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*I participated in this campaign on behalf of Jord. I received a promotional item to facilitate this post and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.

    My husband has always been a big watch fan.  He has quite a beautiful collection of watches and is always looking to add to it.  Since I know how much he loves his watches, I take advantage during special holidays to find just the perfect ones to give to him as gifts.

    I thought I had pretty much seen all types of watches but, boy, was I wrong.  The first time that I saw the wooden Jord Watch, I was taken aback at how truly exquisite it was.  It surpassed all of my expectations of what a wooden watch should look and feel like.

    Jord Premium Wood Watches are hand crafted from 100% natural wood. They are extremely beautiful and unique products that are perfect to give as gifts during those special holidays when you want to show your loved ones and friends that you really care.  Recently, wood has increased in popularity in the fashion industry which adds to how sustainable and unique their timepieces are.  As such, they are the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your sweetheart!

    When I first opened the Jord Watch, I couldn’t believe how soft and rich the wood was.  I had never seen a wooden watch before and I expected it to be heavy and cumbersome.  This couldn’t have been further from the truth.  Jord Watches are breathtaking and they move on your wrist in a natural and fluid movements.  Not at all what you would expect from a wooden watch.

    I couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to present my husband with this gorgeous watch.  As you can see from the photos, not only did it look beautiful on his wrist, but he was absolutely thrilled to wear it and immediately donned it around the house.  I know that he was impressed with how unique this watch is proud to add it to his watch collection.

Make sure you make this Valentine’s Day timeless for you and your honey by giving them a Jord Watch.  It is a piece of jewelry what will be handed down over generations as the story of your love is passed down along with it!

Let’s Discuss:  What do you love the most about Jord Wooden Watches?


Our Sponsor is giving away a beautiful wooden black watch from their Fieldcrest Series!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I participated in this campaign on behalf of Jord. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating and to facilitate this review post.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. This was is just beautiful. I love its simplicity. It’s not flashy, but looks classy. I’d love to win it.

  2. BohemianBabushka says

    The originality, workmanship and timeless elegance. The watch really is a working piece of art.

  3. skynkatesmom says

    I love the uniqueness and originality. They look very durable and I really love that since all wood grain is different you will never see two watched that look the same

  4. Sandy VanHoey says

    I like that they are unique from any other watch and something my nephew who loves building many things with wood would love. These watches are just awesome

  5. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love that all these watches are unique and stylish. I love that because they come from trees all over the world each one is a one of a kind!

  6. Richard Hicks says

    I like them because they are so unique and made from wood. You do not see many people wearing wooden watches!

  7. I enjoy the combination of uniqueness and class. Flashy on the wrist and people will wonder what it is!

  8. I have a sister with metal allergies-she wears a wooden wedding ring and will love hearing about this brand! The quality and classic lines are beautiful.

  9. Christine M says

    I love that it is a Swedish word and that the material is unique.

  10. I like that this is a unique watch. Love the look and the material.

  11. Debra Hall says

    i really love the one with the blue face its very sleek and stylish ,but it hard to pick just one

  12. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    My goodness, what a beautiful watch that is. I love that it is made of wood.

  13. Katie Roch says

    I love the Jord Premium Watches because they are different from anything else on the market. I love owning unique items that no one else has and this watch would be one of those pieces.

  14. i like the fact they are made from wood and they look so nice. i love the style and you can’t tell they are made of wood even. so many choices and designs.

  15. What’s not to love? They are beautiful! And sustainable, too. And they feel light, too? Nothing worse than a clunky, heavy watch that feels like a 5-lb workout weight on your wrist. It doesn’t matter how nice looking a watch it – if it’s not comfortable, you’re not gonna wear it.

  16. I love these watches. The black one almost looks reptilian! I love the exposed gears in the face as well. They are just very unique and interesting, it’s definatly a watch people would see and ask about it!

  17. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    There Is So Much To Love About Jord Premium Wood Watches! First I Love That They Are Hand Crafted From 100% Natural Wood, The Stunning Design That Is Timeless Adds A One Of A Kind Style.

  18. They are beautiful and they are unique. It’s not something you’ve seen before.

  19. I think Jord watches are beautiful and elegant. They also are different from any watches I’ve ever seen, which appeals to me!

  20. Meagan Bailiff says

    i just love that they are wooden, they are different and classy.

  21. I like that they are so unique. They also have such great choices.

  22. I like that they are really elegant. Also, I like watches that have marks for all 12 hours, instead of those that only mark 3, 6, 9, and 12 (or even less).

  23. I love that Jord Premium Wooden Watches are hand crafted from 100% natural wood.

  24. My favorite watch is the Ely in Cherry. These watches are just so unique and very elegant looking. I would really love to have one as I would be the talk of the group.

  25. I like that the watch is made from sustainable wood.

  26. Virginia Rowell says

    I like that that are unique and hand crafted. I, like you, would think it would be heavy. I think this would be a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection.

  27. Virginia Rowell says

    I entered the Lysol prize pack ending on 3/3.

  28. I entered your $100 Walgreens GC giveaway. Thanks! : )

  29. I love how uniques these watches are! I am very picky about jewelry, but I’d love to wear one f these, or give one to my husband. Plus, it’s great to know that they are a responsible company, and they use sustainable materials.

  30. This is something very different and classy looking. I like how the wood is flawless and smooth.

  31. I love that Jord Premium Wooden Watches are hand crafted from 100% natural wood

  32. Danielle Marie says

    i love that they are gorgeous and unique. never seen a wood watch before.


  33. kelly Nicholson says

    What do you love about Jord Premium Wooden Watches?

    i think they are cool..i have had plastic or dyed bands that have melted on me,and i never wear metal…this would be good for me

  34. they look both retro and modern at the same time. definitely different than the stainless look (which i’m not very fond of), these look more natural.

  35. Joni Dolniak says

    I love the Jord wooden watches. They are so unique and cool looking. I can imagine the loads of compliments on this one.

  36. Linda Gabbard says

    Linda Meyers-Gabbard.
    ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

    I love the look of the JordWatch. I have wanted one ever since I saw my first one.
    Not to many people have a wooden watch. It would be a great conversation piece. I am absolutely in love with the Ely Watch in the Cherry Color. It would look so awesome on my arm.

  37. I like the different look of them. Its a watch that everyone would ask where you got it.

  38. I like the looks of the
    ELY SERIES Maple watch. It’s one I’d love to wear.

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  39. bellagirl07 says

    I really like the stylish look of these watches I also love that I have not seen these anywhere what a great gift idea.

  40. I love that they are made from wood, unique. And they are so pretty. I love the colors.

  41. Abby Kraynick Sovko says

    I love that they will go with ANY outfit and they look rich but don’t cost a ton!

  42. I love the wood. I bet its a lot lighter than anything metal or leather.

  43. I like that the watches are made of 100% wood. My husband is also a watch person and own several watches for different occasions.

  44. Erica Carnes says

    I love how unique they are.

  45. i love that they are hand-crafted with sustainable materials from all over the world.

  46. tinareynolds says

    I love how unique and beautiful they look what a great reminder everyday of the wonderful outdoors

  47. Richard Hicks says

    Entered walgreens giveaway

  48. susansmoaks says

    i would like that the watches are completely made out of wood. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  49. Vikki Billings says

    I love that they look so expensive, I thought that they wouldn’t because they are made of wood but they are look dressy and expensive.

  50. I love how unique and timeless they are. They look really nice!

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