Join Us For The #SMBloggers July Instagram Challenge!

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    Taking photos is one of my favorite things to do because they document all of the wonderful experiences that I have with my family and friends.  Many social media platforms have made sharing photos so much easier and it has allowed us to connect with one another and to get special insight into each other’s lives.  In my case, being able to share photos online has allowed me to stay connected to my family overseas in Spain and, although we still miss each other very much, we manage to stay involved with one another through our wonderful photos.

    Many of the online friends that I have met have ended up becoming great friends in real life and I really enjoy exchanging photos with them on social media and being able to share in their joys and celebrations despite not always living close by to one another.  As a Stiletto Media Blogger, I want to get to know you through your photographs and I want to introduce you to some of my wonderful blogging friends through their photographs too!  Just follow the instructions below to join us for our first #SMBloggers Instagram Challenge!

Welcome to the #SMBloggers 31-Day Instagram Photo Challenge! 

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How does it work?

Each day, we will be posting our favorite photos around the daily photo prompt.  Simply follow our daily calendar and snap photos around that prompt.  We want you to get as creative as possible and have some fun!

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Tag us in your caption:

We would love to see all of your photos so tag us in your caption using the hashtag #SMBloggers.  This way, we will all be able to view each other’s photos on Instagram by clicking on the hashtag.

Connect with others and make new friends:

Search for the #SMBloggers hashtag to network with and meet others taking part in the challenge.

Link up and join the party!


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  1. Great idea, I’m excited to participate. Will have to catch up for yesterday’s pic. 🙂

  2. Very cool! I am going to pass this along to some friends that love Instagram!

  3. Nicole Copeland says

    Great ideal!!

  4. I would love to do this. Linking up and adding you all now. 🙂 Here’s my Instagram @growingupmadison

  5. Crystal Threeprincesandaprince says

    Sounds like fun!! I promise I will be pack next week to participate!

  6. Sounds fun and good luck

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