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    I can still remember the rich aroma of coffee waking me from my slumber as a young girl in Spain.  My Grandmother would get up earlier than everyone else in the house and prepare coffee and put out breakfast pastries to help fuel our bodies before we headed out to work and school in the morning.  To this day, the scent and taste of coffee catapults me back to a happy childhood abroad.

    This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate all of the mothers who give of themselves tirelessly day after day to make sure their children and families have the very best of everything.  We are offering you the opportunity to win a Café La Llave gift basket full of delicious coffee products and much, much more.  It’s just our way of letting all the moms out there know just how much we appreciate them.

    We want to hear about your favorite coffee moment with your mom over the years.  While you are sharing your fondest coffee memories with all of us, make sure you pass by the Café La Llave Facebook page and give them a “like” to find out about all of their aromatic and delicious coffee and espresso blends.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. This is my 1st Mother’s Day without my mom, she passed away on the 1st. So thinking about your question brings up many moments. But the last one, that is my favorite. It was just her and I. Everyone else was off running errands and we had our last just the two of us moment. Knowing it was our last we spent time sharing stories about when she met my Dad. We talked about her labor with me. We talked about why she was baptized on Palm Sunday instead of Easter ( she didn’t want to ruin her new Easter Dress and Palm Sunday was just a normal dress 🙂 ) Love happens over coffee, it also says good-bye.

  2. Misha Estrada says

    I don’t really have a coffee memory of my mom. I’m pretty sure my kids will, though. They pretty much leave me alone in the morning until I’ve had a cup or two, lol.

  3. I can still smell the coffee in the morning,my Mom sitting there in her pajamas,reading the paper. I loved her dearly{God rest her soul} but she made the strongest coffee then anybody I have ever know 🙂 My Dad used to say that you spoon would stand straight up in the cup!

  4. Htroncoso says

    Hearing the coffee brewing was something I always remember waking up to as a kid. Later we spent many mornings together catching up with each other over coffee.

  5. some of my favorite memories drinking coffee with my mom are from when we were visiting family in honduras. my grandma would wake us up in the morning and say “hijas, ya esta el cafecito y las cemitas en la mesa vengan a desayunar!”

  6. Que rico! I can’t count the countless times my mother and I have enjoyed una tasa de cafesito juntas. It’s part of our life, so much so that even now, from 500 miles away, we still enjoy our morning chats and coffee, just over the phone.

  7. Have so many good memories with my mom, the one that stands out the most is my first taste of coffee in my teens, which was during a fishing trip when it was very cold, didn’t like it much at the time, but it helped warm me up! The smell of fresh brewed coffee was something I always woke up, but I didn’t develop a taste for it until I was older. Now, I’m fortunate to still be able to sit down for cup of coffee and a chat with my mom, always a treasured moment!

  8. When I was in my late teens and early 20’s my mom used to wake me up and ask me if I wanted coffee. She would make it for me just the way I liked it and then she would bring it to me and we would sit there and drink our coffee together and talk. I miss those days!

  9. Andrea v says

    I remember waking up for school and smelling fresh coffee. Now we stop at a coffee shop together and get a cup any chance we have.

  10. I remember as a child waking up for school and smelling the coffee before even getting out of bed. I’d walk in to the kitchen to find my mom making lunches and drinking her coffee. It always smelled so good…and I couldnt wait until I was old enough to drink it.
    Thank you!

  11. Um, mom and coffee…well, I remember my first coffee moments with my mother when we both traveled to Italy to see relatives and stay for a month. Coffee there is excellent, a bit different than it is in the US: flavorful, creamy, so good! We would visit outdoor cafes and indulge in great coffees.

  12. jamie braun says

    my favorite coffee moment with my mother has to be the morning after my first night home with my daughter. my mom showed up at my house the next morning with a huge cup of coffee, and told me I would need one every morning now for the next 18 years!

  13. I remember waking up to the smell of her coffee. She would never give us any. Who would want hyper kids?

  14. My mom and I have quite the love of chocolate. So, we love to relax and chat about our weeks over some cafe mochas. It gives us some time to relax and catch up on each other’s lives.

