What Does It Mean To Be A Latina Of Today? @Orgullosa #OrgullosaHeritage #HHM

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    Being a Latina of today means many things to different Latinas.  We all juggle diverse roles as mothers, businesswomen, professionals, wives, and daughters.  The one common foundation that we all have is our desire to have the best of both worlds by embracing our Latina heritage and culture and taking advantage of the opportunities that being American has afforded us too.

    For me personally, being a Latina of today means that I have bridged the gap between the traditions of my Latin ancestors and the modern roles and opportunities that Latinas are able to experience in the United States.  It means that I can have it all, a family, a career, a business, and a relationship without having to compromise any one of these roles.  Also, it allows me to be a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to balance it all and be successful while doing it!

    That is why I am proud to be a part of the Orgullosa Community because it recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments and goals of all Latinas.  The community is known as being made up of women who have their skirts well-placed or “Mujeres con la falda bien puesta™”  This basically means that they are women who are deeply rooted in their Hispanic heritage while, at the same time, make their own paths here in the United States due to recognizing their unlimited potential.

    This past week, I had the pleasure of participating in a live webinar sponsored by Orgullosa with celebrity guest Adrienne Bailon who is the epitome of what The Nueva Latina or Latina of today represents.  She is a wonderful role model for other Latinas for her influence as a fashionista, television hostess, actress, musician and much, much more.  She is not afraid to admit that her culture has helped to mold her into the woman who she is today.  Her life embodies the idea that Latinas can enjoy celebrating the best of being Latinas and Americans.

    During the webinar, Adrienne shared with us how being a Latina has inspired her to reach for the stars.  She stressed that being bilingual has been a tremendous asset to her in today’s competitive world.  Her greatest pride is that she has never given up despite being faced with adversity.  In her own words, “When the going gets rough, Latinas fight back!”  I loved how she referred to her family as the source of her inspiration to succeed and even attributed all of her accomplishments as being due to their unconditional support.  Her advice to young Latinas of today is to stay true to who they are and to “Find something about yourself that you love and own that!”

    At Orgullosa, they celebrate Hispanic Heritage every single day!  You can try out the new Orgullosa App and include an image of yourself and what Latin country you hail from as part of the fun activities that they have included in their month long Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.  They launched a tab on their Facebook page to give their community the opportunity to honor their heritage in this special way.  You can upload your photo and share your Nueva Latina pride with the rest of us!

    Regardless of how you define yourself as a Latina, it’s important that you know that you are part of a larger community and family of us that empowers and inspires one another.  We are made up of go-getters and multi-taskers that are not afraid to connect, inform, and support one another through the bonds of community, sisterhood, and culture.

Let’s Discuss:  How do you define a Latina of Today?  Even if you are not Latina, how do you juggle maintaining your roots and cultural heritage while, at the same time, managing a career and/or a family?

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  1. Amberlee Cave says

    I am not latina, but this was a great read! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I’m not really sure but I have always had positive views on Latina’s – beautiful and sexy and does know how to dance and be seductive over all – at the very least, that was what was on my mind, haha!

  3. That’s a really tough question. It can be tough maintaining your heritage/culture while at work. I consider myself Caribbean and the culture here in the US, especially here in CO is so much different. Back in NY I seemed to fit in so much better. I stopped trying to fit in though but as I said It really is tough.

  4. My kids have learned all about the cultures and people that started our families. They will continue to learn and someday I hope that we all travel together to Scotland and Ireland.

  5. My kids are half Italian and half Portuguese, but I am divorced from their dad, so he incorporates Portuguese traditions, foods and cultures into their lives and I do the Italian part 🙂

  6. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I think as a woman, we need to all have our skirts well placed… no matter what our heritage is.

  7. Amanda McMahon says

    i’m not hispanic but i do believe heritage is important. my husband is from india and i want my kids to “know” that part… so we’re currently living here for a bit!

  8. It’s amazing just how like one big family you are – heritage is so important it helps you know part of you 🙂 x

  9. kristimaloney says

    I am not a Latina, but one thing my husband’s family does to maintain their roots it to manage and distribute a family calendar, use Facebook to connect family, and have bi-annual family reunions.

  10. celebdirtylaundry says

    This is so great. My family works hard to stay connected since most of us live 1,000s of miles apart. We try to meet once a year. We are Scots and we realize how important heritage is too.

  11. Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack says

    My kids and I try to remember our roots, but we do not have anything Specific we hold on too. We are such a mash up over everything. But we do hold our own traditions strong.

  12. We researched our genealogy and pass down the findings to everyone in the family so they know our history.

  13. I try to share awareness of our heritage by helping our kids learn more about their ancestors. We tell all sorts of stories about our family history.

  14. JadeLouise Designs says

    I love that there are ways for Latinos to be able to still embrace their culture and heritage while moving forward and accomplishing great things in the American culture.

  15. We really havent learned about our ancestors to teach the kids. Something that would be interesting!

  16. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    Love that sense of community!! My kids are biracial and although they’re young adults now, I made every effort to explore festivals, food, activities and people to embrace all aspects of their culture.

  17. I’m not a Latina (I’m Cherokee, Caucasian, and African American), but my son is half Mexican, and I encourage him to embrace all of his heritages by going to museums, festivals, reading books and/or watching movie regarding our cultures. I’ll do the same for my daughter when she comes of age. 🙂

  18. Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen says

    Being the only “white” girl with my group of Latina friends in school. I loved the sense of family they shared. I loved going to their houses!

  19. Daisy Tremorev says

    My little guy is only 3 years old, but I think that food and holidays help.

  20. Growing up with my parents I can remember they would make certain foods of our culture and I try to do that now with my children at holiday time.

  21. Melanie Roberts says

    In Germany we have lots of traditions for the holidays from food to decor… I still do almost every single one with my family to keep the traditions alive.. it’s soo important to keep your heritage going and teach your kids all about it…

  22. It’s hard for me because my paternal side is a question mark. But we have traditions and I share with my kids why we have them regularly

  23. I love this line: “women who are deeply rooted in their Hispanic heritage while, at the same time, make their own paths here in the United States due to recognizing their unlimited potential.”

    I think this can be said for any cultural background and I am glad that there are organizations that are promoting this.

  24. food is a great way to keep in touch with your heritage

  25. Dawn Spatulas On Parade says

    I agree, she is a wonderful role model and I think it is important for everyone to know where they came from and the history of their family. Great post about Latinas.

  26. I love those images! I wear my Orgullosa Tshirt almost every week! You know I am a Latina to the bone!

  27. Lean Lacaba says

    in this global world, it’s great to look back on where you came from.

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