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One of the cards that my husband has given me over the years…

    When my husband and I started dating fifteen years ago, he was always very romantic but I noticed right away that he never gave me cards for special occasions.  Now, this might not normally have been an issue for another person but I love receiving greeting cards because I like to keep them in my special box and look back on them over the years.  He just couldn’t understand why this was so important to me but he complied with my wishes and started giving me not one but two cards for every special day.

    The first time that he gave me two cards, I was confused until he explained to me that he was starting a tradition where we would always gift each other a funny card and a romantic card for our anniversaries and birthdays.  He explained to me that our relationship was based on not only love and romance but friendship which is why it was important to include a card with a witty saying to represent how we always maintain a good sense of humor.  This made perfect sense to me because I have always maintained that the secret to our longevity is the fact that we have always been friends.

    Over the years, I have accumulated and given my husband quite a few cards, both with funny and romantic sayings.  Our favorite place to buy cards is Hallmark because they always have cards that truly echo the sentiment that we are trying to relay at that moment.  Now we can get rewarded everywhere that we buy Hallmark cards by earning 1 reward for every 5 cards purchased through the Hallmark Card Rewards program.

    We can even choose whether we redeem our rewards in the form of gift cards, discounts, dollars off and more from rewards partners that can help you plan the perfect couple time or even some coveted “me” time.  Hallmark Card Rewards partners include Starbucks, Nike, Applebee’s, Land’s End, Omaha Steaks, and many more.

    Make sure that you download the Hallmark Card Rewards mobile app, which is available for both iPhone and Android, to scan the barcode on the back of any Hallmark cards you purchased to register your rewards for your account.  You can buy Hallmark cards at over 30,000 grocery, drug stores, and super centers across the United States.  Register today for Hallmark Card Rewards and start earning rewards right away!*

*Rewards are only for individual cards and not for boxed greetings.

Let’s Discuss:  When is the last time you received a card for a special day or event and what did it mean to you?

Disclosure:  This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Hallmark and Latina Bloggers Connect.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Your hubby is sweet to do that especially after 15 years, aww. <3

  2. I love Hallmark cards! My daughter loves going to Hallmark too.

  3. Amberlee Cave says

    I love Hallmark, I need to stock up on holiday cards this year! Thank you for your story!

  4. I really like receiving cards in the mail. I don’t think people should send e-cards, they just don’t have the same meaning. Hallmark cards are the best!

  5. I am like you with cards. I save them all and every now & then, I like to look back at them. My husband wasn’t great about cards for occasions when we first met, but he is one of those guys that will actually mail me a card for no reason, so I was ok with that. Whenever he’s away for his military duties or traveling for work, I almost always get a card in the mail and I love that.

  6. I love getting cards!! My friends and I try to send cards to each other frequently just to let each other know we are thinking about them. My husband always manages to find the most sappy card around as well! Oh, the tears I have shed over a simple card.. 🙂 –Ashley Gill

  7. Daisy Tremorev says

    This is a great deal, especially since I buy so many cards. It seems like everyone has birthdays in clusters and I end up buying several in September and April!

  8. I love gettting cards as well. Im bad about sending them though lol My youngest is actually on a Hallmark card (we won a contest), so that’s cool to give out.

  9. IT was my birthday not to long ago and I got some lovely cards – I always love looking at them some people really completely get my personality in a card its so interesting 🙂 x

  10. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I got one for my birthday from my mom and she always manages to touch my heartstrings with the card she chooses and what she writes on it. 🙂

  11. Love Hallmark cards, they always have the best quality and sentiments. I like to include cards that I’m sent in scrapbooks – that way I have some lovely decorations in the album along with a nice card to read and remember events with later on.

  12. My mom sends me cards on my birthday and that is always special to me.

  13. The last card I got was a handmade card from one of the children I work with. It was so sweet; she is learning how to write and shared a card with me. The last store bought card was my birthday; my BF bought it and it was so sweet!

  14. Wow I like that you can redeem rewards for gift cards, that is awesome. I got a funny one on my birthday, and I always appreciate a good laugh.

  15. The last card I received was a birthday card from my inlaws. My husband doesn’t give many cards.

  16. Jennifer Williams says

    I love the Hallmark rewards program, it will come in handy this time of year.

  17. I love getting cards and giving them, so this is perfect!

  18. I love getting cards and it is so nice to look back on them i love e-cards too.

  19. Katherine Bartlett says

    I love getting cards so much

  20. Onica {MommyFactor} says

    There’s nothing like receiving a card in the mail. How cool that there’s a reward program. A win/win for both sender and receiver.

  21. Karen Hewitt says

    I love receiving cards, however my hubby still needs to get the hint that I like them

  22. I still receive cards from friends and family for my birthday every year. It’s the one thing that makes me smile each March.

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