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    Although being a teacher is very rewarding, it can sometimes be a thankless job.  Every once in awhile, you touch someone’s life and their admiration for you propels them to want to thank you in a special way.  This is a culminating moment for the nearly 6.2 million teachers who are dedicated to educating the youth in this country.  The Cheerios Send Cheer to Teachers program makes it simple for anyone to thank their favorite current or childhood teacher.

    Parents can demonstrate the gratitude that they have for their children’s teachers by using specially-marked boxes of Cheerios cereal to cut special postcards to show how thankful they are.  All they have to do is locate these cereal boxes in their local grocery stores now through mid-October 2013.  To create the card, just follow these three easy steps:

  • Cut out the postcard found on the front of the box.
  • On the back-side of the postcard, write a message of appreciation or a simple “thank you.”
  • Share your cheer with your teacher.

    Cheerios is also partnering with the Box Tops for Education program to offer parents a way to help ease the burden for teachers who are constantly having to use their own money to provide supplies for needy students.  It is estimated that teachers spend an average $398 of their own money on supplies and resources to aid students yearly.

    Now through July 17, 2014, parents can enter the Send Cheer to Teachers sweepstakes for a chance to win one of five prize packages for their child’s school.  The prizes are:

  1. Grand prize made up of 100,000 Bonus Box Tops and $10,000 worth of school supplies.
  2. One of four prize packages made up of 30,000 Bonus Box Tops and $2,000 worth of school supplies.

    There are even more chances to spread cheer throughout the school year!  See marked boxes of Cheerios and enter to win $20,000 or one of four $5,000 prize packs for you and your school.  To learn more, visit


Our sponsor is giving away a Cheerios Prize Pack containing a box of Cheerios cereal and some fun Back to School items.a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Oh wow, more and more companies are supporting the teachers! I love it!

    I think my son’s special education teacher deserves MAJOR kudos. There are those teachers whom your child will always remember, and Mrs Campa is most definitely one of them! She has a small class of children all diagnosed with Autism and some completely non-verbal – yet she manages to connect and communicate with each and everyone of them. Not because she simply has to, but because she genuinely loves & cares for them. She is truly the picture of what an amazing teacher is, and should be. Any teacher who can take the time to truly understand and connect with a student, is amazing.

  2. I have an autistic son and I would definitely support her. I’m not sure how many other kids with special needs she has in her class but I can’t imagine doing her job.

  3. I’d like to thank my high school French teacher. She was a listening ear, an inspiration, and is still a friend.

  4. I’d like to thank so many teachers who were caring and influential in my life. One that stands out is my 7th grade English teacher who encouraged me to be a writer – opened my eyes to a world of possibilities!

  5. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    When I was in high school, on teacher stands out in my mind. He was a science teacher and one of the kindest men I know. I wish I would have taken the time to let him know what an impact he had on my life, but… he died at an early age.

  6. Yesenia Torres says

    Yo quisiera darle las gracias a la maestra de kinder de mi hija, por toda su pasciencia y amor con los niños.

  7. I am so thankful for having the med school teacher I had. I feel like I have learned so so much from him … way beyond the basics.

  8. My kindergarten teacher. I still remember the simple thing I learned like tying my shoe. I also love art.

  9. I would like to thank my son’s speech teacher. She was kind and cared about him. He is grown and still remembers her.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. I entered History Hero $50 Am Ex gift card.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. I had lots of great teachers I think the one that I will never forget was my art teacher as they really brought me out of my shell and taught me that art doesn’t just have to be on painting on paper.

  12. Sandra Travis says

    My kids all had a teacher named Mrs. Goodwin. I didn’t like her at 1st, but she became a favorite in our house!

  13. Melinda Kuffler Dunne says

    I would want to thank my sister. She does a lot of things for her students and does spend a lot of money throughout the year on the kids.

  14. southernmessmom says

    Very awesome cause!

  15. Dawn Spatulas On Parade says

    I home-schooled my kids starting when my youngest was in first grade. However, prior to that I had worked in the school as an assistant. I can tell you teachers work long and hard unappreciated hours, plus spend a lot of their own money. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Daisy Tremorev says

    I would thank my son’s preschool teacher. She is really awesome. He was having trouble at nap time and she started giving him a massage on his back and he would fall right asleep. She’s so wonderful to him!

