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My Grandmother and my older son when he was little.

    Growing up, I always struggled with having combination skin which was difficult to control, especially during allergy season.  It didn’t help that my allergies would act up and contribute to my blotchy appearance by adding red splotches to my skin and puffing up my eyes and nose.  As a result, I was always looking for ways to diminish and combat my ALLERGY FACE™.

    My grandmother raised me and she has always been a big believer in natural and homemade remedies for almost every issue or ailment.  She also used these same natural ingredients in her skin care regimen.  One particular plant that I remember her using for a wide variety of problems was the Eucalyptus plant that grew right around the area surrounding our land.  We would walk together and collect them to use in her many do-it-yourself beauty recipes and remedies.

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    Whenever I had a stuffy nose or was having trouble breathing because of my allergies or my asthma, she would bring a pot of water to a boil and fill it with the Eucalyptus leaves.  She would make me sit in front of the pot and cover my head with a towel as I breathed in the vapors of the leaves permeating from within the pot.  The woody aroma from the leaves would help to relieve my sinus pressure and loosen the congestion in my head.

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    My grandmother also included these Eucalyptus leaves in other beauty routines including infusing the lotions that she used to moisturize her skin and soothe her aching muscles with the oil that she extracted directly from them.  Back then I thought my Tata was crazy and I hated smelling like those leaves all the time.  I have since learned that her remedies weren’t that far-fetched because Eucalyptus has been proven to have therapeutic benefits for aches & pains, to relieve tension, or simply to moisturize and heal the skin.

    Unfortunately, allergies can have a profound impact on not only how we feel, but also how we look. Many women experience ALLERGY FACE™  – which includes typical symptoms such as a puffy face, red nose and watery eyes.  #LatinaBlogger and beauty and fashion expert Carmen Ordoñez,  @VivaFashion, is very familiar with #ALLERGYFACE and has teamed up with the makers of ZYRTEC® to share the homemade beauty tips that have been passed down to her by her mother and grandmother to combat ALLERGY FACE™.  You can check out her do-it-yourself beauty solutions in the video below which is part of her bilingual video series created in partnership with the makers of ZYRTEC.


    According to a recent survey by the makers of ZYRTEC, 66% of women with allergies have felt unattractive due to the physical symptoms of ALLERGY FACE.  Carmen Ordoñez believes that you can look great and not spend a lot of money doing it.  That is why implementing remedies and beauty tips that have been passed down from generation to generation are so important to maintaining a feeling of well-being and to looking great!  Make sure you like ZYRTEC on Facebook to learn more beauty tips to soothe your symptoms and diminish your ALLERGY FACE!

Let’s Discuss:  What beauty tips did you learn from your mom or grandmother?

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  1. Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with allergies, but I know plenty of people who swear by natural home remedies they’ve been using for years to deal with their runny noses, blotchy skin and red, swollen eyes. One thing I’ve heard is using warm teabags to keep down eye puffiness and the neti-pot also seems to work well for a lot of people to clear sinuses.

  2. I’m glad I don’t have allergies but my grand son does so I know how miserable it can be. I love the smell of Eucalyptus!

  3. Ugh, I have always suffered from allergies and had the dreaded allergy face. Humorously, I honestly can’t think of any beauty tips I learned from my grandmother. I don’t think she had any.

  4. Crystal Threeprincesandaprince says

    I would say I am glad I don’t have allergies, but after the past few months I’m starting to think I do! I didn’t learn any beauty tips that are coming to mind from Mom or Grandma,but I do tend to wear a lot of makeup because I grew up watching them apply make up daily.

  5. kSquaredGlamour says

    im so happy i have not had allergies however the hubby gets them bad when we are on the east coast. Thankfully we moved out of there this past month and he isnt suffering anymore.

  6. Melanie Roberts says

    great tips… we have to deal with a lot of allergies here so these tips will come in handy. Thanks for sharing

  7. Oh I always forget about eucalyptus, I should try that when my allergies hit. Oh and I so know what you mean about allergy face.

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