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Disclosure:  This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with SheSpeaks and P&G.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

    One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.  This is certainly a very sobering thought.  It could affect any one of us or the women who we know and love in our lives.  Sadly, death rates are much higher among African American and Latina women.  Every hour and a half, a Latina woman dies of breast cancer in the United States.  Have I got your attention now?

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    I’m sure that you have been inundated with breast cancer awareness messages this month but the one message that I want you to receive is that early detection saves lives!  Due to medical advances that have been made in modern times, the five year survival rate for women who are diagnosed during the early stage is 98%.  Without a doubt, early detection is the best defense against breast cancer.

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    As you are all aware, fighting cancer is one of my main priorities due to the fact that I am a six year Leukemia Survivor and the fact that I have lost too many of my own loved ones to various types of cancer.  My great-grandmother Margarita succumbed to breast cancer when I was a young girl.  Unfortunately, she did not find out about her cancer until it was too late…

P&G’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign:

    This year, the P&G Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has partnered with The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to not only educate women, but also the men in their lives, about the importance of early detection and empower them to take charge of their health. Ladies, you can help save lives by spreading the message that early detection is key in battling breast cancer, and scheduling regular mammograms while encouraging others to do the same.

    They also want men to join this initiative by encouraging the women in their lives to be proactive in their own breast health by declaring a “day of action.”  My husband and my sons marched in the annual Breast Cancer Walk at Orchard Beach this past Sunday with my son’s basketball team.  The photos that you see in this post were taken during this event and, as you can see, many men joined in to support this cause.

*Image Credit-Hector Ruiz Jr. All rights reserved.

P&G’s Contribution to the National Breast Cancer Foundation:

  •     The 2013 P&G Breast Cancer Awareness campaign will help save lives by making a $500,000 donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).
  • Since 2008, P&G has donated more than $2.1MM to the NBCF to help save lives through early detection awareness and education.
  • More than 80 percent of all donations to the NBCF go to programs that benefit women.

*Image Credit-Amor Vanderveer All rights reserved.

Take Action:

    You can visit http://www.pgeveryday.com/bca to hear P&G employees’ inspiring stories about moments made possible in their lives due to early detection and download the NBCF’s Early Detection Plan App, available throughout the month of October.  Make sure you like them on Facebook too to stay up to date on promotions and product news.  There is no time like the present to love yourself enough to take care of yourself!


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Disclosure:  This is part of a compensated campaign with SheSpeaks and P&G.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and I believe will be “family friendly.” I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  1. I don’t know anyone who had breast cancer. Hopefully it will stay that way.

    entered the Diversity On Demand giveaway

  2. My cousin is a survivor, but I do know many who were not. This is a great cause-more research is desperately needed-I am glad to hear that this company is doing it’s part and will remember this when I go shopping!

  3. mail4rosey says

    I lost an aunt to cancer, and my maternal grandmother to Ovarian Cancer (oh it was hard!). My mom’s husband was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. It’s a very sad time for her right now and I’m feeling it.

  4. My grandmother is a survivor and early detection was the key factor in that. It’s so important to help spread awareness.

  5. We have been lucky in my family so far with no diagnosis. I have coworkers and neighbors that have or are fighting the battle.

  6. A few years ago I lost one of my good friends to breast cancer. I am glad to learn about the P&G Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

  7. I don’t have family members who have been affected, but in the last few years there are quite a few of my daughters’ friends moms who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, all have beat it so far.

  8. When I hit my teen years my favorite aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and after a long battle she passed away. It was such a huge shock to me and ever since its something I have been insanely paranoid about.

  9. Marlene Martinez says

    Thanks god, nobody in my family have been diagnosed with breast cancer, but we take seriously this issue, as women we have to go to our check-u and I GO to the doctor to make sure everything is ok.

  10. A couple of years ago two of my friends were diagnosed within weeks of each other. They both fought hard, but only one of them is still here with us.

  11. i have no family with it. i hope it stays that way

  12. In my immediate family, there is no on affected by breast cancer. I do know people who are affected by it though. It is much closer that it seems.

  13. My aunt and cousin thankfully survived breast cancer due to early detection. Can’t stress the importance of screening enough! Thanks for bringing awareness to this very important topic!

  14. Kathy Cavanagh Dalton says

    I havent known anyone who has been affected by breast cancer, but i get my mammogram done every year. Early detection is the key

  15. scentednights2002 says

    I haven’t know anyone affected by breast cancer. I love it when companies give back to important causes. Thank you for sharing your story.

  16. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    I new a lady who died from breast cancer. I didn’t know her all that well but it was still a sad experience. Thankfully no one in my close family has had breast cancer.

