Celebrate 30 Years Of Joy With Cabbage Patch Kids! #CabbagePatchKids30th #Ad

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    Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved Cabbage Patch Dolls.  I can still remember the day that my father brought home a Cabbage Patch doll just for me.  My hands were trembling as I took her out of the box and I could immediately smell the signature scent that they all come with, baby powder.  Even though she had yarn for hair and was unlike any other doll that I had ever owned, I loved her.

    She came with her own birth certificate which stated that her name was Christabella.  I remember thinking that this was the most beautiful name in the world.  Every single day, I changed her clothes and dressed her in baby clothes that my cousin had outgrown.  In my mind, she was my baby and I was her mommy and nobody could tell me any differently.

    This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend a media event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Cabbage Patch dolls.  I cannot even begin to describe to you what a blast from the past this event was.  They had a display of all the Cabbage Patch dolls that have been sold over the years and they really have come a long way from having yarn hair.

    The new Cabbage Patch dolls boast real hair and come in a multicultural variety with many skin tones and hair textures.  I love how these dolls have evolved to reflect the diversity in society and in the families who purchase them for their children or to collect.  I don’t think anyone will ever tire of Cabbage Patch dolls and, as you can see from the photos, they are still melting hearts and making memories as we speak…

Let’s Discuss:  What are your favorite Cabbage Patch Kid memories from when you were younger?

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  1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I love Cabbage Patch dolls. When they first came out I stood in line and was so excited when I got one!

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize that they have been around that long! 🙂

  3. I used to love Cabbage patch dolls

  4. angelabailey says

    I remember my dad getting me a Cabbage Patch Doll for my birthday when I was around 4 or 5. It was a boy doll dressed in a baseball outfit. I have a picture with him somewhere and I think my mom still actually has the doll. I loved him so much. I still have some Cabbage Patch figurines as well.

  5. southernmessmom says

    How cool! I loved them as a kid…my cousin was even so small when she was born (and preemie clothes weren’t readily available) that she wore some cabbage patch clothes for a little while 🙂

  6. I used to love Cabbage Patch dolls!

  7. JadeLouise Designs says

    No way! It’s been 30 years? Wow. I had one of those dolls when I was a kid. They are adorable! I want to get one for my daughter.

  8. 30 years is amazing, time sure does fly. My memory is one Christmas,my 2 sister and I all got a cabbage patch doll. I remember that I was so excited.

  9. Daisy Tremorev says

    I love Cabbage Patch Kids! Mine was named Wilma Goldie when I was little, but I renamed her after my grandmother. 🙂

  10. I cannot believe that they have been around for 30 years that is crazy! WOW!!! x

  11. Wow, I remember having one as a little girl. The cartoon too , hehe

  12. Shasta Spivey says

    I will never forget getting my first CPK doll. Oh my goodness, I feel like I waited forever! I still love them, and of course all four of my kiddos have one.

  13. Love the picture of you with the life size Cabbage Patch doll, you are both adorable! Have very fond memories of getting my daughter her first Cabbage Patch doll, she carried it everywhere and still has it, along with two others we bought down the road. Come to think of it, I think it’s time we get our grand daughter one, too!

  14. Antionette Blake says

    So nice, I would love to show you a pic of my son’s Cabbage Patch Doll it was bigger than him @ birth!

  15. I remember when they came out and made sure my daughter had one. I loved the concept of adopting them.

  16. Dawn Spatulas On Parade says

    I remember when the CP babies came out. Then later the kids. I never owned one. My mother thought they were ugly and so I didn’t get one. My cousin had a baby one.

  17. So jealous! I loved cabbage patch kids growing up!

  18. I never had a cabbage patch kid. My parents were not into fad toys because they didn’t want to stand in long lines. lol

  19. Wow, it’s really been 30 years since Cabbage Patch Kids started? My mom still tells the story of how she had to fight huge crowds to get one of the first dolls back when my sister was a kid. I guess that makes sense since she is in her mid-30s now! It looks like this event would have been a blast. I’m 25, and I still love CPKs! 😉

  20. Isabel Garcia says

    Happy to see that the Cabbage Patch dolls are still popular even after 30 years! Love the photo of you and the Cabbage Patch doll! Unfortunately, my parents never bought me one.

  21. I do remember this craze and it seemed everyone had one too! 🙂

  22. I had a cabbage patch doll and remember buying my niece one as well over 15 years ago. I tried picking up one for Madison at Target a couple of months ago and she was scared of it. Guess the didn’t look too realistic to her. Maybe these new ones might be different.

  23. Melinda Kuffler Dunne says

    Oh my gosh my son and I were just talking about these the other day. I got mine the first year they were popular I was 16! Now we were shopping and looking at getting one for my granddaughter. I actually still have my doll in the closet.

  24. I am too old, LOL. Never had Cabbage Patch and my sons were never into them either. Maybe I will get myself one now and make up for lost time. 😉

  25. GrandmaBonnie A says

    I bought Cabbage Patch dolls for all my children. The boys got the astronauts and my daughter picked a cute baby Cabbage Patch. Thanks for bring back some nice memories.

  26. BabsProjects says

    Never had cabbage patch dolls in India. So I really never knew about it until I came over to US.

  27. Taylor Gilmore says

    I was an adult when these dolls burst on the scene so I never really got into them and my daughter isn’t really into dolls.

  28. I grew up on the Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls.. and.. yes, it makes sense that they’re turning 30 (31 myself!) Happy 30th to such a fun company.

  29. Haha i just mentioned to someone that i had a memory of me and my little sister fighting over our cabbage patch dolls when we were little. I can’t believe they have been around so long 🙂

  30. Wow I cant believe CPK’s have managed to stick around for so long. I remember when I was a kid, they tried selling the “Mt Buddy” for boys lol

  31. Melanie Roberts says

    Ohhh you don’t know HOW jealous I’m that you got to celebrate the 30 Birthday with the Cabbage patch Dolls.. I just LOVE them.. they are my generation and still to this day I’m in love… thanks for sharing and HAPPY Birthday Cabbage Patch

  32. I was never a fan of cabbage patch but this is pretty awesome 😀

  33. Awww, what a cute chubby dolly! I love it!

  34. C'mon Get Crafty says

    I had a bald baby boy, though I don’t remember his name. I remember being shocked when I got older to find out what parents had to go through to GET these dolls – crazy shopping frenzies and all!

  35. I am a child of the 80s and I still think of the dolls fondly. Great seeing you!

  36. Wish I could find one I been to 10 stores and even contacted jakks I know some are at Costco but I don’t have a membership. I give up looking for the newborn and kid.

  37. Brieanna Hill says

    Seeing people of all ages come together for such a big thing I love it, these dolls are timeless and that’s so wonderful:)

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