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    Many times, people become complacent and comfortable in their current employment positions despite the fact that there are a wealth of professional opportunities available to them that they choose not to take advantage of .  There are many reasons for this including the fear of change and lack of motivation.  Sometimes, it takes a wake up call to catapult a person outside of their comfort zone and propel them to broaden their professional horizons. strives to make this transition a productive one by providing users with the latest on job search advice, networking and cool jobs, and other tips and advice on managing your career.  It aims to make the process of changing careers or advancing within a career a less daunting one.  It is a tremendous resource for seeking out job opportunities and narrowing down career options for those who are looking to make an employment change.

    In their latest video, Wake Up Call, actor Brian Baumgartner is featured in an office setting as he comforts the employees after they have just been pranked with their wake up call. goes inside these offices and sets up hidden cameras and horn traps in workstations.  The employees who were selected to participate in the prank think that they are showing up to work just like any other regular workday.  Little do they know, they are in for the surprise of their lives!

    This video is a great way to get individuals laughing and talking about the fact that changing careers or changing jobs is not always easy but it is definitely possible if one has they right employment resources. seeks to add humor to a topic that many employees find intimidating because it involves making career moves which take them outside of their comfort zone.

    For more info and ways to “find better”, visit To get the latest on all employment related information please also check out Monster’s blog.  After all, you will never know if better employment opportunities are out there for you if you never look for them…


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  1. susitravl says

    Travel agent for 30 years – but with people booking online, I was out of a job with no skills other than booking travel. But I did have customer service experience, so I took a job as a receptionist. Best decision ever – I love what I do!

  2. Janet Watson says

    I never changed jobs, only had one since I graduated from college, which was a teacher. I did change between grade levels, and teaching 3rd grade was a wake up call. It was a very important grade for the students with the curriculum.

  3. Janet Watson says

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  4. Lisa Brown says

    The last time I changed jobs, it was time for a change for sure, just did not enjoy what I was doing anymore. I had a friend that recommended me to a proofreading position, interviewed, and got the job. It was fun, rewarding, great people to work with, just with the company did not go under, put me on the unemployment lines again 🙁

  5. kSquaredGlamour says

    the last time i changed jobs was the best thing ever! I went from working full time in a call center to having my own blog with my own hours and I got to stay home and take care of my daughter 🙂 best thing ever!

  6. Patricia says

    My big career change came when I became a stay at home mom. My alarm clock became cries, screams, and giggles.

  7. mami2jcn says

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    I haven’t worked outside the home in a decade, but I remember the last wake up call I had when I had a talk with the CEO and asked for some kind of raise or even title change to let me know I was advancing in the company and he flatly said no. I worked in the marketing department and the people above me weren’t going anywhere, so there was nowhere I could move up. I quit a month after that and never looked back.

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    Google + name: Mary F

  8. Frugal and Fun Mom says

    That was a cute video. I am a firm believer in always keeping your resume up to date!

  9. Vanessa Aguirre says

    I left my job after I became pregnant with my second child and I’m a stay at home mom 24/7 but my baby just turned 3 years old this week and I feel like I’m ready to go out job hunting again.

  10. Crystal C says

    My wake up call was realizing I was no longer a Mom of one, but a Mom three with one on the way. I needed more stable hours and of course a higher salary.

  11. Charro Mojica says

    I switched careers for money and quickly found out that time with my family is more valuable than a huge salary. I work 4 days a week now and on my terms. These kids grow up too fast!

  12. I have a clock that uff as take out me Lol scares and it is because of my husband that is the one that puts every day the alarm but is passed by that puts the high volume that even my baby wakes up with noise hehehe. 🙂

  13. Reinaa Pmora says

    I have nothing more and nothing less than 6 years without working! and there was no need to do that I had to my tiny daughter and not I wanted to leave it with no one, thank God never we missed nothing and clear that thanks to my husband why is that always rises every day to go to work, now that my daughter already has 3 years and apart I’m already is almost about to leave the diaper thinking about looking for work I need help on something more my husband 🙂

  14. steve weber says

    my wakeup call was the fact that I went from a job that involved traveling and working by myself, to a job where I wasn’t traveling in an office full of people.

