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    When I think of spring and celebrating Easter, it is always synonymous with PEEPS®.  As far back as I could remember, my siblings and I would look forward to finding our baskets on Easter morning and enjoying all of the delicious and sweet treats in there.  My mother has always loved PEEPS® so we always had their Marshmallow Chicks and Marshmallow Bunnies in our baskets.

    Over the years I have noticed that these family traditions are very important to pass down to my own two children.  Ever since they were very little, I have celebrated the start of spring with fun and iconic PEEPS®.  Not only are they essential for filling Easter Baskets, but they are also perfect for garnishing baked goods and adding adorable accents to art projects and decorations.

    This year, we added a new member to our usual yearly tradition.  Our new bright PEEPS® plush has been especially trained to foster family togetherness and help provide a watchful eye for the Easter Bunny as he prepares baskets brimming with marshmallow PEEPS® on Easter morning.  It is a great way to build the excitement over Easter festivities in our home and to give us something cuddly to snuggle with.

    When you are creating your own spring and Easter memories, make sure you fill your family’s Easter Baskets with PEEPS® too.  Enjoying these delicious treats will ensure that you remember these precious moments with your loved ones not only fondly but sweetly too!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the spring or Easter traditions that you remember from your childhood?


Our Sponsor is giving away a Peeps Prize Pack containing an assortment including the traditional bunnies and chicks, chocolate dipped chicks, chick in a hollow egg, large marshmallow bunny, etc. to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I participated in this campaign on behalf of Peeps And Company. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. I LOVE Easter Egg Hunts. We only did it once when I was a kid,though!!

  2. Chavonne H says

    As a kid I remember always coloring eggs and hiding them all around the house, it was so much fun, wonderful memories. I loved finding a huge Easter Gift Basket outside the front door too.

  3. tannawings says

    Sincee I was born on Easter my Mom always made it special (even tho Easter dates changed) I remember one year we went to an Easter Egg hunt out of town and I got tons of chocolate eggs!

  4. Courtney Bella says

    i love the easter lifesaver books. those were my absolute favorite growing up as a kid

  5. I most remember the egg hunts that I would have with my cousins after church at my grandma’s house on Easter. There were no losers, we all ended up with more candy that one can handle!

  6. This is our first year Easter Bunny-less now that the kids have gotten older. Just won’t be the same.

  7. Robin Rue says

    When I was a kid getting Peeps in my Easter Basket was the highlight of the day for me. Back then, though, Peeps were ONLY available at Easter time. Now they are out year round for different holidays, so I don’t have to wait a year to get my fix.

  8. We liked to color Easter Eggs when we were kids. We’d leave them out and the Easter Bunny would hide them for us to find in the morning. After going to Church on Easter Sunday, we’d spend the day at my grandmother’s house.

  9. Julie Wood says

    I remember every year coloring Easter eggs, and going on an Easter Egg hunt after church, and getting a really nice Easter Basket from the Easter bunny. Then we would have a big Ham dinner and some of my Mom’s family would come over. It was a lot of fun!

  10. I remember getting all dressed up and going to my grandmas house and having Easter egg hunts.

  11. I love Easter egg hunts as a kid. Coloring eggs is also fun as well.

  12. Easter Eggs hunts are a big tradition in my family, in addition to time with family and a large feast. Of course, my kiddos have to get their Easter Baskets as well!

  13. We do Easter Egg hunts every year. My kids never seem to grow out of them. Now that I’m transitioning to grandmother status, they have an excuse to keep participating lol. It’s so much fun and it wouldn’t be the same without Peeps.

  14. Virginia @thatbaldchick says

    Peeps are one of the few Easter candy’s I will actually eat. I limit myself to eating them at Easter, though. My husband always buys me a pack. 🙂

  15. Virginia Rowell says

    From my childhood, I remember going to church. Afterwards, we would start cooking, and have a big family get together. We had an Easter egg hunt then an egg fight!

  16. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    Coloring Easter eggs was such a fun part of the season. We also did a big Easter egg hunt with silly clues my dad made up.

  17. i loved egg hunts and painting eggs was fun

  18. shellypeterson says

    Coloring Easter eggs and getting together for a big dinner and then Easter egg hunting.

  19. JadeLouise Designs says

    My kids LOVE peeps! Like LOVE them! I can’t stand to eat them. Far too much sugar. lol. But we always get them some peeps in their Easter baskets.

  20. As a kid I use to love eating peeps. Now as a adult it is just way too much sugar for me! I may be adding them to my daughter’s baskets this year.

