Pampers Unites Babies From Across The Country In NYC! #pampersamorsueñosjuegos

*This sponsored post was written by me on behalf of Pampers and Latina Mom Bloggers.  All opinions are 100% mine.

    This past Summer, I had the opportunity to reflect on the love, sleep and play that I witnessed and experienced as a new mother when I had both of my sons.  Pampers launched a program to celebrate the profound impact that parents experience when they see their babies engaging with the world around them for the first time.  Parents all across North America were prompted to share photos of their babies experiencing love, sleep, or play.

    Last week, Pampers united babies from across the country to celebrate this campaign in a star-studded event in New York City’s legendary Grand Central Terminal and I had the pleasure of attending.  Pampers received more than 30,000 photo submissions of babies enjoying love, sleep, or play and they compiled the images into a huge 3-D projection.  Expectant mothers, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mexican actress, mom and TV host, Jacqueline Bracamontes, were present at the event to help reveal the display.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt

    It was truly breathtaking to see the larger-than-life projection on display for everyone at Grand Central Station to enjoy.  Pampers captured the 3-D photo projection on video so parents everywhere could experience this magical moment in time.  Pampers is thrilled to unveil this their newest campaign by handing it over to babies themselves.  It is truly a celebration that all parents can partake in as they enjoy seeing photos of their precious little ones delighting in their most joyful moments.

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We are giving away a designer diaper bag containing Pampers and other goodies for new and expectant moms.a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I was invited to this event by Pampers and Latina Mom Bloggers as a member of the media.  This is a sponsored post written as part of a compensated campaign.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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  1. Kathryn Finn says

    I don’t know yet about my baby, but hopefully we’ll enjoy playing with blocks, stacking the donut rings, and all those fun toys with buttons that lit up lights (and some of those that moo, and oink and such).

  2. BalancingMama (Julie) says

    Amelia is 5 now, but she still gives us amazing joy with her desire to learn and her pure excitement and happiness when she plays with her Daddy. She loves playing with him so much! We are expecting number two in January, and I know we will have some very joyous moments watching her interact with baby!

  3. What a cool project! My babies are no longer babies… sigh… but I do have a darling grand daughter who is busy exploring, learning and engaging with everything. It’s so fun to watch the world through the eyes of a baby!

  4. So, jealous. Saw the event pics earlier in the week. My daughter has worn Pampers since she was a baby. @celebbabylaund

  5. My daughter always says to me just before bed, “Mommy, you’re my best friend”. It’s one of the highlights of my day.

    Name on rafflecopter: Mary Happymommy

    I entered your Bird’s Eye giveaway as well.

  6. Tari Lawson says

    Nothing beats a baby looking into your eyes and smiling.

  7. The memories of my children are of them laughing and cuddling with me. Precious memories!

  8. Kim Ripley says

    I love it when the baby looks deep into my eyes and stares in awe. And then if they smile back at me that really warms my heart!

  9. Since my children never slept because they were sickly or had colic, I loved looking at them when they were asleep. 🙂

  10. What a great opportunity to attend a Pamperes event!

  11. Bath times are always a joyful moment. Anytime my girls play good and giggle is great as well.

  12. kSquaredGlamour says

    im about to have my baby any day now and will have to see what these moments will be!

  13. Jessica B. says

    I love picking my son up out of his crib and seeing his beautiful smile. We love to play outside together and go to the lake to swim.

  14. Jessica B. says

    I entered the Bird’s Eye giveaway.

  15. southernmessmom says

    Awesome! I will definitely enter this one 🙂

  16. Terry My Journey With Candida says

    My Grandkids have always amazed me. They were adoreable babies. 2 of them are grown but we still have 2 little ones yet.

  17. mail4rosey says

    Happy to see a Pampers post, that was always my preferred brand when I had little ones in the house.

  18. Melanie Roberts says

    Ohh I have heard about this, what a great thing Pampers is doing… LOVE it… thanks for sharing and spreading the word…

  19. Melinda Kuffler Dunne says

    I have 3 grandchildren that amaze me every day. I love how inquisitive they are it is awesome to watch them grow.

  20. the dish on parenting says

    I love taking pictures of my kids when they’re sleeping, we add them to a collection and created a sleeping collage on a huge board that now hangs on the wall. They are so peaceful when they’re eyes are closed. Playing with my children has shown me how to be a kid again and that’s the best thing that could have happened. I love my little monkeys/

  21. 30,000 photos, wow! Looks like this was quite the event. I loved when my kids were young. Every day something new.

  22. Sixfeetunder says

    Way cool! I love that blogging gives us the opportunities it does!

  23. This is great. Such a lovely idea. I only have one child and it still amazes me all the things he does for the first time.

  24. Sarah Stevens says

    great idea and giveaway xx

  25. my daughter wasn’t much of a sleeper – more like a cat napper. Because it took me 5 years to have her I never wanted to put her down anyway. I loved to watch her while she nursed, napped, played – just anything about her

  26. What a lovely giveaway – a cute little gift pack 🙂 X

  27. I couldn’t get into the Pampers giveaway. no babies in my area.

  28. My son would sleep with his hands behind Hus head at a really young age like one month old it was so cute. My sister is having a baby in October now that she is high risk I would love to win this for her.

  29. I always rocked my babies to sleep while singing Amazing Grace. Then I held them for a long time and watched the serenity on their faces

  30. What a great and postivie message to send! I love this!

  31. My girls are way too big for diapers although sometimes they do act like babies lol

  32. SEriously the smiles and snuggles make me hardly able to stand the cuteness!!! 🙂

  33. Jose Benavides says

    my baby likes to cuddle.. he will make weird noises and smile when hugging me .. in other words showing love and he also loves to run up to me and hug me when I am in the other rooms he comes out of no where..