  15. The last time I changed jobs was because my husband and I decided to leave the suburbs and move to the city. But if I had still been as happy at my job as I used to be I might have waited longer to make the move. I think the fact that I couldn’t wait to move to the city was partly because I wanted to start a new life, job and all.

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  17. The last time I changed careers, wake-up call was too many business travels. I spent more of the time out of the country within a year, missed holidays, birthdays with my family.

  18. Christine M says

    My career change was getting laid off and then having a baby. I was much happier not being stressed out by work!

  19. Sandy VanHoey says

    My wake up call was when I ended my job because of back issues but then helped out with my grandson. He kept me awake many nights when he was a baby but he was worth everry second of it. Loved cuddling with him and rocking him

  20. My wake up call was when I was pregnant and worked too much and almost lost my baby. I quit my job and became stay at home Mom. It was the best decision I ever made.

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  22. The wake up call I had was when I decided not to pursue a full time job at the company where I was interning. I wanted to work in a different field and I needed the full time hours and wanted a 401K plan. Now I am staying home with my kids, which is the best career yet.

  23. My wake up call was when I realized I was only spending 1 hour a day with my new baby because my boss required long hours and weekends because that’s what she did. I got out of there within a year and never looked back.

  24. Julie Rod. says

    I haven’t changed careers in forever. But it was just realizing that I wasn’t happy with my life and I needed to make a change.

  25. kelly Nicholson says

    What kind of wake up call did you have the last time you changed careers?

    not a good memory

  26. coupontammy says

    My wake up call was that I didn’t want to deal with all the inter office politics when I could be home with my kids.

  27. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Wakeup Call Was I Should Of Stayed With My Last Job, I Went From Having Weekends And Holidays Off To Working 12hr Shifts On The Weekends And Holidays Not Worth The Dollar More An Hour!

  28. My wake up call was when I came home in tears more often than not. I was just so miserable and stressed out all the time.

  29. AmandaSakovitz says

    I went from hotel management to becoming a radiology technologist. huge change but Im doing what I’m supposed to now.

  30. AmandaSakovitz says

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  31. Thomas Murphy says

    my wake up call was when I was working way to many hours every day and never saw my kids. So I quit and started my own business with the hours I want.


  32. Sara Floyd says

    I got a wake up call when my boss told me there would be no money for me anymore!

  33. Thomas Murphy says

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  34. Jessica To says

    I changed from working in the local government to working in the private sector. It was refreshing to go into the private sector where there was a lot of flexibility.

  35. Gilda Campos says

    I think that you latest call was received to change jobs when touch doors and after six tests to enter work that I loved in my country: MEXICO. Call me to tell me that the place was mine!It was the more exciting that it has happened to me. Succeed!.

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  36. Gilda Campos says

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  37. Amanda Hoffman says

    i havent changed careers for

  38. Rebecca Shockley says

    My wake up call when I was told my position had ended and also that due to federal funding, all budget’s had been cut. This was a non-profit job and I loved it!!!

  39. BohemianBabushka says

    After 6 years I realized there was no chance of advancement. Time to try my own wings.

  40. melissa t says

    I was laid off and I realized that if we wanted to start a family I couldn’t get a job where I worked so many hours. I also thought the field I was in was what I wanted to do the rest of my life. I let myself be open to many opportunities and found a job I am happy with.

  41. I realized that I needed to find a job that I loved so that I wouldn’t have to switch jobs all the time because of no chances for advancement or not enough pay. If you love your job those things don’t matter.

  42. Maggie C says

    My job was somewhat mad I was getting married. I needed my family to make me realize that me getting married was a once in a lifetime event and I shouldn’t feel bad about taking time off.

  43. I changed careers when I moved to an area that didn’t have many state parks. My biology background has come in handy around the woods while walking with the kids.

