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*This is a sponsored post with 2B Drinks, however, as always my posts are based on my opinions and experiences.

    In July, 2005, I found out that I was expecting our second child and my husband and I couldn’t be happier.  We were very eager to give our older son a sibling and I immediately began to follow all of my obstetrician’s orders while I was under his care.

    A few months into the pregnancy, I was tested for gestational diabetes and the results were positive.  My doctor made it very clear that I had to follow a strict diet during my pregnancy in order to ensure that the baby remain healthy.  While I was scared and worried, I made sure that I followed all of my doctor’s orders to the letter and eventually gave birth to a healthy 7 pound boy.

My obstetrician holding my healthy 7 lb. baby boy!

    After giving birth, I was tested to see if my glucose levels had returned to normal and they had.  The doctor warned me, however, that having gestational diabetes along with our family history of diabetes, increased my chances of developing it later on.  This made me more aware of what kinds of foods I was consuming on a daily basis.

    Fast forward to the present, my glucose levels came back elevated again last year and I was formally diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  From my previous experiences, I knew the changes that I had to make in order to take control of my health.  Besides taking medication, I began to monitor my sugar intake closely and to read food labels carefully.

    Recently I was happy to learn that 2B Drinks had become available in the Tri-State area and is an all-natural, lower calorie beverage.  2B is made with Purefruit which is a zero calorie sweetener that originates from monk fruit.  This makes 2B drinks taste sweet and delicious but without the calories of other sweeteners.  As a matter of fact, the NYC Department of Education has approved 2B Sparkling for sale in over 2500 school vending machines.

    For those of us who are living with diabetes, going untreated or not monitoring our diets can be detrimental to our health.  Since 2B Drinks Sparkling only has 12 grams of sugar per 16 oz., I can enjoy something slightly sweet without taking risks with my health.  That is less than half the amount of sugar that is contained in other leading soft drinks of the same size.

    2B Drinks are currently only available in the NYC Tri-State area but you can still enjoy them if you don’t live in this area by simply ordering them from Amazon and enjoying free shipping.  They are currently available in 3 flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla and Lemon Ice.  Did I forget to mention that all of these flavors are caffeine free?

    Make sure you check out the new 2B Drinks website to learn all about why they are such a great tasting, all-natural, sparkling drink that will fit all of your lifestyles, whether you are young or old!

Let’s Discuss:  Which flavor of 2B Drinks are you most excited to try and why?


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  1. Debra Hall says

    i would like to try the Lemon Ice

  2. BohemianBabushka says

    Although BB’s all about cafe and chocolate, summer will be here soon enough, and nothing better than a cold, cold lemon drink- unless of course the lemon drink has few calories. Then that makes it a definite ESO!!! in Babushka’s eyes.

  3. Jennifer Williams says

    I would be torn between the cocoa and vanilla, both sound really good. I love that they are finding all these natural sweeteners and are starting to use them more and more in our favorite products. Makes it easier to eat/drink healthier.

  4. Robin Rue says

    My brother in law lives in Astoria and comes home to MA all the time, so I might have him grab me some before he comes up again so I can try these!!

  5. Times like this I wish I still lived in Brooklyn but when I see how brutal winter has been this year for you I don’t miss it at all. These drinks though sound really good. I would so love to try the vanilla, I love anything vanilla. I’m mobile right now but will be back to enter because I so want to try these.

  6. I think all the flavors sound good. I’d like to try the Sprkling Lemon Ice because it sounds refreshing. I’d also like to try the Chocolate because I’m curious what it would taste like.
    Thank you!

  7. That 2B Lemon Ice looks tasty and sounds so refreshing!

  8. I’d love to try the sparkling lemon ice one. Sounds great for a really hot day!

  9. Veronica Solomon says

    that is a much healthier option that those popular sodas.

  10. Mandy Young Carter says

    Congrats on your beautiful healthy baby! I love that these are low in sodium!!!

  11. I love that there is a tastier alternative to those sugar filled beverages! It’s nice that there are options like this out there for those who want or need to take a healthier approach to life.

  12. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I don’t drink any sugary beverage. I think the Sparkling Chocolate sounds great. The problem is, My Daughter and Grandkids would drink it before I got a chance.

  13. Rebecca Bryant says

    I would love to try the grape one these sound like a great alternative to soda.

  14. tannawings says

    I think the grape looks really good. It sounds refreshing and something we would all enjoy and drink. I know my husband would love it and not even know its diet!

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  15. JadeLouise Designs says

    Ok, I’m seriously in love that they are using MONK fruit! A lot of alternative soda options that have less sugar have a horrible aftertaste to me. But I actually LOVe monk fruit! YES! I seriously want some of this soda. I want to try the, shoot. I want to try them all. But maybe start with lemon ice.

  16. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    That’s so great that you can still enjoy a fun treat in spite of the diabetes. I love sparkling drinks, and that lemon looks fabulous!

  17. I’m intrigued to know what the chocolate flavored one would taste like!!

  18. It’s great to find something that you can enjoy despite your diabetes! Some of my family members struggle with managing both their diabetes and their sweet tooth. The chocolate soda sounds really unique.

  19. I’m so glad you have managed to find something that you can enjoy even with your diabetes 🙂 x

  20. latanya t says

    I want to try the lemon ice because it reminds me of lemonade

  21. I actually would love to try all of the flavors but chocolate would be my first pick. Lemon sounds delicious too.

  22. andrea61071 says

    Grape and vanilla would be my top choices. Not sure about the chocolate I’m willing to try anything once.

  23. Not sure if this is something that I’d drink. I’m trying to make an effort to just drink water 🙂

  24. I don’t care much for sparkling beverages. My Mom would probably love this though!

  25. The vanilla looks good! I do think that it is great to see no artificial sugars and still have a low sugar count on a soda-like drink.

  26. skynkatesmom says

    I would like to try the Lemon Ice. Have always been a Lemon fan!

  27. Nicole E. says

    Oh wow, the sparkling chocolate sounds awesome! That or the vanilla, but I’ve never had a chocolate “soda” type drink before, so I’d love to try that!

  28. What a nice solution for people who lay low on soda intake because of calories. Gotta look out for this for my husband.

  29. Katherine Gilbert says

    This sounds like a great healthy drink. I would love to have another drink to enjoy without having to worry about some of the ingredients in it. I also want it to have flavor that can be enjoyed as well.

  30. Onica {MommyFactor} says

    Being diagnose as a diabetic can be hard. You really have to watch everything you eat and drink. It helps that there’s products like 2B Drinks that you can enjoy.

  31. Courtney Pies says

    I’m impressed that 2B Drinks only have 12 grams of sugar per 16 ounce serving. That’s pretty good for a drink of this type! If they come to Ohio, I will have to try them out!

  32. Meagan Bailiff says

    i’d like to try the lemon-ice flavor. these seem interesting!

  33. Such a healthy alternative, even for those of us without diabetes! Thank you for sharing!

  34. julie ferguson gould says

    I would really like to try the Grape!! I am really trying hard to stay away

    from regular soda am a Cokaholic and it is very bad for me and this year I am focusing on my health. I just got my 1st Grandson and I need to get healthy not only for myself but my family 🙂

  35. Yummy…I would LOVE to try the sparkling chocolate!

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