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    I am very excited to announce that is supporting Tough Cookie Mommy as I attend a blogging conference this year!  This collaboration is a virtual match made in heaven for this veteran of the New York City public school system and the first education search engine.  It truly is an honor to be representing at any event where I am networking with fellow bloggers and educators.

    Noodle is the first and only FREE, life-long education related search company in the world.  Founded by John Katzman in 2011, who is the founder of the Princeton Review, the goal of is to help anyone find educational opportunities at any level.  This is an invaluable tool because the task of searching for educational opportunities can seem daunting when one considers the plethora of overwhelming information that is available. offers extensive data on over 150,000 schools and hundreds of thousands of education providers at no cost.  The entire experience is personalized to the educational needs of the individual and matches each person with the school, tutor, or educational opportunity that is best suited to their interests, budget, geographical location, and personal educational preferences.

    They have recently launched new categories on their site that include activities, summer camps, and preschool.  These categories allow users to create boards where they can add schools and have dialogue with the friends and family that they share their boards with.  In essence, this allows users to be able to socialize with one another regarding the education search process.

    My friend is looking for a preschool in New York City for her son so she will now have the opportunity to create a board, which includes a few of the preschools that she is looking at, and get feedback from her friends regarding these schools.  I personally love this feature because it allows users to take the educational experience beyond the classroom.

    Searching for a school should be simple and helps you to make the best educational decision for yourself or your loved one.  They pride themselves on giving everyone the best information in order to help them make informed decisions about their educations that could potentially affect the rest of their lives.  Let Noodle Education take the guesswork out of planning your future!

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  1. As a former elementary teacher I think this is a great idea. Being able to compare pluses and negatives about different schools is very important. What might be a great fit for one child might not be a good fit for another.

    • Noodle Education says

      Hi Pam – thanks so much for the great feedback! We agree that fit is really important when choosing a school or educational program. We hope our comparison features and social boards can help users in making important educational decisions!

    • I completely agree with you, Pam. It’s important for students to find schools that are going to offer the educational opportunities that they are looking for. Using Noodle as a resource can help individuals make informed educational decisions.

  2. I love this. Although I’m not a teacher, most of my careers have dealt with education and I write about it often on my blog. I love companies and websites that deal with educational resources.

  3. Daisy Tremorev says

    I love this site! I’m not a teacher – I’m a first-time parent – so I need all of the help that I can get to make good decisions.

  4. Mellissa Hanks says

    I hadn’t heard of this site before I bet some of my teacher friends will love it!

    • Hi, Melissa. I’m a teacher and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to discover all of the wonderful tools that Noodle offers. My colleagues also think it’s a great service that they are providing to the education community.

    • Noodle Education says

      Thanks Melissa! Yes, we hope our site can help teachers and guidance counselors with their work load, and give them some free tools to use inside and outside of the classroom!

  5. What a terrific match! Thanks for sharing this website, too. Though I work in education, I hadn’t heard of it before… of course, things are a bit slow to get to our little neck of the woods 😉

    • Noodle Education says

      Thanks Barb! We’re a startup based in NYC so it’s not TOO surprising you haven’t heard of us yet 🙂 But we’re growing every day and would love to get your feedback to help us improve our product! Email us at [email protected] with any comments or questions!

  6. Melissa Vera says

    wow this sounds like such a great program

  7. Great program. Thanks for the info!

  8. Brynn Arego says

    Great program, thanks for sharing about it as I will be looking for a preschool for my oldest very soon!

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