  21. I love these marshmallow gooey peeps– and must try the chocolate ones. Easter was always getting dressed up and going to church when we were kids, and then a big dinner and Easter egg hunting.

  22. Sandy VanHoey says

    A tradition I remember is how excited we were to wake on Easter morning to search for our Easter basket. I thought everyone did that but learned they do not. They get hid the night before and we were so excited to try to find them in the morning

  23. Nicole Adkisson says

    Peeps are my favorite part of this year. The vibrant colors I just love! So many fun things to make with peeps too!

  24. Jennifer Williams says

    We love peeps and have already collected quite the assortment of them. I will be using some this weekend in some baked creations. They even have ones with chocolate on the bottom this year – yum.

  25. I loved Peeps when I was a kid. My boys like them, too.

  26. Donna Cheatle says

    Peeps actually play a part in those memories! We always had them in our Easter baskets! I don’t eat them as an adult, but I have a nephew who is absolutely crazy for them. If I win, this will be a gift for him!

  27. amanda ripsam says

    I know a few people who love peeps I personally can’t eat them too much sugar. I have wanted to try the chocolate peeps but I think I would have an upset stomach

  28. We always get peeps for Easter in my family! We also love to get Cadbury Creme Eggs. It’s not Easter without Cadbury Creme Eggs and the yellow peep chicks.

  29. I loved the Easter Egg Hunt, going to Mass in our Easter best, our huge Easter dinner with relatives. All of it. Easter was a very special time of year in our family and the religious holidays that led up to it.

  30. Rebecca Bryant says

    One of our traditions is we always make deviled eggs out of the color eggs we hide so good. Oh and I want in on this peep campaign i love these little guys so jealous of you right now.

  31. Oh they look really yummy. I love the colorful one. Makes the tradition more fun.

  32. Veronica Solomon says

    Those are some colorful treats. Great for Easter coming soon

  33. We would color some eggs and leave them out for the Easter bunny to hide outside, then we would all search for them in the morning.

  34. Great post and giveaway! Peeps are my daddy’s favorite thing about spring, for sure!

  35. I always look forward to this time of the year for Peeps. We have ben ahving fun making creations!

  36. Jessica Menster says

    As a child, the highlight was getting up early Easter morning to find our Easter baskets! I remember always dressing up and having a large extended family lunch at one of my grandparents’ homes- super memories!

  37. I don’t think there’s an Easter childhood memory of mine that doesn’t involve Peeps! I love all the colors and flavors that they now come in! I make sure they are in my boys Easter baskets every Easter. 🙂

  38. Debra Hall says

    as a kid we put on our new Easter cloths and went to church when we got home we would look for Easter eggs than a big dinner

  39. I didn’t grow up w/Easter, but I do remember the first pieep I ever tried. 😀 It was a glorious day in the year 2005, when I visited a friend in Omaha. Her friend had a box of peeps and I asked him what they are. Life changing experience right there.

  40. Even though I do not like them, Peeps are a definite classic. Amber N-

  41. My parents would always give us a basket with a big chocolate bunny. And sometimes we’d have an egg hunt in the front yard.

  42. Nicole E. says

    My son is a huge Peeps fan! I’ve never really been into them, but he can eat boxes of them all by himself.

  43. My mom would always have a hunt for us after church. We would tear up the house looking for eggs and candy!

  44. TheNewClassy says

    I always like hunting easter eggs at my grandmother’s house. I really want to try the Chocolate Mousse peeps. I had no idea they had those.

  45. amypugmire says

    I remember doing easter egg hunts every year and my mom would put money in them.

  46. andrea61071 says

    I spent Easter break at my grandmas. She always had a basket waiting for me.

  47. 1froglegs says

    I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, so in addition to decorating eggs and hunting them at home, we also got to do Easter egg hunts at school. It was a double-dip of candy and treats.

  48. Katherine Gilbert says

    I love peeps. They are so good. This is a wonderful giveaway.

  49. We always got together after church, ate and hunted eggs. My memory with my kids is that one year I kidnapped the Easter bunny and left them clues in plastic eggs on how to find him. Kids loved that 🙂

  50. Me and my little sister use to hunt for eggs when we were younger, and then at the end we would split all of the goodies evenly (I would get 3 eggs with jelly beans and my little sister would get 3, too) After splitting the treats, we would trade each other. I would give her some of my candy for all of her peeps, because she hates them while I love them. There would usually be a big prize at the end, like a giant chocolate bunny or a stuffed animal. Sometimes we try to make a few confetti eggs with eggs from the fridge and food coloring, then we would cut up paper that would be the “confetti”.