  34. My youngest is growing up so fast and I love how cuddly and sweet he is. I am looking forward to a new baby to hold in my arms for the next set of cuddles.

  35. They just grow so fast it’s amazing. She loves to read books with me and get attention from everyone

  36. The memories of my children are of them laughing and cuddling with me.

  37. No kids yet but my niece has this cute way of something that she does before sleeping. She lays on her back and puts both her feet up and wiggle it. it takes your tiresome away

  38. Marcia Goss says

    I entered the Bird’s Eye giveaway.

  39. shootingstarsmag says

    I’m not a mom yet (but I’d love to win this for a friend who’s having her first). However, I have a niece and nephew. As for my niece, she loves to play but she’s one that wants others to join. She makes you sit on the floor, read her a book, etc.

  40. Im not a mom yet, but I love taking care of all my friends and families kids – I cant wait for my own kids arrival!

  41. My baby loves to snuggle and we love to play together by looking at each other- too young for toys yet- only 3 weeks.

  42. I like Pampers Campaign ”


    See All The Pictures you proud mothers shared!

  43. Stephanie Larison says

    I love cuddling with my daughter when we co-sleep. She’s been sleeping with us since day 1 that she popped out and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  44. Catherine Rose says

    I love my baby’s sweet smile and giggle. Its so much fun when you figure out what makes them laugh or where they are ticklish. They grow so fast.

  45. I loved sitting with my on my lap and talking to him so that he would gurgle and babble back to me when he was a few months old.

  46. entered the smurfs

  47. Charro Mojica says

    My daughter would light up with the sound of music or singing. She still does! You can see how much she loves to interact with song, I can’t wait to see the little lady that she will become. 🙂

  48. The cackle that my daughter would do when anyone talked to her, she was always a very happy baby, hoping to get her a brother or sister soon!

  49. Lalaine Hagler says

    everytime I put my son to sleep he would love some cuddling time before that. He would kiss and hug me and sing for me until he gets really tired. This routine never ever gets old for us. I hope they don’t grow up too fast

  50. My daughter loved to dress up in costumes and wear them everywhere. She had quite the imagination and didn’t leave the house without some kind of get-up. Thanks.

  51. jessica holybee says

    my son is the cutest . he makes me lol when he dances . He also love to pretend to talk on the phone .

  52. Denise Lewandowski says

    My daughter loved to laugh when she was a baby. It was hard to believe that such a big laugh came from such a little bundle. She still has the same laugh at 20.

  53. Tiffany Ann Couillard says

    My baby isn’t born quite yet, but she loves when I rub her foot when she pokes it out. If I stop, she kicks me!

  54. When my little girl was a baby, she would always get the hiccups when she was tired. She would try to fight her nap time, but her hiccups gave away how tired she was. I loved it when she would finally give in and put her head down on my shoulder so I could rock her.

  55. My baby girl has just started to smile a lot, and make silly sounds. I love to see her personality develop, and watch her learn to express herself. That little smile melts my heart.
    She also sleeps in the same pose/position that my husband does, she’s like a mini version of him, and her little snoring is like him too!

  56. Laura Ellington says

    Our little guy is a little over 5-months-old and squeals at the top of his lungs when he gets excited or he sees the dogs’ tails wagging. He also loves to play peek-a-boo with anyone.

  57. Ashley Pichon says

    My son is about to be one. Up until a couple months ago, he would only nap on my chest. At times it was an inconvenience. Now that he is getting older he won’t sleep on me. I really miss those times we shared when the house was quiet and it was just me and him.

  58. Melinda Stephens says

    My son has started “sharing” (or his idea of sharing) and it is so much fun when he tries to share his toys with the cats. He has also just barely started signing (still no talking) and we are having fun with that. He will grab my hands and try to make me do the signs too.

  59. Amanda McCleese says

    My two year old son has FINALLY started giving me REAL hugs instead of just leaning on me when I ask him for a hug. I love it when he comes up to me, gives me a hug and kiss, then says ‘Thank you!’ and runs away laughing. It’s the best feeling in the world!

  60. my kids always love to sit in a playpen with a bunch of toys..It always seemed to keep them busy until they would get tired and fall asleep 🙂

  61. Rebecca Lock says

    When my son was little he would stop his swing from swinging by grabbing a side pole and then laughing hysterically. He learned to imitate the inflection in my voice when I would say “I Love You”. He refuses to stay still when he eats and is always movingl

  62. Chloe Salerno says

    My daughter is older now, but when she was tiny, she would make adorable cooing noises after every sneeze. It was so cute.

  63. Tara Carlson says

    My six month old is an extremely happy baby, very calm and content (unless he’s hungry). My mom calls him an “old soul” for the way he just loves to observe the world around him. When he wakes up in the morning, as soon as daddy or I get near his crib he instantly stops fussing and gets a huge grin on his face and starts wiggling to be picked up – it’s a wonderful feeling to know your baby loves just having you near!

  64. Richard Hicks says

    I love playing with our little one. He gets so excited and playful and smiles all the time. I think some adults have forgotten how to have fun

  65. Laurie Emerson says

    I love playing with my son just after giving him a bath and before he goes to bed. I love that little toothless giggle and way he smells so good. He is so sweet and loving and I love knowing that he is mine,

  66. Melinda Stephens says

    My son has started kissing everything while he plays. He kisses his books, the cats (no matter how much they object), and his toys. It’s freaking adorable.

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