Prepare For Your New Bundle Of Joy And Save Some Money With Baby Value! #Ad

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    When my husband and I were expecting our oldest son, we were on a fixed budget and it was difficult to prepare financially for all of the items that we would need to welcome our little bundle of joy.  Most of you probably know how expensive baby clothing and products are and it is a blessing to be able to save a little money while getting everything you need to welcome your little miracle into the world.  It’s important to shop around for the best prices on these baby items and focus on what really matters, loving your new little angel!

    Luckily, we had extended friends and family who stepped forward to help us purchase the products that we needed for our baby.  At our baby shower, we were very fortunate to receive most of the items that we had requested on our baby registry.  This took a tremendous financial burden off of us as we were able to use most of our finances on diapers and formula that we knew our baby would need an almost endless supply of.  Unfortunately, not everyone has a financial safety net in the form of extended family and they are forced to stretch their budget as much as possible to prepare for their new baby.

    Baby Value, is the official online factory outlet of Dorel Australia. They offer huge savings on discontinued baby products featuring a large selection of strollers, car seats and other nursery products.  The value doesn’t stop there though, you can shop for all the products you need for children ages birth to five plus years under such categories as:

  • Strollers
  • Car Seats
  • Furniture
  • Feeding
  • Play Time
  • Bath Time
  • Health and Grooming
  • Safety

    This website is a wonderful resource for families who are trying to maintain a budget while providing for their babies.  Their baby and child products are very affordable and in mint condition.  You will never have to compromise on quality and safety when it comes to your children just because you are on a limited budget!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of the must-have items that every mother should have for her new baby?

Disclosure:  I participated in this compensated campaign on behalf of I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this post.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    I know with my grandson, it saved me by having a bassinet so I could keep an eye on him while he slept, and also a baby swing which he loved and I didn’t have to hold him all day long. It saved both of us…lol

  2. My sister in law just had a baby last Monday, so I bet she will be super excited to hear about this. I know she got a lot at her shower, but we always need stuff when we have our first babies, so this should be awesome for her.

  3. My must have items (aside from the car seat!) – a breastfeeding pillow, a nice swaddle blanket, and a black out eye mask for sleeping during the day!

  4. Lawna Young says

    Crib, Car Seat, Diapers, Bibs, Pacifiers, Receiving Blankets, NB clothing, and bottles are main neccessities in my book.

  5. For us, the must-have was a temporal thermometer. So easy to check their temp while sleeping!

  6. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    When I had my Daughter, I didn’t even have any idea what I would need for a baby, nor did we have the money. We bought a used bed and cleaned it up. My sister had a baby shower, plus she sent me things from when her 2 were babies. Thank goodness for family.

  7. Swaddlers for a “must” for me. Both of my kids lvoed them.

  8. Anything to save a few extra bucks. The swaddlers are great. We used them for our kids.

  9. Who doesn’t love saving a small bit of money and I can only imagine having a baby is a very expensive time. x

  10. Haven’t had a baby in our house in 5 years now. I miss it sometimes but then I remember how expensive it was. Wish I knew about Baby Value when I first had my son

  11. Ashley Wintters says

    My youngest is almost 4 but this is good info to share with my prego friends! Thank you for sharing!

  12. amanda ripsam says

    I will pass this on to my friend who just had a baby. My daughter is 6 years old and I am done havinging babies. I am 30 with lots of health issues. So for me I now get to enjoy other peoples babies. I love my six year old and she says she gets lonly when her siblings leave but a puppy may be in the future.

  13. Onica (MommyFactor) says

    It’s a good idea behind Baby Value for parents on a budget. When my son was younger my must have items was the portable pack and play. Really came in handy

  14. Why didn’t I know about this before my toddler was born. I would say that if you can afford it to invest in a swing. They are lifesavers especially for those babies who just love motion.

  15. Having no children I have always been on the giving end of this discussion-and yes, baby items are expensive especially when you are helping out family members! My niece just had her first and could probably really use this site-I will send it on to her.

  16. Lean Lacaba says

    I decided not to have kids, though I do love the little critters. I’d help out anyone who needs help with their baby though.

  17. A great list for moms. I will pass this to my young mom friends!!

  18. Great list for expectant moms… Hope they all take note too.

  19. This looks like a great resource for new or expectant moms! I think you covered everything. I would add a Boppy or some sort of nursing pillow, even if you don’t nurse. I bottle-fed and those things were still great for propping up my son,

  20. Melanie Roberts says

    Honestly the basics is all you need, no need to buy all the fancy things that you will probably never ever use, get diapers,blankets, maybe a bouncy chair to let them sleep longer (mine slept in their bouncy chair for the first 3 months and they loved it and slept at least 4-5 hours every night from the start.. I loved that chair).. If you bottle feed get a few different size bottles and different brand, the baby may like one better than the other..

  21. Courtney Pies says

    I have to say I have never heard of Baby Value before! One of my must haves, if you’re breastfeeding, is a good breastfeeding pillow. SO nice to have!

  22. TheNewClassy says

    Looks like you can find some great deals there. I will have to share this with all of my new mama friends. 🙂

  23. What a great post! When I was getting set for my daughter, My mom was there to help a lot. Now she is not here and when I have my 3rd child, I’m sure I’ll be lost. I’m gonna bookmark this site just so I can have a little more guidance!

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