  51. RambleSAHM W. says

    Starting the seed for a garden. Dying Easter eggs. Spring tea parties. Picnics, Flying kites. I love spring!!!

  52. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Some Of My Favorite Spring/Easter Traditions I Remember From Childhood Is Planting A Garden, Coloring Easter Eggs, Shopping For A Special Easter Dress To Wear For Easter Sunday, And Having Easter Dinner With Friends And Family. Great Memories!

  53. I like dying easter eggs and then hunting for them after my parents would hide them.

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  54. megancrose says

    I always loved going to Easter mass because it meant special Sunday school arts and crafts and treats. Additionally, Easter lunch/dinner was always amazing in our household, being from a large Italian family. Ooooooh, how I miss the food, haha!

  55. I don’t remember a whole lot of Easter tradition from my childhood other than getting an Easter basket and having ham dinner. We do pretty much the same thing now with our own kids, and we also color eggs!

  56. Nicollet Z. says

    An Easter tradition that I remember from my childhood, we would visit nanny.

  57. We love peeps and I always get them at Easter. They’re the perfect Easter candy. I remember growing up we would only eat fish at Easter, now we eat anything. 🙂

  58. mecarolks says

    We dye Easter eggs then have an egg hunt and a picnic.

  59. Cassandra Eastman says

    I remember coloring easter eggs each year! On Easter we’d wake up and my mom would have our Easter baskets on the table for us… we’d dress up for Easter Sunday, then come home and hunt eggs with my sisters!

  60. My mother used to make lovely Easter baskets filled with candy–that she liked! LOL! My sister and I would have to hunt for our baskets on Easter morning, and of course, we had to share with Mom. Her favorite was a cream-filled chocolate egg (was Fannie Farmer a candy company back then) that always seemed too sweet for me; the eggs were huge and we sliced them to eat them. One year she put Mickey Mouse hats in our baskets; another year the baskets came with skateboards, and that was in the early 60s, long before skateboards were popular.

  61. Meagan Bailiff says

    i remember the easter baskets and i ALWAYS had to have peeps, I love them so much! i remember easter egg hunts, and we always had a big easter get together with some family friends, it was really fun.

  62. Outrun1986 says

    We always take the easter baskets to church to be blessed

  63. One year I lost a tooth the night before Easter. I was so worried that the Easter Bunny and the Tooth fairy couldn’t come on the same night; I was afraid they’d fight and I wouldn’t get anything! I was happy to find money under my pillow the next morning, and an Easter basket in the living room!

  64. Phylicia Phillips says

    As a kid we always had Easter egg hunts and dinner at grandmas house, painting eggs there a week before and she would always put money in eggs too. Lots of family together and I hope I can do that for my children as well.

  65. kelly Nicholson says

    What are some of the spring or Easter traditions that you remember from your childhood?

    i always liked the light blue..hanent had them in years

  66. One that really sticks out,as when my grandmother would come and stay with us and we would go to church and I would leave my purse and gloves behind everytime!

  67. Some of the traditions from my childhood, was easter egg hunts and crayola items in the baskets. Mom always made sure we got art items.

  68. We went easter egg hunting after we ate easter dinner at my grandmas.

  69. Dawn Monroe says

    For Easter I missed being able to have Easter egg hunts but now that I have grandkids Im enjoying the tradition again. One of our spring traditions is going to Alum Creek to feed the ducks which I also have been enjoying with my grandkids.

  70. Every easter we would go to my Aunt’s house and have a easter egg hunt and dinner

  71. Kelly Willis says

    helping my mom prep for kids party and egg hunt

  72. lavonne5845 says

    I remember my mom hiding easter eggs and candy outside if it was nice and inside if not. We would have to wait until she got up to start looking, oh how long that seemed some easters. We also looked forward to a ham dinner.

  73. Richard Hicks says

    We always had a blast dying the easter eggs and then on Easter we would go out and hunt them after my folks hid them!

  74. Richard Hicks says

    Entered the $75 giveaway!

  75. melina r says

    Only memories of Easter is going to Church, that’s it. I make Easter enjoyable/fun for my kids by doing an Easter hunt in the front yard.

  76. Yes; coloring eggs with my mom, eating Peeps with my sister, and going on Easter Egg hunts with my family!


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