleep like the dead

  122. andrea61071 says

    I have many a’s. sleep means a lot to me and I also need to exercise. I tend to have more energy and feel better if I can get a walk or two in per day.

  123. I am a moderate sleeper. I do have nights when I toss and turn but most of the time I don’t have sleep issues

  124. I have some problems sleeping I get back pain and toss and turn. Sometimes the kiddies wake me up.

  125. it says I am a moderate sleeper..

  126. Mostly B’s and C’s here, I am not a deep sleeper because I am always worrying. When I was younger we had a few house fires, so I stay alert when I sleep, this can lead to days where I am really tired.

  127. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I got mostly C’s. I wish I knew how to destress and get more sleep.

  128. April Brenay says

    I got most Cs, but I learned a lot and this was very helpful Thank s;)

  129. rickel bart says

    Welll, I pulled mostly B’s…have to destress a lot more and keep more regular habits

  130. Tanya White says

    I got mostly c’s but I am a mom to 5 children under 13 so that is expected.

  131. usnamom2014 says

    My risk of sleep apnea is low and am a very heavy sleeper. Luckily I don’t need alot of sleep.

  132. Kelly Tupick says

    I took the quiz and I was B. A moderate sleeper. I think I could improve on this by adjusting my hours of sleep. I know I do not get enough sleep during the night and I think this causes me to be sluggish as some points in the day.

  133. Apparently I am a moderate sleeper though with a newborn in the house I suppose I should be grateful its that good!

  134. got mostly b’s I could use a brain break about now

  135. Erica Carnes says

    I get enough sleep. I try really hard to sleep well!

  136. I need to learn how to turn my brain off 🙂 Mostly Bs but a couple of Cs

  137. Christina Sparks says

    I got mostly Bs so Moderate sleeper

  138. low risk of sleep apnea , heavy sleeper

  139. I learned that I am mostly “Bs” with a few “As.” Could still use some improvement. I fall into bad habits on the weekend.

  140. mysweetiepiepie says

    I’m a moderate sleeper, although I know I could use a little more sleep.

  141. Dawn Monroe says

    Im mostly Cs but Ive known that for a while. Im going to try their tip of a set time to sleep. Im almost an empty nesters so it may work now.

  142. tinareynolds says

    Mostly c’s but not a surprise with all that goes on especially my noisy kiddos and hubbys crazy work schedule

  143. According to the quiz I am a moderate sleeper. I like the idea of drinking certain teas at night.

  144. I scored “Your risk of sleep apnea is low”.

  145. yana ryjova says

    i make no sense . I got 2c 2a and 1b. I learned Im a weird sleeper.

  146. kyl neusch says

    I got Your risk of sleep apnea is low

  147. Karen Drake says

    I scored mostly B’s so I am a moderate sleeper, I learned I should shut off my computer and phone for an hour before I plan to go to sleep.

  148. I don’t get enough sleep. I am awake late watching tv or on the computer, then don’t get up until after 9 am. Get sleepy around 6 pm & need coffee. Start the same thing all over again.

  149. I am a moderate sleeper. I think I should try to get active, and that would help me get a better night’s sleep.

  150. I’m a moderate sleeper. I get about 6 hrs of sleep, even on the weekends. My body naturally wakes up after 6-7 hours. My trouble is getting to sleep, not staying asleep. I think I’ll give chamomile tea a try instead of the ativan I usually take if I haven’t fallen asleep after 20 mins.

  151. dana cerrito says

    I got mostly C’s which does not surprise me. I am always tired. I feel like I don’t ever sleep. I have a low risk of sleep apnea thank goodness

  152. susan1215 says

    I scored mostly B’s so I am a moderate sleeper, I learned I should shut off my computer and phone for an hour before I plan to go to sleep.

  153. mizztara71 says

    I scored mostly B’s. so i’m a moderate sleeper. My risk of sleep apnea is low. I think I will stop using my computer and drinking caffeine later in the evenings.

    Tara Woods

  154. Karrie Millheim says

    I got alot of C’s. I have such a hard time sleeping. I need to stop drinking caffeine

  155. I’m a moderate sleeper. I don’t sleep very well at night.

  156. I’m a moderate sleeper. I need to unplug before I go to bed to improve my sleep quality.

  157. Leslie Stanziani says

    I got all c’s.I know I do not have sleep apnea.My issues are from other medical problems.The only tip I really do not do is the set routing ofwake up and bed time so may try that for a week and see.

  158. amy deeter says

    got mostly Bs so i am a moderate sleeper i guess lol

  159. I can turn off the electronics before bed. I can also get rid of the week worries by writing them down and have a relaxing cup of tea.

