Henry HuggleMonster: Meet The Hugglemonsters Now On DVD! #Giveaway #Ad

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Disney Junior. I received a promotional item to facilitate this post and as a thank you item for participating.  All opinions are my own.

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    I love to watch DVDs with my boys that promote family values and am always on the lookout to find ones that I can recommend to my readers, regardless of how young or old their children are.  After all, there is nothing like a great film or cartoon to get the family together for some quality time.

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    Welcome to the newest, happiest, most monster-rific spot on the map – the wondrous land of Roarsville – where five-year old Henry Hugglemonster lives, plays and learns something “roarsome” every day!  Together with his loving parents and grandparents, big brother Cobby, sister Summer, baby bro Ivor, and a town full of cuddly monsters, Henry embraces all the joys and challenges of growing up.

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    Whether he’s helping his sister put on a show, setting up a hugglejuice stand or entering his monsterdog Beckett in a pet pageant, he’s always discovering new ways to be the best brother, friend and monster he can be! Packed with over two hours of song-filled fun, teamwork and adventure, Henry Hugglemonster: Meet The Hugglemonsters! will make your preschooler roar for more every time!

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    The best thing is that this DVD is overflowing with six full episodes and even includes free iron-on decals.  They can be great conversation starters with your children about they can work together with their siblings and friends.  Also, they will help you to promote positive communication with your kids and in your family.  Make sure you head out right away to secure a copy of your own!

Let’s Discuss:  Why do you think your child would love the adventures of Henry HuggleMonster?

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Our sponsor is giving away a  Henry Hugglemonster DVD to one reader of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Lawna Young says

    My kids love just about any show on Disney JR and I am sure they would like this one too. Especially being that the cartoon characters are so cute. They fall in the age range for this cartoon too.

  2. anitabreeze says

    They look like fun and lovable characters. I’m thinking my 2 1/2 yr old granddaugther would like them.

  3. We’ve never seen this show, but it looks like one that my six year old would like, so now I am wondering why that is. I am going to have to DVR an episode for him to check out.

  4. The characters are colorful and cute. I think my niece would like it…I’m not sure she has ever seen it. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  5. Oh, so this is the title – my niece was watching this too!

  6. Aw…the cute shows I miss watching by not having kids! I need a baby…

  7. Debra Hall says

    i have never watched it ,but my grandaughter does and enjoys it

  8. We love the Hugglemonsters here! Like you, we try to watch positive shows with a message and great values. Thank you for the giveaway, have a great weekend!

  9. Rose Martowlis Davenport says

    My grandson is a big fan of anything Disney !! I am sure he will enjoy this & learn some valuable messages it send !

  10. Oh this is cute. I miss the days when my kids are still into this character, they are growing up and changed their preferences.

  11. i can’t speak for my 13 yr old bu ti my self would find this really entertaining as i love children shows and movies

  12. JadeLouise Designs says

    I think my toddler would enjoy this show! She likes cute animations like these ones.

  13. So cute! Looks like something my toddler would LOVE!

  14. My girls love Henry Hugglemonster. It is a cute little show.

  15. Rebecca Williams says

    It looks very cute. I’m sure my boys would love it.

  16. I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds like it would be fun and entertaining for kids. Thanks for the info!

  17. This looks like such a cute show for kids! I’ll have to show it to my son.

  18. mail4rosey says

    I think my kids would like this, it looks cute. I bet I’d like it too. 🙂 All entered, thanks for hosting.

  19. Jennifer Williams says

    I know my son would love this, he loves this type of show (so do I as it is safe for him to watch!).

  20. I haven’t heard of this one before but it looks super cute!

  21. This movie really sounds like a fun filled movie that my grandson would enjoy

  22. Ericka Shervington says

    my daughter loves this show!!! great for 3 year olds!!

  23. Veronica Solomon says

    They have the cutest cartoons these days

  24. Yes, I think they’ll enjoy this

  25. Joanna Sormunen says

    What a cute little monster! i’m sure my son would have loved to watch this show when he was little.

  26. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    There is something about their jagged little teeth which is positively endearing to me!

  27. Oh how adorable!! I love the colors and shapes they used. It’s interesting how they are now making more 3D animations than the 2D we had back in our days!

