First Day Back To School

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    Today was the first day back to classes for all students in New York City.  This means that not only did my boys start school today but that I also got to meet my new seventh grade students for the first time.  I wonder if my students realize that I’m just as nervous as they are on the first day of school.

    There are so many things that I think about as an educator including, whether I will have a profound impact on their academic development or whether they will enjoy being in my class…Of course, I’m sure that they are nervous about meeting their new teacher too, especially in my school where students get to have the same teacher for two grades.

    This means that my entering seventh graders had the same teacher for fifth and sixth grade and obviously developed a bond with her over those two years that they were together.  Since I teach middle school, our students are departmentalized and switch classes throughout the day.  As a result, I have two classes with 31 students in each class.

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    Yes, I said 31!  In NYC middle school classes can actually have 34 students in each class so we are not even at full capacity yet.  Believe me, class size most certainly matters when you are teaching 30 plus adolescents who are all going through puberty and are more interested in socializing than academics.

    In any case, it was a great first day.  I met both of my classes and my students are awesome!  I couldn’t let them know yet how awesome I think they are because I have to keep a straight face the first couple of weeks so they don’t think I’m a softie. Some of them gave me strange looks when I told them that there is no smiling allowed in my class until at least November!

    I’m probably going to smile at least once from now until November because my students always manage to have that effect on me.  However, if you promise not to tell them this, I won’t tell either.  Shhhhhhh, it will be our little secret.

Let’s Discuss:  How did the first day of school this year go for your children or grandchildren?

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  1. Daisy Tremorev says

    My son had a great first day of school. It’s fun to see him so excited.

  2. My kids are out of school and college but I remember those days. I have a good friend who taught high school math and she said that she always dressed up for the first month or so and was friendly but not too friendly. She said she always had to set the tone for the rest of they year and if she didn’t, she would pay later.

  3. Back to school for us seemed a bit early this year as we started back August 15th. My daughternwas ready and ezcited to reconnect with friends and her teachers.

  4. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    I think it is so great that you really enjoy your students. So very important in my book. School started late for you this year, or is it always like that. Here, ours started very early.

  5. My son has the same fourth grade teacher this year as he did last year, which is a blessing. i hope you have a wonderful class of seventh graders and a great year!

  6. 31 kids is pretty normal there in NY. My kids attended elementary and Jr. Highs school in Brooklyn so I totally know. The only time any of my kids didn’t have a big class was when my daughter attend NY Museum High School but even then it wasn’t that small either, but small to NY standards. Here’s hoping for a great school for you!

  7. Amanda McMahon says

    we started earlier this year due to a different school year but the kids were excited to have this something new to do and meet new friends after our move

  8. Dawn Spatulas On Parade says

    School started here over a month ago for year round and traditional started 2 weeks ago. My kids are grown and my grandbaby is 2. So no school issues here, for now. But the classes here are tapped at 24. No classes larger than that for K – 5.

  9. Wow that’s a lot of kids in a classroom! We started school over 2 weeks ago already. It is good to go back to my daily routine, but gotta say I really enjoy my daughter when she is on vacation….

  10. Nice to hear the first day of school from the eyes of a teacher. It is funny how kids think kindness is a weakness and it is important to start our strict and relax after wards.

  11. I’m glad you had such a great fresh start to your year! I am a high school English teacher in the Carolinas, and I feel your pain about the large class sizes. It’s so much harder to make individualized connections with your kids when there are so many of them. Here’s to a great year for you and your kids! 🙂

  12. Yep your’s definitely went better than mine. We went back last week. I think the Philly kids went back yesterday (I’m across the river from there). I remember when I was a kid I didn’t go back till the middle of the month which would be next week xD

  13. Antionette Blake says

    Wishing you, your students and sons a great year! Mine is a Senior in High School and this is their 2nd week – so far so good – lol!

  14. Summer seems to go so quickly – I remember as a child it always seemed to fly by as well. x

  15. I’m back to school from August 19th and it’s been pretty cool to be back there! Good luck to your students and son 🙂

  16. Akhil Sharma says

    All the very best to you, students, and your son. I hope this year will bring much more fun and inspiration 🙂

  17. You’re only starting today?!? I’m so jealous. We started August 20. We homeschooled last year, so first day was full of apprehension, but my 1st grader is LOVING school so all is well. Good luck with the not smiling thing 🙂

  18. We homeschool as well, but take several classes at a private school. I am pleased to say our first day went well.

  19. My kids went back two weeks ago. It’s been great, chaotic but great! They enjoy their teachers already and that’s great. 🙂

  20. GrandmaBonnie A says

    My grandsons first day back to preschool will be next Monday. My granddaughter started back two weeks ago. She has the same teacher for first grade that she had in kindergarten. I can understand having to keep a straight face and not letting they see your soft side at first. I taught ESL for 7 years and found out it was best to save the sweet niceness for later in the year. Lol.

  21. Taylor Gilmore says

    My daughter’s first day back was yesterday as well. She didn’t want to go until we got there and found out her fourth grade teacher is now her fifth grade teacher. After that – it was all good.

  22. Melinda Kuffler Dunne says

    Wow those are some big class sizes! It is good that the students make you smile verses wanting to pull your hair out…lol. My son does on-line high school and he started almost a month ago.

  23. Melanie Roberts says

    Those are big class sizes, florida has a limit I think 20 or 24 but my princess’s Kindergarten class is way above right now at 34 kids.. YUP 34 kids in Kindergarten… they are looking for a new teacher…

  24. Both my kids were excited to start school. My husband and I both have tried to really talk up school as a fun positive place, and so far so good. My kids love their teachers and really enjoy learning new things.

  25. Congrats on a great first day! My little one is only 18 months but I just know this day is going to sneak up on me just like everyone says. Thank you for teaching our young minds!

  26. Courtney Pies says

    I’m glad to hear you had a good first day of school! That’s really neat that the students have the same teacher for two grades!

  27. I am glad that you and your family had a great time at school. I am thankful that my daughter is back in school. It seems like this time goes so fast.

  28. It went smoothly for us. We already had everything ready. Of course kids didnt want to go back but it was fun for them.

  29. It’s always a challenge at the first day of school – for both kids and teachers.

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