  17. steve weber says

    I want to thank my nephew’s teacher.. because of her my nephew is learning new things every day and is growing up to be a smart kid.

  18. I would like to thank my college English teacher. She is so helpful to the students and treats each as an individual and goes out of her way to be sure we understand what is being taught.

  19. Isabel Garcia says

    Teachers need all the support we can give them for educating the next generation of leaders. Awesome giveaway!

  20. My 3rd grade teacher inspired me to become a teacher. She was the one I loved so much I didn’t miss a day of school.

  21. ashleybliss says

    Love Cheerios, what a great contest to represent teachers!

  22. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I’d Like To Thanks Mr. Wallace, He Is A Music Teacher Who Really Goes Above And Beyond For His Students, He Makes Learning Fun And Creative.

  23. I worked for a very large school district and with many teachers over the years. There are quite a few I would like to thank that taught me kids.

  24. sohamolina says

    I;d like to thank my daughter’s new teacher. He has a wonderful reputation at school and so far has lived up to iy.

  25. sohamolina says

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  26. I had a lot of great teachers, but I would love to thank my high school creative writing teacher for all of her support. She genuinely cared about her students not just about deadlines, grades, and standardized tests.

  27. I just bought a bOx with this on it the other day at Publix. i would give to my son’s Pre-K teacher, because now she is my daughter’s teacher and she makes learning fun for all the kids.

  28. I would like to thank my son’s first grade teacher. School just started but he loves schoolmsomshe is doing something right

  29. My baby just graduated from college, so we don’t have teachers to thank anymore – well, I shouldn’t really say that. I homeschooled her and she is thankful to me every day! I love Cheerios and keep a box in the pantry at all times.

  30. My youngest does this with the saving of the box tops.Third day of school and she already has a flyer about collecting them.

  31. That is so cool! my kiddos aren’t school aged YET but this is really neat.

  32. Melanie Roberts says

    What a great way to say Thanks to a Teacher.. I just love Cheerios and all the great things they do for our Teachers .. thanks for sharing

  33. I would like to thank the junior high teachers that took the time to get to know my son. They really saw that he had potential, and encouraged him.

  34. Mandy Lenore says

    I would like to thank my high school orchestra teacher for her help and support.

  35. Mrs. Ankrom always held us accountable for our views and opinions. That’s really important in a government or political science class because it really helps a person focus on their values and defend their position, political or otherwise.

  36. I would like to thank my adviser for she was able to make me learn a lot of ropes of life

  37. my high school physics teacher for challenging me

  38. I’d like to thank my grandson’s teacher because she is nice.

  39. I would like to thank our kindergarden teacher, she goes the extra mile for the kids, always adding her personal touch, she makes learning fun for the kids

  40. We homeschool. So, I don’t know of any teachers personally; but I can thank the teachers from Abeka Academy whom we homeschool through for all their help.

  41. Jessica To says

    I would like to thank my son’s first grade teacher because she worked so hard to get him reading at level.

  42. Ava Chavez says

    My son’s 1st grade teacher…My son has ADHD and began medication for the first time last year…there were a lot of ups & downs but she was helpful the whole way & gave me input and helped me know how he was doing on a daily basis…At the end of the year he was excelling.

  43. Danielle Day says

    so many I couldn’t pick just one

  44. Serena Powell says

    I’d love to thank my third grade teacher. She taught me a ton of things that I still use to this day and helped me love education and learning.

  45. I’d thank my high school theater / English / Debate teacher, Mr. Hill! He really made learning fun and exciting. Going to class was so much fun! 🙂

  46. I’d thank my fourth grade science teacher. She is the only teacher I remember from elementary school. She made science so much fun kind of like the Magic School Bus without the magic.

  47. I would like to thank myy daughter’s music teacher. She has made a huge impact in my daughter’s self confidence

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  48. Patty Broderick-White says

    I’d like to thank my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Tai. She is the one that pushed my creative side and encouraged me to continue with my art and to never give up on it.

  49. Jennifer Matt says

    I would like to thank Mrs. Gunn, my 6th grade civics teacher. Taught me so much and was just a wonderful person.

