When Life Gets Tough, I Rise Above It And Get Tougher! #RiseAboveIt #NoTeRindas #Ad

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pine-Sol® and Latina Bloggers Connect.

The birth of my youngest son, little did I know the struggle that I would be confronted with that same year…

    When I was 30 years old, two things happened to me that year, I gave birth to my youngest son and I found out I had cancer.  If it is shocking for you to read that, imagine how shocking and bitter-sweet it was for me to go through one of the most joyous events in my life while, at the same time, going through one of the most devastating things that could possibly happen to me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of falling apart because I had a three year-old and a newborn that needed me to keep it together.

    I remember the weekend after my diagnosis, I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and wondering why this would happen to me.  After a while, I realized that the answer was “Why not me?”  People go through tragedies and receive bad news regularly so what made me exempt from it?  At that moment I decided that I was going to stay strong and rise above my cancer diagnosis, not only for the sake of my children, but for the sake of my sanity.  I owed it to all of us to stand up and fight for my life and that is exactly what I have done for the past six years.

    Although my cancer is in a deep remission, I will never be cancer-free and have to continue taking medication to fight it for the rest of my life.  Some days are harder than others to keep going because of the debilitating side-effects from the medicine I take and the fatigue involved with being a cancer Survivor.  However, I am thankful for each new day to spend with my sons and to watch them grow and thrive.

“When life gets tough, women rise above it.”

    Due to my own personal story of triumph, despite insurmountable odds, I am very excited to share with all of you how the makers of Pine-Sol® products have teamed up with well-known activist and actress Rosie Perez.  Through the ‘When Life Gets Tough, Women Rise Above It’ campaign, they are celebrating and recognizing the amazing accomplishments of the remarkable women who are all around us!   Pine-Sol® has awarded $25,000 to Women Empowered, a a nonprofit based in Los Angeles that connects, educates and supports women of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring them to give back to their communities.

    All of you can now share your own story of triumph and enter to win the Pine-Sol® sweepstakes by visiting  www.WomenRiseAboveIt.com or www.LasMujeresNoSeRinden.com  Here are some of the prizes you could win by sharing your story*:

  • Once a week for 12 weeks, Pine-Sol® will award one lucky winner small tokens of appreciation. (Flower bouquet + Pine-Sol® coupons) ARV: $150

  • Three first prize winners will receive complimentary house cleaning services for a year ARV: $2,400

  • One grand prize winner will be awarded an all-inclusive trip to enjoy a peaceful spa experience at a deluxe hotel.  ARV: $5,000

    I am extremely proud of my story because when life got tough, I got tough and fought back for myself and my family.  I urge all of you to share your unique and inspirational stories too!

Let’s Discuss:  What is your personal story of triumph when you were able to rise despite the obstacles in your path?

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to legal residents of the 50 United States & D.C. 18 years and older.  Ends 1/31/14 at 11:59 a.m. PT.  To enter and for Official Rules, including odds, and prize descriptions, visit www.womenriseaboveit.com. Void where prohibited.

Disclosure:  This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Pine-Sol® and Latina Bloggers Connect.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Well this post has wonderful written all over it…for the involvement of Pine Sol and for you being able to be where you are now, even with the cancer. It’s such an awful thing that touches every single one of us in one way or another. I will be glad when we find the way to be rid of it for good!

  2. Your story is very touching! I am happy you are in remission right now and doing well! What a great giveaway Pine-Sol is sponsoring for all women who have had to overcome such obstacles!

  3. Karen Hewitt says

    Its great to hear that you are in remission 🙂 You are very inspirational, thank you for sharing your story

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your battle! It is amazing that you decided to have such a positive attitude.

  5. I am so glad you are a survivor in more ways then one! Congratulations on having the strength and the positive attitude it takes.

  6. Maria, something similar happened to me after the birth of my daughter. I can totally relate to your situation.

  7. It’s probably good that you had a newborn & a toddler because you really had something to fight and live for. My boys are 3 years apart, too, and I remember how BUSY I was after my little guy came home, so you had them as a little bit of a distraction I hope.

