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*This post was written by me on behalf of Duracell.  I received a product sample to review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

    If your family is like our family, you all have a menagerie of electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, and handheld video games that need to constantly be charged.  In our home, I cannot even begin to tell you how many chargers we have gone through in the past year.  It’s inevitable that they get lost or damaged through normal wear and tear, especially if they are being used so much and by so many people.

    When I was offered the opportunity to review the Duracell PowerMat® I was beyond thrilled at the prospect of being able to have access to a 24-hour power system to charge our devices.  At home it allows me to create a personal power ecosystem by placing the PowerMat® in any room so that I can power up while doing other things around the house.

    I’m also excited about being able to power up by simply placing my smartphone on my desk in my classroom to charge while I am teaching.  Since I’m always on-the-go, I loved the portable backup battery which sports both Micro-USB and Apple 30-Pin Connectors to charge just about any smartphone and power up my phone or the kids’ devices anywhere we are.

The Duracell PowerMat charging station.

    After careful review of the Duracell PowerMat® 24-Hour Power System for my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, here are some of the Pros and Cons that I noticed:


  • Being able to power up my phone whether I’m at home or on-the-go.
  • The PowerMat® is well designed and fits in with any decor as well as not being to heavy or cumbersome.
  • The portable backup battery fully charged my phone when it ran out of juice while out and about.
  • The portable backup battery has two connectors for smartphones that charge through Micro-USB or 30-Pin Connectors.
  • It is very easy to use and you can monitor the charging of devices through automatic on and off switching of charging lights on the device.


  • The wireless case on the Samsung Galaxy kit is not yet available for the Galaxy S4 so those of you who own it will have to charge your phones using the portable backup battery placed on the PowerMat®
  • I found the Micro-USB attachment to go into the phone a little hard to put in but Ryan, a Duracell customer service representative, explained to me that “It is made to go in firmly, because it has to be strong enough to stay plugged in “On-the-go.”  It has been tested in pockets, purses, etc. and will not damage your phone.”

The Portable Backup Battery with Micro-USB and 30-Pin Connections.

    I really loved the Duracell PowerMat® and, although Duracell doesn’t make a version yet for the Galaxy S4, I was able to easily able to charge my smartphone using the on-the-go back up battery with the PowerMat and the USB cable.  The PowerMats will also be in participating McDonald’s so those of you who enter and win our giveaway below will be able to charge up there!

The Portable Battery Charger on the PowerMat charging my son’s MP3 Player.


Our sponsor is giving away 2 Duracell PowerMat 24-Hour Power Systems to 2 readers of Tough Cookie Mommy for the iPhone® 4/4S which include portable backup batteries for both Micro USB and Apple 30-Pin Connections to charge just about any smartphone and power you up wherever you are.a Rafflecopter giveaway

Product Review/Giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above from Duracell to test/review/giveaway in exchange for my opinion and for the purpose of writing this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally and I believe will be “family friendly.” I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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  1. Shaun McGahey says

    I’m on the go, just like you and my 3 year old is much easier to deal with in the car when she’s allowed to watch Videos or listen to her music. To be able to charge my phone at home or at work would make everything 100 times easier!

  2. Laurel @ Let's Go on a Picnic! says

    We are always running out of cords to charge our phones with.

  3. Robert Greenwood says

    I have many gadgets that need charging. Looking for a system that makes it easier to charge all of them. Went to Europe last summer and was constantly checked due to all the cables and chargers.

  4. Rick Jenkins says

    A very useful tool for the wireless folk like myself who constantly charges devices.

  5. Daisy Tremorev says

    I would use it for our phones! It’s nice that this is easily portable.

  6. This would be so nice to charge things over night and to take with me on travels.

  7. my family is always using phones to take photos and video of our baby nieces. of course, that always leaves the possibility that batteries may go. would’ve been nice to have a device like this on our recent trip to Washington DC.

  8. BohemianBabushka says

    We blogger can’t live without our Electronics, so to say winning this is a life and death situation is no exaggeration. Ok, maybe a bit, but I’m Cuban. ; ) Seriously though, it would be wonderful knowing that no matter how many times I forget to look at the power bar, our electronics would get charged quickly. BB2U

  9. having to go from room to room to find the right power cord is a pain ,but this would solve that problem everything all in one place

  10. Wow. This would be awesome. It would be a quick way to throw your device on it and not worry about it or having to find all the adapters.

  11. Cannot begin to tell you how much easier and relaxed I’d be if I k we I would be able to have a working fully powered phone. I have purchased other pretenders, devices that purport to keep my iPhone charged and been disappointed. I would be great to have this one deliver on it promise

  12. This would be SO useful for charging all the gadgets! How many time have I been caught without a charged phone, Ipod, etc? Don’t ask! This way, everything can be taken care of at once without a dimwit like me having to worry about each thing!!

