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     Anyone who is close to our family knows that Christmas is a very important time for us.  Since my siblings and I were children, we learned the value of spending quality time with our loved ones during this very special time of the year.  As far back as I can remember, we were always surrounded by family for Christmas and there were unique traditions that we shared as part of this celebration.

    Since we are from Spain, my father always makes a huge pot of Paella for us to eat on Christmas Eve.  It is a saffron-flavored Spanish dish made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken, and seafood.  You know it is Christmas in our home when the smells of my Dad’s cooking come wafting through the entire house.

*This photo is courtesy of my cousin Grace Pascale, all rights reserved.

    We always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve which is known as Nochebuena or “the Good Night.”  After we feast on Paella we enjoy a traditional Spanish treat called turron which is a kind of almond candy.  Later on in the evening, we head over to my husband’s grandmother’s house to open all of the presents at exactly 12 o’clock midnight as his family has done ever since they lived back in Cuba.

    There is also all of the shopping that takes place to prepare for Christmas in our home.  I personally always have my go-to stores where I know that I will be able to find all of the items that are on the wish lists of my loved ones.  JCPenney definitely makes life easier as a mom during this hectic time of the year.  They are conveniently located about ten minutes from my house by car and you can find me there most weekends leading up to Christmas taking advantage of their great sales.

    It seems I’m not the only one who loves shopping at JCPenney!  We had over 1300 entries in our JCPenney “Celebrate The Real Spirit of the Holidays” post last month!  The lucky giveaway winner, Jason Teffs, was thrilled to win and I’m sure he will be using his prize to purchase gifts for his loved ones this Christmas.  JCPenney will be the first retail brand that celebrates what a REAL Christmas is like for Latinos through stories by Latino children and their families.  Like Alondra’s parents, we value this special time that we spend as a family and it is something that we look forward to all year long!

    Make sure you like the new JCPenney Latino Facebook page to view all of the three Christmas themed videos featuring real people sharing the story of their multicultural families.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the real-life holiday traditions that live in Latino homes in the United States!

Let’s Discuss:  What are some of your family’s Christmas traditions?

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  1. Marielle A. Lord says

    You have a beautiful family! We usually have Christmas at my place with my bf’s family over and my brother and sisters. We cook, eat, and later on we open one gift. then when every one goes home we go to bed till 12 am (my bf used to forceus to stay up a few christmas before but now he just wakes us up at 12am) to open our gifts lol

  2. Amberlee Cave says

    I love the smell of the Holidays! Of course we have turkey and ham, but it still smells amazing. It’s definitely one of my favorite things this time of year!

  3. I love hearing about everyone’s Christmas traditions!! My ex-husband is Portuguese and they had their own uniquely cultural way of celebrating on Christmas Eve and it’s one of the things I really miss about being part of their family.

  4. BohemianBabushka says

    PAELLA!!! BB’s alltime fav dish!! You think your dad would adopt me?? ; ) Have a wonderful holiday with the happiest of memories! BB2U

  5. I love holidays because you get to make and eat things you dont otherwise. Yummy dish!

  6. Our traditions include going to Disney and Christmas Eve dinner with my mother in law. Fun times 🙂 I loved reading about your traditions.

  7. We usually do Christmas Eve dinner at my moms, spend the morning at home, then do dinner with my husband’s mom. I just love seeing all the family in that short time frame!

  8. Daisy Tremorev says

    I love your family traditions! It’s just the 3 of us this year (hubby, son, and me). We love spending time together showering our son with attention.

  9. My husband’s family has a tradition of eating seafood on Christmas Eve. We have done it as a family every year since we have been together. They are Italian.

  10. I saw a video on how Paella is made at big functions and it was amazing!! We love JcPenney here too, they’ve always got really good deals going on.

  11. The Paella looks amazing! I’d love to join you for your holiday celebrations, sounds like you have many wonderful traditions! JCPenney’s is on our holiday shopping route, I love the quality of clothing I find in the stores and they carry big and talls, which is a huge plus!

  12. Christmas is very important to my family as well. We usually get together on Christmas Eve for dinner. Since I wasn’t able to spend Christmas with my family the past 2 years, this year we’re going to spend it with my brother.

  13. Jennifer Williams says

    Okay, I would love to have your dad teach me how to cook that, it looks amazing. Congrats to Jason on winning.

  14. I just really enjoy family being together! This will be my first Christmas away from my extended family and I plan to take one day at a t time.

  15. Chrishelle Ebner says

    I love Paella. Christmas is all about family. We are miles away from most of our family so our little family has become very close. It will be great just spending time with my group. We will eat our traditional meal, standing rib roast.

  16. Lean Lacaba says

    It’s important to us too, as we wait for midnight too. It’s a time that we get together and believe in Santa again-even for the ones who know that he doesn’t exist.

  17. Katherine Bartlett says

    Who doesn’t love JC Penny? I love them and they have the best clothes!

  18. Ummm share the recipe! lol That look really great! I don’t shop at Penny’s anymore, but used too!

  19. Courtney Pies says

    That Paella looks yummy! A Christmas family tradition we have is we always put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving.

  20. Melanie Roberts says

    I love to keep my german Traditions alive with my family; we celebrate Advent, have St. Nikolaus Day and instead Santa the Christmas Angel comes and visits on Christmas Eve and delivers presents.. thats just how we roll and that how I want to keep it…thanks for sharing, what a great post..loved the paella

  21. I don’t really have any traditions but would really like to start some with my family. We usually get together but there is nothing special that marks the day.

  22. Isabel Garcia says

    One of our family’s Christmas traditions is making tamales for our Christmas luncheon. We always get together for a special meal which includes tamales, ham, pozole, and a warm Mexican fruit punch.

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