  28. My son loves this show! He is drawn into the colors and the voices of the characters. He could watch Henry Hugglemonster all day long if let him!

  29. We are huge Disney fans so this looks like a super cute movie!

  30. Marielle A. Lord says

    Ah wonder if I could find this dvd at target or something close so that my son could watch it I’d probably end up watching it with him too lol

  31. stephanie mcfarland says

    i know he likes henry hugglemonster! we watch it all the time on disney. he gets very disappointed when it is not on. that is why we need the dvd

  32. I know watching this with my little grandson would be a lot of fun, I really enjoy spending a lot of time with him.

  33. Rebecca Williams Parsons says

    They already love Henry Hugglemonster.

  34. sarah oswald says

    My nephew love these shows so he would love it if I won. Thanks for the chance!

  35. Meagan Bailiff says

    i know my daughter would love it because she likes to watch the show on tv. She loves monsters.

  36. JAMES LYNAM says

    My grand children watch these shows. They love to watch it
    with me and pretend to be scared. I play along and we have so much fun.

  37. yes my niece would love the show probably.

  38. Erica Carnes says

    My nephew already enjoys this show. It’s one of his favorites.

  39. skynkatesmom says

    My youngest son loves watching Henry Hugglemonster. He always does the Chomp that the mother does during the opening song, when he wants to watch it!

  40. Karen Drake says

    My grandson loves watching this show, he tries to watch it every day when he comes over. I think it is cute as well as educational.

  41. My song has never seen this show it must be new but the monsters look awesome

  42. Rebecca Peters says

    My youngest would love this show.. we don’t have cable so we rely on dvds

  43. Wendy Rozema says

    My kids would like this DVD, b/c the characters look funny!

  44. I know my son would love this dvd because he watches Henry Hugglemonster on Disney Jr all the time at home! Its a cute show and since its still fairly new, I haven’t seen every episode 100 times yet 🙂

  45. Paula Tavernie says

    My grandson love watching Henry Hugglemonster Im sure its because they are monsters that he enjoys it! I must admit I love watching also!!!!

  46. Brenda Elsner says

    My kids love watching Henry Hugglemonster because they love monsters!!! They are always pretending to be monsters.

  47. susansmoaks says

    they would enjoy watching this before they go to bed.

  48. April Brenay says

    my two boys love henry! they loved the episode that he lost his roar!

  49. Melanie Comello says

    I think my daughter would love it, because she loves the Henry Hugglemonster tv show!!

  50. Donna Kellogg says

    My daughter loves everything on Disney Jr. I have not yet seen this cartoon but she probably does know it and she loves Monsters. so she will be overjoyed to have this one

  51. Stephanie Larison says

    My daughter loves the show already, her fave is Summer. She likes that they’re nice monsters.

  52. Jennifer Q. says

    My son has not seen the show yet, but I think he would love the cute characters and storyline. I am going to have to introduce him to this show!

  53. My kids love a lot of the shows on the Disney channel. They are always pretending they are monsters and a show about a friendly monster is something we would not question them watching.

  54. I think the characters are cute. Thank you

  55. This is exactly the types of programs my grand son loves. I appreciate the softer sweeter shows such as this over the super hero violent types of movies for him. He will be three years old at the end of this month and i know he would very much enjoy watching this dvd =)

  56. Misha Estrada says

    My kids like to watch this show on tv, so I’m sure they would love the dvd.

  57. amanda whitley says

    my son would love watching henry hugglmonster because he loves the kiddie version of monsters.

  58. allison.bahr says

    My daughter loves all of these type of shows! Henry hugglemonster is so cute.

  59. tinareynolds says

    my three year old is all ready a fan

  60. Melinda Stephens says

    My son would love the songs. He’s a very musical little boy.

  61. Yes, my girls would really enjoy this. They would like it because of the interesting characters.

  62. kathy pease says

    This looks really cute and I would give it to a friends child..I know they would get a kick out of this show 🙂

  63. Gina Ferrell says

    My two boys would love watching the Henry HuggleMonster DVD because they love movies with songs in it.

  64. californiapoppy says

    My Grandson would love all the colorful Monsters and the music

  65. My kids are always looking for something new to watch. They haven’t seen this one yet. (Gianna)

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