  17. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    I entered the P&G Giveaway

  18. Stephanie Phelps says

    Breast cancer effected my Aunt she did not find out until it was already stage 3 and unfortunately lost her battle a year later!

  19. I have a aunt who is a breast cancer survivor. She is a strong lady and after treatment she pulled through and has been cancer free for over 10 years, we are very grateful she is still around.

  20. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Such a good cause, I get my Momogram religiously. It affects so many women.

  21. I had a cousin who was diagnosed with this early and is okay now.

  22. Cathy Tougher says

    Breast Cancer has affected my life since I was a teenager (30+ years ago). When I was 14 my Mom lost her battle with Breast Cancer. I’ve lost friends to Breast Cancer. My cousin is a 12 year survivor and my sister is a survivor. She just celebrated her 10 year cancer free birthday. As for me, today (October 22nd) I am 3 years cancer free. PTL

  23. This is such a great cause! Awareness is so important.

  24. JadeLouise Designs says

    Awareness is the first step to catching it early and treatment! Such an important cause!

  25. It is so scary how many people can get breast cancer in there life time – amazing cause. x

  26. Debi@TheSpringMount6Pack says

    I know too many people who are affected with breast cancer so it is a big deal to me. I love the black jackets BTW

  27. Daisy Tremorev says

    My grandmother had breast cancer, so I appreciate everyone that helps to support the cause. It is an awful, awful disease and I hope that society can make leaps and bounds in making it so that no one has to go through such tragedy like this.

  28. While cancer runs strong on my dad’s side of the family, as a woman, it is the breast cancer that scares me the most. You are right, early detection is key. It’s so important to do your own screenings as well as get those mammogram appts!

  29. That looked like a great event for a GREAT CAUSE! I lost my best friend to Cancer and it is tough to accept this reality.

  30. This is a great event. I have lost family members to breast cancer and am hoping for a cure!

  31. This is such a great event. I had a scare when I was pregnant with Madison but it turned out to be nothing. I’ve lost friends and recently my own dad to Cancer. I also donate to Susan G. Komen and really hoping for a cure.

  32. I have an aunt who had breast cancer and a cousin who passed away when she was 29 and had 5 children. Very sad times for sure. It is great that there is so many programs out there that help educate women and men.

  33. I have a couple Aunts on my mother’s side who have battled Breast Cancer, so obviously it is something that the women in my family have a to worry about. Definitely important for all of us to get the screenings taken care of.

  34. Love those jackets! Im so glad they have programs out there for women.

  35. I think that education is so important. As women, we need to understand what to look for and where to go. Events like this help us too keep in mind what is important.

  36. Breast cancer is nasty and awareness and early detection is truly the key!

  37. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    That large donation makes me so happy and I’m thrilled for you that you’re a survivor!

  38. BohemianBabushka says

    My mother had breast cancer, and I try not to think how different life would have been if she had survived. Early detection helped her live 13 years more.

  39. Mahdi Martin says

    My sister in law got diagnosed with breast cancer right after she had her second child. She’s a survivor, and she beat it! My aunt had breast cancer too, and she also survived the battle. It’s scary that it’s so common, but it’s all about awareness and early prevention when it comes to breast cancer!

  40. Lean Lacaba says

    Luckily, I havent met anyone with breast cancer. I believe that this really is an important issue. I’ve attended several seminars about this, and all say that early detection is best.

  41. Kimberly Deallovingrandma Stcl says

    I have a few close friends whose either lost a parent or has a parent currently going through breast cancer treatment

  42. I have been extremely lucky in that I don’t know anyone who has suffered with breast cancer. I hope this continues for all my friends and family.

  43. sarah hirsch says

    my sister’s mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor so it has made us all aware of the importance of regular breast exams. we all need to aim for early detection

  44. Amanda McMahon says

    my gramma is a survivor – i really think we need to do more on prevention.

  45. Tanya White says

    I have been lucky enough not have met anyone who has had breast cancer. I have been affected by cancer, I have loss many I have loved to it.

  46. My Grandmother’s sister suffered from cancer for many years, and it originally started as breast cancer

  47. Antionette Blake says

    Yes, great post on such an important issue – my post went live this afternoon.

  48. kristenione says

    What a great program and exciting giveaway you have here. I can’t believe the statistic is 1 in 8 now. So scary.

  49. Rebecca Peters says

    My friends mother has passed from it

  50. Dawn Monroe says

    Unfourtunately my mom passed way to young from breast cancer and her message was, If you have a family history get checked early and often.