  8. BohemianBabushka says

    Thank you for being part of such a great campaign and for sharing your powerful story. My personal struggle was trying to find help when I had to commit my daughter into a psychiatric ward when severe depression caused by stress rendered her catatonic. Because of the taboo against mental illness, I found no help among the Latino community and I vowed no other parent would have to go through that frustration. I started the #StopTheStigma campaign to start the awareness and education on mental illness, with an emphasis on July “National Minority Mental Illness Awareness Month”. Hope you and your readers will join me in this campaign. BB2U

  9. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    The messaging of this campaign is incredible, and your story is as well. So happy that you’re a survivor!!!!

  10. Women are amazing creatures and I’m glad to count you as a friend. Your in my prayers that research will conquer all cancer and return you to a life where no medication is needed.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story! Its always been a great thing to me that women seem to rise above. That is exactly what you’ve done here. Bravo!

  12. Daisy Tremorev says

    I’m so sorry that you had to go through this, but I am so glad that you are tough and pushed through! You are amazing and the world is so much better because you are part of it. I always read your blog posts and you often inspire me, but I probably never tell you that, so I thought that I should tell you now!

  13. Wow! You really are one tough cookie! I am sorry you have had to deal with battling cancer. I am glad you made the choice to fight. I think this is a great promotion that Pine-Sol is doing.

  14. What a lovely campaign! Your story is very inspiring! I think attitude has a lot to do with overcoming any obstacle in our life and yours is certainly exemplary!

  15. scentednights2002 says

    What a wonderful thing for them to do. I love it when companies give back.

  16. Jennifer Williams says

    My mother also had cancer and survived it, I can remember everything she went through, I could not imagine doing that with two young ones. I am sure though that the young ones are what helped make you strong and made you fight harder. I love that Pine Sol is doing this, it is a wonderful thing when big companies do something to give back.

  17. That is an amazing attitude. The Why Not Me instead of feeling sorry for yourself is so inspiring. I love that Pinesol is giving back too.

  18. Mrs_Sergeant says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I’m so moved by your realness and raw honesty with us and I’m also touched by PineSol, a brand I love being a part of such a wonderful campaign. Kudos to you both!

  19. Chrishelle Ebner says

    Good for Pine Sol and Rosie Perez for recognizing the struggle of women. You are 100% right, when women are confronted with a struggle we do not have the luxury to fall apart because so many people are counting on us. Your story was quite moving and prayers to you and your family.

  20. What a moving story. So honest and admirable.

  21. Women are survivors. We go in survival mode and always seem to step up to the plate. Right now my 85 year old mother has done so and I am so proud of her.

  22. Amanda MacMahon says

    great job! it does take a lot to move on. i’m not sure sometimes that i’d be strong enough right now to face something like cancer

  23. Wonderful story, it takes a lot to be able to face, move forwards and grow from things. Amazing, your one tough mama!

  24. Teresa McCluskey says

    This past month I have lost 7 pounds I know its not alot but its the first time I have lost weight in a long time! Now I am aiming for my 50 pound mark!

  25. My heart goes out to you. I too have lived through hearing those awful words. I had surgery to remove the cancer and have been cancer free for 2 years now!!

  26. Oh Maria! I admire you for your dedication to education but this makes me admire you for so much more! You go girl!

  27. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    Wow what an amazing story of what you have to go through. I don’t have anything that difficult that has happened to me. I can only imagine going through something so tough. I was a single parent until my daughter was about 13 there were some tough times but we got through it.

  28. You’re definitely blessed with a spirit of endurance. Packing it in and giving up would have been devastating.

  29. Katherine Bartlett says

    Wow, I had no idea you went through so much!

  30. Mary Dailey says

    What a wonderful cause! Thank you so much for having the courage to tell your story. Everyday we are getting closer and closer to finding a cure for many cancers and have come a long way. You are a courageous young woman and your children are very lucky to have you for their mom!

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