  15. I used to wake up dad for work and make his coffee and then we would sit outside on the porch and talk while he woke up. My favorite memory was the first time he let me have a cup of coffee. I’ll always cherish our time together.

  16. I remember Mom chiding Dad for letting us have sips of his coffee that was heavily laced with sugar!

  17. My Favorite Memory Is Waking Up To The Smell Of Coffee Brewing, My Mom Would Always Be Sitting On The Porch Drinking A Cup, She Would Share Memories Of Her Childhood With Me .Great Memories!

  18. My favorite memory is me being able to try coffee with my mom for the first time and thinking that I was so old. 🙂

  19. My Mom making the coffee on the stove in a perculator, how long it took to make but how it made the entire house fill up with the taste of fresh delicious coffee. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to have some. She didn’t know that my Dad would sneak me sips!

  20. Holly Daniels says

    Early mornings sitting with her and drinking coffee. We did it daily and I miss it.

  21. latanya t says

    My mom is not a coffee drinker. She likes cappuccinos. I remember us going reading books together while drinking cappuccinos.

  22. I haven’t had coffee with my mom in decades. She’s a tea drinker! The last time we enjoyed our respective drinks together, we laughed about silly things we did when I was a kid (30+ years ago). Now that I’m a mom to a college kid, it’s the conversations with him over coffee as we explored colleges that really sing in my heart.

  23. Alicia Borchardt says

    Que rico este sorteo…!!! A mi esposo y a mi nos fascina el café bien tempranito el lo prefiere Espresso y yo con crema. En verano lo disfrutamos con los hijos preparando en casa los famosos Frappuccinos…so yummy 🙂

  24. always liked to drink coffee in the afternoon when it was ending the day and chat about all that had happened during the day my mom always helped me with their words and affection when I had problems when taking our cafe!

  25. Alejandra says

    I remember as a small mom liked a cafesito in the afternoon and we even little girls drank just a little, there will take Dulcita taste for coffee. Now big’ve had a taste for cappuccinos and mokalete are delicious. I also like in the afternoon as my mommy.

  26. The only coffee moments I’ve ever had with my mom is she used to give me coffee bubbas when I was a kid to go to sleep. It has a reverse affect on me for some reason 😛 My sister, dad, and I are the coffee drinkers in my family.

  27. What memory do you have of your favorite coffee moment with your mom?

    I remember she use to make it on the stove..ugh.. Then bwe got a coffee maker and found out how good it really is

  28. Jennifer Reed says

    A favorite coffee moment with my mom is waking up early before everyone else and sharing coffee with her on their back deck. The sun was coming up and the birds were chirping. It was nice to share that moment with her and a good cup of coffee.

  29. Angie B. says

    lol i don’t know if you’d consider it “with” my mom but my mom only drank tea. She didn’t drink coffee. My grandmother on my dad’s side would let us have all kinds of stuff and she used to pour a plastic cup with coffee about half way then fill the rest with milk and a couple teaspoons of sugar. My mom used to get so mad at my grandmother for giving us coffee lol

  30. Carlee Colonneso says

    I love coffee, can’t go without it. My mom never drank coffee until she was older. Now both my grandmas that is different story. My paternal Grandmother used a percolator and I remember the noise as a child. My maternal grandmother used her Taster’s Choice mix ins. 🙂

  31. My mother and I were so different. We valued very different things. However, on the day she passed away, I fed her one last meal. It consisted of a cup of coffee and a sandwich that I had to break into pieces. I put ice cubes in her coffee so that she could drink it. When she finished she said to me,”I love you.” Then she said, “Get the hell out of here so I can rest.” Those were her last words to me, spoken over a last sip of coffee.

  32. Gigi Schwartz says

    My mom and I used to work together and we used to take our coffee break together and talk. We had some of our best talks over these coffee breaks. These days, every time she comes over, I know to make a pot of coffee so we can have a nice talk over some good coffee.

  33. June Lisle says

    I remember going to bingo with my mom when I was a little girl. She shared her cup of cranberry cappuccino with me while we played. I remember how good it tasted and how grown up I felt.

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