  13. Antionette Blake says

    This would be great in our house, 4 smartphones, an iPod, iPad and GPS all needs charging on a regular!

  14. The Duracell PowerMat 24-Hour Power System would make our lives simpler because we have some many different devices to charge and are always fighting over places to charge our devices

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  15. Sandy VanHoey says

    It would surely help my daughter out for her conferences when she needs her phone charged at all times

  16. Shemp DeYoung says

    Right now, we have a small charger which comes in handy, but this guy would really make a difference. We have many different devices which all need charging ALL the time.

  17. When I travel, my phone battery always dies. It would be great to have something as a backup since I never do when I need it. I would love to have a Duracell branded product; that’s a brand I trust.

  18. Isabel Garcia says

    This power mat will sure come in handy at home and when travelling. Thank you for sharing your review! 🙂

  19. I have four tween/teens, each with ipods and/or smartphones. They have lost a few chargers and are constantly fighting over which charger belongs to who and who gets to use it and blah blah blah! It’s a constant battle. Having this powermat would really help us out.

  20. Les Johnson says

    Everyone in our house has a cell phone and since we don’t have a home phone, they have to be charged at all times. This would make it so easy to charge the phones. It would also be convenient when we travel.

  21. Sandy VanHoey says

    I entered Epic & Purex

  22. Jennifer Young says

    My husband, daughters, and I each have many different devices that need to be charged. It’s hard to keep track of them all and there always seems to be something that’s in need of being charged. This would really help us keep things organized and charged!

  23. Austin Baroudi says

    This would be so great for my family. We lose our chargers all the time and as a result our phones are always dead and with no house phone that tends to be a bother. This would change all that. Thanks for the chance!

  24. We are on the go a lot with three little ones and my devices are a life saver at all the doctors visit and prek events. This would let the boys play everywhere and longer with out them going dead.

  25. I entered the epic giveaway.

  26. The Duracell PowerMat 24-Hour Power System would help make life easier by charging our electronic devices. I’d never have to worry about running out of power.

  27. I love the idea of cleaning up those charging cords! We have five devices that we plug in every night beside our bed.

  28. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    The Duracell PowerMat Would Help My Family Stay Charged At Home, Or On The Go. It Would Make Staying Connected Easy And Not Worrying About Losing Power.

  29. I’ve always wondered about these! Excellent review!!

  30. Christine M says

    This looks very convenient and helpful for a busy family. We are always running out of power!

  31. It would be so nice to have a single space for charging all the devices. Eliminating the cord mess would be a plus also!

  32. Thomas Murphy says

    My family has lots of devices so this would really help. We wound always be charged up while on the go.

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  33. AmandaSakovitz says

    I would use this for my phone and my laptop. I feel with this product I would always have my products completely charged.

  34. AmandaSakovitz says

    I entered the birdseye giveaway

  35. I like that this will charge my devices when I am both home or on the go and that it doesn’t take up a lot of space

  36. Birdie Skolfield says

    It would clear the wire clutter from our plug area now what a mess & I could take count at the end of the day 4 devices charged ready to go tomm. what an ease on my mind thx for the chance

  37. sarah oswald says

    it would help my husband the most because he has a ce4lol phone for his job which is truck driving and a pager for his scanner for fire fighting and he would love this so he could charge them easier. thanks for the chance to win it for him.

  38. sarah oswald says

    i entered Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar

  39. joseph gersch says

    This would be so much easier to plug in than a bunch of plugs. Plus I can do a bunch at once

  40. I could use this as every time I grab the iPad it’s dead and I am on the go 🙁

  41. denise donaldson says

    I would use this while traveling. Some buses have outlets, and some dont.

  42. chromiumman (at) mail (dot)com says

    I have a horrible time simply connecting the cord to my phone, this would really help

  43. It would simplify charging everyone’s phone. It would also be neater–less clutter and plugs.

  44. I entered your other giveaway: History Hero

  45. Laurajj Jacobson says

    Oh this would be so wonderful for our family! We never seem to be able to find the chargers, and so many times I am unable to reach someone cause they did not have their phone charged.

  46. It would be really helpful with recharging batteries for digital cameras. Those seem to just use batteries up instantly. (Gianna)

  47. I entered the purex giveaway. (Gianna)

  48. Data use on my smartphone uses up more juice than than merely the telephone. I’m always concerned that I’m about to run out of power at the least convenient moment. Missing a phone call could mean I’d miss out on some work.

  49. lisa bouch says

    We have charging plugs all over the house. One central charging station would be great and we would not be constantly digging through drawers looking for the right one.