  44. debra pauley says

    My wake up call was when I came home in tears more often than not. I was just so miserable and stressed out all the time.

  45. The last time I changed careers was when I actually had to give up working outside the home to care for my elderly mother. It was a huge adjustment mentally, physically, and budget wise.

  46. I had to move and thus changed my job (still in the same line of work, so does that count?). My situation is different now, but good. You gotta roll with the punches!

  47. Renee Stacey says

    My last change of careers was to a work at home job, rather than out of the home job. It was a wake up call because working at home is much different than being out. I never thought I’d miss leaving the house to go to work!! Sometimes I just wish I could get out of the house to work.


  48. Renee Stacey says

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  49. My last career change showed me that I could make a living using my ‘secondary’ skills and talents!

  50. Stephanie G says

    I realized I felt stuck in the daily rut and wanted to do something more stimulating

  51. Wanda McHenry says

    My wake up call was not to stuck in traffic, When a hurricane was coming, the law firm held us until 5pm, that was it. I retired permanetly!

  52. my husband had a wake up call five years back. right after our son was born my husband was laid off and we lived on unemployment for over a year. he completely switched careers and skills to land a new job which he’s kept!

  53. Sheila Hickmon says

    The last time I changed careers it was because I had a baby. I realized that to me staying with my babies meant more than working outside the home. I love taking care of my kids, and thankfully, I have a great husband that does all he can to make sure I can stay home.

  54. meredith says

    I left my career in pharma and changed to medicine since i really wanted to work with patients. it ended up pretty good for me, except im really tired

  55. paulakiger says

    LOL I haven’t heeded any wakeup calls I’ve gotten – same job for NINETEEN years. However, I need to listen to my gut and instinct which I think are trying to give me hints.

  56. Honestly, I have been job hunting for a while now. I’ve only had two part time jobs and no wake up calls!

  57. Stephanie Phelps says

    The last job I started my wake up call was by myself when I woke up thinking I was late and had a panic attack just to realize I had four hours more of sleep to go! Needless to say I did not go back to sleep

  58. Wanda McHenry says

    I entered the $20 Outback Steak House gift card. Thank you !!

  59. Adrianne Braun says

    I had a wake-up call when I switched from being a stay at home mother back to teaching pre-school. I felt like all my freedom and sponteneity as a parent was gone. I did not realize what a drain it was on my time and personal freedoms to be a “good” teacher. It was very hard for me to strike a good work/life balance, so I ultimately chose my family and child over the career. When the time comes for me to return to the work force, I will likely have another career sea change and go for something with more flexibility and creativity.

  60. jenmalonee says

    My wake up call was that I needed a steady job. The job I had previously was cutting hours and I knew I needed to support my family. I have been at my current job now for 5 years and it has been very stable.

  61. I have been a homemaker and stay at home mom for many years now. I am just thinking about getting into the working world. It is very scary after being home for so many years.

  62. Misha Estrada says

    I’ve been a stay at home mom my entire adult life. I am probably going to go to school when my youngest does.

  63. Courtney Bella says

    having 2 kids and mostly staying at home I didn’t realize how much I would miss them so much.- So I had to go find a work at home job which I did. It was a wake up call realizing I couldn’t stay away all day everyday

  64. Outrun1986 says

    I haven’t had a wakeup call yet

  65. When I couldn’t find a daycare that I could trust after I had my younger daughter and I realized that my family took precedence over work and that I would have to make some changes to stay home with my kids

  66. Betsy Barnes says

    My wake up call was when my son began school, realized I needed to do something, so I took some online classes 🙂

  67. jalapenomama says

    I switched jobs for better pay. Unfortunately the new job was really hard on my back.
    Now I have arthritis in my back.
    More pay is not always better.
    Thank you.

  68. steffers516 says

    it’s much harder to find a good paying job now, everything I find is only minimum wage. It is so competitive now, I wish I would have finished college!

  69. Desiree Dunbar says

    Last career change for me was into education and I never realized what a challenge it would be finding a teaching position. I have used Monster many times and find the website very helpful.

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