  50. I want to think my daughter’s 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Sallee for helping me know that even though my daughter learns a little differently, she has great character and that matters more.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  51. I would like to thank my sixth grade teacher Mr Devore. He taught me to care about politics and current events.

  52. mrs brown for teaching me the love of art

  53. I would like to thank my 3rd grade teacher, who encouraged me to write poetry, short stories, and read, which led to my life-long love of books. I really read everything I see – cereal boxes, food labels, magazines, brochures…..

  54. I would like to thank my first grade teacher. He was so fun and creative.

  55. I would love to thank my 2nd grade teacher. I credit her for my awesome handwriting and for working really hard to teach me cursive! lol

  56. My 6th grade teacher-she prepared us for junior high

  57. Entered the Smurfs!

  58. Paula Tavernie says

    I would thank my 5th grade teacher! She was so patient with me and made sure I understood all the subjects and really focused on the subjects I just couldn’t seem to get! I really learned a lot that year and went to the 6th grade prepared and ready!

  59. 7th grade english teacher, she always made the class fun – regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  60. I’d like to thank my 10th grade math teacher Mrs Hall. She spent a lot of time after school with me helping me with Algebra.

  61. If I could I would love to nominate my third grade teacher.
    When i entered her calss I was a shy and withdrawn little girl.
    But she taught me how to strive to be the person that I am today.

    To never give up and that whatever was worth doing was worth risk.


  62. I’d like to thank my granddaughter’s Pre-K teacher, she helped my granddaughter a lot!

  63. I’d like to thank all the teachers out there sharing their knowledge with our kids 🙂

  64. My mother in law! She was my teacher in high school and is still making an impact on students today!

  65. Janice Crespo says

    My daughter’s 4th grade teacher – Mrs Miranda – she showed my daughter how to love learning – so many teachers just do the bare minimum – kudos to the teachers that really care and it shows with the results!

  66. I would like to thank ms, sanchez for all the hard work and dedication she has put into my daughter she was not only my daughters teacher last year but she is also her teacher this year, we are sure lucky to have her.

  67. Samantha Waters says

    I would like to thank my 4th grade teacher (who was also a teacher to several of my cousin’s!) Mrs. Chavez from Caruthers Elementary School for being one heck of a good teacher. She is amazing at motivating her students to achieve anything they want to achieve and has a passion for teaching that you don’t find in many teachers these days.

    Samantha Waters
    snunnrob at yahoo dot com

  68. Jennifer Reed says

    I would like to thank my son’s 4th grade teacher for making his transition into public school from homeschooling easy. It has been good for my son.

  69. I would like to thank for fourth grade teacher ms booth, because she made my starting a new school a lot easier.

  70. tinareynolds says

    My sons second grade teacher who has been awesome in helping me adjust

  71. I would like to thank Mr V for getting thru pre-algebra – the second time.

  72. I would like to thank my parents and my grandparents. They were the best educators of all.

  73. Erica Carnes says

    I hardly remember any of my teachers.

  74. Annabellainla says

    Mr. Bush – because he was so supportive to me when my Grandmother died
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  75. I would like to thank my teacher Mr. Miller because he thought me that reading is fun. He made me feel like I could read and understand and book I picked up and help me feel confident.

    Lisa Garner

  76. Rebecca Lock says

    I would like to thank my son’s second grade teacher, Mrs. Belknap. She made learning fun for him and his classmates. It has been 9 years since she had him in class but he still remembers her class and how much fun it was. She is also the one who taught him to write.

  77. i would like to thank my son’s 2nd grade teacher. unfortunately, 1st grade was a rough year that left him already hating public school. but his 2nd grade teacher is turning everything around. he loves her and school. So thank you

  78. Kristen weigel says

    I would thank my 12th grade English teacher for being there for me during my teen pregnancy. She helped me graduate

  79. Brittney House says

    I would like to thank my son’s math teacher because she always is so patient with him and makes sure her kids know the lesson before she moves on.

  80. Nicole Millheim says

    My daughters K teacher. My daughter had a hard time adjusting to school. This teacher went out of her way to do things to help her adjust. Teach her things and help her love school

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