  50. With 5 people in the house and all the techie devices it would cut down on cords everywhere

  51. It would mean not running out of juice when I’m out and about. And make it easier to charge when I’m at home.

    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  52. Jennifer Matt says

    5 people in the house that all have some kind of electronic device. I just think this would cut down on the outlets used and just make one central location for charging. I like it!

  53. hilleldave says

    it would make things easier to charge 😉

  54. This will be perfect for we have a lot of things that needs charging. Another thing is that it is good for organizing

  55. I would use this while traveling.

  56. This would be great when out and about, because we have gadgets going out and no place to recharge them.

  57. Jeremy mclaughlin says

    This would come in handy on our many road trips. Great giveaway

  58. flamingpanties says

    I have several devices, including a phone, 2 digital cameras, a tablet and a GPS. This mat would make it easier to manage the recharging, and eliminate some of the wires, which I call “tech spaghetti.”

  59. This would be an easy solution for my entire family since we all use different devices.

  60. caitlin tate says

    This would be great for road trips. My husband could also use this at work for things like laptop, cell phone, and work computers. Ipod at the gym,too!

  61. i have 5 roommates and only so many places to charge things.

    dani marie ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  62. stphanie ingle says

    The mat would make it easy to charge phone and laptop. I am often leaving home in the morning with a half charger phone which isn’t always safe. The mat would make it easier to charge things in a central location since my phone s often lost among toys

  63. Lady Vampire says

    This would be such a life saver. I’ve never heard of a powermat before but not only is it new tech but it would greatly simplify my life. I am forever searching for the right cords and plugs to recharge different gadgets and this powermat could do all that by itself. Amazing!

  64. Sandra Brodeur says

    There are four of us in the house with different gadgets that need charging usually at the same time and of course that can’t be done. With this powermat it would be a life saver along with being a time saver. Hey, even more gadgets?

  65. samuel cannon says

    Well pretty much all of our outlets are being used so it would make it a whole lot easier to have something I can have sit on a counter or dresser. I wouldn’t have to fight to get behind our dressers to reach an outlet. theres plenty of good reasons how it would make my life easier

  66. It will be easier to find unlike my phone charger. It will be nice to have it all in one place!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  67. It would make it so much easier to charge all of my devices in one place and not have to be always looking for individual chargers for each device.

  68. Katie Contests says

    My family could use this because we fail at plugging in our phones! We have different chargers in different rooms for different phones, and it’s difficult to corral them because they aren’t enough outlets in one room. This would be a great way to organize our cellphone chaos.

  69. kathy pease says

    This would be great for my family as they have phones,ipods and tablets charing all over the house..Sometimes I dont know what cords belong to what gadgets..It would be great to have everything in one place 🙂

  70. Jill Myrick says

    I love that this device would fit all of my families electronics and cell phones. The on the go charger is a definite plus for us because we are always forgetting to charge before leaving the house. Especially me.


  71. Brittney House says

    While going on road trips we all cant charge our phones at once, so this would help us all have a charged phone.

  72. This would help so much with all the gadgets we have. I could use this for our phones and e-readers. Would be great.

  73. Richard Hicks says

    We could really use this. Either my phone or someone elses always seems to have a dead battery and this would insure we could power up quickly

  74. Janice Crespo says

    We have an old home with limited outlets – when we all chill in the living room – it’s usually who is able to plug their charger in – this would allow all of us to charge our phones 🙂 That would be very handy! LOL

  75. we have a family of six, and someone is always needing something chardged, so I think this would make it a little easier in this house!

  76. Laurie Emerson says

    This would be so perfect for when my phone decides to call it quits when I am not at home. it always seems to happen at the worst possible time and having this as a back-up would make it so I would never have to worry about my family not being able to get in touch with me or me with them.

  77. it would benefit my family by keeping things powered up in case of an outage

  78. Sally Parker says

    My kids are always forgetting their chargers when we go on trips. This would definitely help so that we always have a charger.

  79. This would be great for my husband. He usually leaves his cell phone charger at home when he leaves for work. Something this big and practical would be easier for him to see and grab.

  80. It would be great to have a central place to charge.

  81. My boyfriend and I both have phones and ipods that we use and charge daily. He also has in Ipad to be charged. That is a lot of cords. This would be a great help to us, especially since I am always moving my cord and forgetting where I put it.

  82. Candice Hull says

    My husband and I have to take turns charging because we lost a charger and for some reason won’t go buy another…and there is only one plug near our bed and the lamp takes half it. This would cut down on the battle Thanks

  83. Leslie Lamar Mcleod says

    the guy sold me this mat with box the keeps a 24hr charge when i bought my s4 and when i got home the back plate would not fit ,so i call him and he said on the s4 it is built in. BS i am on my why back up to the store

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