  160. Rebecca Lock says

    I am a pro sleeper- or at least that is what my results say.

  161. Lisa Pecora says

    I learned that the lights I have on for my cats could be preventing me from sleeping well.

  162. i took the quiz and learned that i am a moderate sleeper!

  163. I am a moderate sleeper. I’m bad about falling asleep with the TV on and having it on all night long.

  164. Elizabeth Owens says

    I am a pro sleeper. What can I say, I love my rest! But I do need to incorporate more exercise into my day. I think that will help me get even better sleep!

  165. Rebecca E says

    I’m a moderate sleeper. I think once my son starts sleeping through the night it will get better.

  166. Francine Anchondo says

    I am a moderate sleeper . I think with a little one running around sometimes it is harder to get the sleep that you need. So when he gets bigger it will be easier.

  167. I’m a moderate sleep according to the quiz. I definitely think I’m sleeping worse since I’ve gained weight. I agree the exercise would help.

  168. I need to get active. I also need some quiet time.

  169. jennifer57 says

    I am a pro sleeper. I think at times I’m not but most of the time i am.

  170. lavonne5845 says

    I am a below normal sleeper. After 3 to 4 hours I awake and must take a potty break and then I am awake almost every hour on the hour until I get up at between 8 and 9 am

  171. twenteries says

    I’m a pro sleeper, but I could probably use a bit more! 🙂

  172. I am mostly B’s, so I am a Moderate Sleeper. I need to be more active and get more exercise.

  173. Christian Alejandro says

    I was a B. I need to make sure and relax. lexbaylor27 at gmail dot com

  174. MichelleS says

    Throughout the week I can get a good amount of sleep, about 11 hours, but it sure as heck doesn’t feel like it when I wake up. If I go to bed near midnight and wake up at 7 like I do everyday I feel like death. And I don’t wake up earlier than 7 because. I’m a pro-sleeper from the quiz.

  175. honeypie411 says

    I learned that I am a moderate sleeper according to the quiz. I need to minimize stress and relax more to improve my sleep. Sounds like a good idea.
    Julie Hawkins

  176. mommyto2girlz says

    I found out that I am a moderate sleeper. We sleep with the tv on for the light because my youngest daughter sleeps with us. I know that I could sleep a lot better if we could turn it off but she will not sleep without it. I also read before bed but I feel that helps me to sleep because it makes me really sleepy. thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  177. Becky Richied says

    I am a moderate sleeper I seem to fall asleep better when I have the background noise of the TV though

  178. bellagirl07 says

    I am a B I agree I need to get more exercise so that I can get rid of a lot of stress in my life and sleep better. heather [email protected]

  179. I am a moderate sleeper. I need to free my mind more before I try to sleep. I think way to much when I should be sleeping.

  180. LaurKnotter says

    Ugh, sleep is one of my biggest challenges. I got mostly C’s. I am the lightest sleeper and my husband snores like crazy.

  181. Jennifer Q. says

    I took the quiz and got pro sleeper. I am fortunate that I am ableto sleep well at night, it does help with keeping up with my four kids!

  182. I got below normal sleeper

  183. susansmoaks says

    i got pro sleeper. i am good at sleeping, it’s the waking up that is hard for me to do. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  184. Below normal sleeper. Stress, cats, stupid neighbors, and I’m a night owl.

  185. ccrepressie says

    My risk of sleep apnea is low, but I do suffer from insomnia. I would love to be able to sleep during the night, but it’s a luxury that I don’t have.

    Charity S

  186. Carolyn Daley says

    According to the quiz, I am a moderate sleeper. I wish I got more sleep because I am always tired.

  187. MARIA simon says

    I hear my owls outside all night..i should just go join them 🙁

  188. I’m a pro sleeper. I usually stay up late and fall asleep quick. Thanks for this contest.

  189. Richard Hicks says

    entered this giveaway

    Celebrate The Start Of Spring With Peeps! @PEEPSANDCOMPANY #Giveaway #Ad

  190. I learned that I should wind down about an hour before bed. I should turn off the radio and tv and relax.

  191. trisha mckee says

    I learned that I am a pro sleeper. I do need to get more sleep. I just get overwhelmed with all I want to do and all i have to do and i convince myself to stay up a little longer, then a little more.. .and in the morning when the alarm goes off, i regret it.

  192. I am a ‘Below normal sleeper’. This is not a surprise. (Gianna)

  193. I’m a below normal sleeper, according to the quiz. I know I don’t sleep very well some nights, and usually take something before bedtime to help me sleep.

  194. The quiz said that I am a below normal sleeper. I don’t get much sleep so this didn’t really surprise me much.

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