  51. tatertot374 says

    My grandmother had breast cancer. She passed away in 1997.

  52. Mary Calabrese says

    I am so fortunate that breast cancer hasn’t affected my friends or family. Yet. I just hope that if it does, there is a cure.

  53. Judy Gardner says

    my best friend had thyroid cancer and then breast cancer. she is a survivor and living every day to the fullest! i am so proud of her courage!

  54. tannawings says

    I have had friends who have had breast canceer. Seeing cancer so close it made me more vigilant in my own health care and I now do self exams and have mammograms done.

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  55. amy williams says

    I have not been affected by breast cancer but know it happens way to much .

  56. Abfantom Fantom says

    A good friend of mine is a five year breast cancer survivor.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  57. Abfantom Fantom says

    I entered the Mission of Sleep Giveaway

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  58. One of my friends died from breast cancer. So I know the importance of people getting checked.

  59. Patty White says

    A lot of women on my dads side of the family have had breast cancer. Most of them beat it, but my cousin died a few years ago from it. She was 37 – thats just too young!

  60. my mother in law is a breast cancer survivor! shes wonderful
    (rc name is vunda vall)

  61. Breast cancer has affected those close to me. It was painful and difficult but they did get through it.

  62. Breast Cancer hasn’t affect my life, or the ones around me but cancer has. Cancer got my father in law and my grandpa, and my mom beat it thankfully

  63. debbie jackson says

    My aunt had breast cancer and was lucky. I do self exams and have annual checkup.

  64. Tricia Martin says

    My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor and I admire her strength through everything she’s had to endure and she never showed any sign of weakness. She has a good support system filled with many people who love her. I’ve learned through her that taking care of my body is important and especially doing the monthly self exams. I will be teaching my daughters one day when they are old enough to understand.

  65. teresa harvey says

    Thankfully not directly affected. Many of us in our family support causes, walks, and runs for breast cancer awareness though. I also wear a pink hat through month of October every year. I love how the NFL is supporting awareness through wearing pink too!

  66. coupontammy says

    A good friend just had her second surgery to remove more nodes and tissue. She still has to have chemo in the coming weeks. It is heartbreaking to watch her in so much pain and struggle each day to put a brave face on for her daughter. I wish there was more I could do for her.

  67. My great grandmother had breast cancer and was a survivor. I have my yearly exams and also perform self examinations. Our work has also got involved and we sell shirts with the proceeds going to breast cancer organizations.

  68. My aunt died of Cancer in 2003, it went into remission then came back. It took away her ability to walk, all of her hair had fallen out, she lost tons of weight and spent her last days at home with her family.

  69. Stephanie Larison says

    I haven’t known anyone personally who’s had to go through it. However, my husbands grandmother passed away from breast cancer at only 48.

  70. I have two aunts that have been trhough breast cancer. It was a long battle but they pulled through

  71. I had an aunt with breast cancer and it was very hard to watch her go through what she did. That was about 30 years ago and the treatments weren’t as advanced as they are today. She didn’t make it, but she stayed positive the whole time which I thought showed incredible strength.

  72. my next door neighbor has had a double mastectomy, they caught her’s early on a mammogram…she is fine now so it pays to have a regular check up

  73. coupontammy says

    I entered the Philips Healthcare giveaway

  74. My grandmother had breast cancer. I was a little girl and never got a chance to really know her.

  75. Courtney Bella says

    yes my mom’s best friend just died from cancer couple weeks ago.. so sad.
    we all miss her dearly

  76. Courtney Bella says

    I entered your little mermaid giveaway

  77. Laurie Emerson says

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and was so courageous and strong. She passed away 1 week before Christmas and 3 months before her first granddaughter, my daughter Georgia was born.

  78. We have a long history of breast cancer in our family. Awareness and preventative mammograms are important for everyone.

  79. Annabellainla says

    My Grandmother fought breast cancer and won but has still had problems since her surgeries
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  80. Alicia Bridenbaugh says

    My grandmother passed away from breast cancer.

  81. Breast Cancer hasn’t affect my life, or the ones around me, thankfully. I think it’s important to get yearly mammograms and self check.

  82. Rebecca Lock says

    A good friend of mine was diagnosed in April. She finished chemotherapy last month and is doing well. We have been trying to help out her husband and three daughters by providing meals for them.

  83. Vikki Billings says

    My grandmother has been fighting breast cancer for about 2 years and is now in remission.

  84. usnamom2014 says

    A good friend was diagnosed wit breast cancer 12 years ago. She went thru chemo and now has been in remission for 10 years

  85. I’ve had a lot of friends battle breast cancer.

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