Introducing The New Beats By Dr. Dre In Neon Colors! #SeHablaMusica @Target #Ad

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Target. All opinions are 100% mine.

    If you have a passion for music like I do, it goes with you wherever you go and you are never too far removed from your favorite tune or melody.  Having a great pair of headphones certainly guarantees that you always have your favorite playlists at your disposal, even if you are on-the-go.  However, in today’s fashion conscious society, it’s not enough to have headphones that sound great, you have to sport ones that look great too.

    Beats by Dr. Dre has managed to create headphones that are light, sound great, can withstand a variety of conditions and, best of all, make you look great while you are wearing them.  They feature an adjustable headband, enhanced bass, and come in some fresh colors.  As if these headphones weren’t great enough, they are now available in neon colors to bring out your trendy side.

*Image Credit-M. Young

    I had the opportunity to check out the new Beats Neon by Dr. Dre at a launch party for them this month at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan.  This event couldn’t have been held in a more appropriate location because the rooftop pool and surrounding cabanas were absolutely gorgeous!  It really demonstrated how the new Beats Neon headphones spice up any function as well as boast an amazing sound quality.

    As you can see, the headphones come in a variety of bright neon colors and look great with any outfit whether it’s formal or casual.  It was wonderful to see how great they looked on the models who were wearing dresses as well as the entertainers who attended and were wearing urban gear.  I must admit, they made everyone who wore them look hip and vibrant!

    The new Beats Neon headphones by Dr. Dre are available at Target in the following colors:  Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Blue and Neon Green.  You can enjoy all of the great service and quality that you have come to know and love from Target and also add these stylish headphones to your music library and your wardrobe.  Go get a pair and make your own bold statement!

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  1. Migdalia aka @MsLatina says

    I love the neon blue headphones! Actually with all the vibrant colors, I could see myself mixing and matching my clothes to match my headphones this summer. Also, have to Google the hotel Dream. I plan on taking a staycation this year and have never heard of it.

  2. Those are some cool looking headphones. I love the bright colors. I would be able to find them! I am always misplacing things.

  3. Those are so cute, love the bright colors! Really like the green ones, going to have to look for these on my next trip to Target.

  4. Jai @ Mami's Time Out says

    Those are cute! I wouldn’t even know which pair to pick! And as picky as Dre is with his music (I heard the sound has to be just right) I know those headphones probably sound as good as they look!

  5. I LOVE the bright colors! It’s cool that they are at Target because we have a Target right near our house.

  6. I love the bright colors. I am going to have to look for a pair the next time I am in Target!

  7. Love the colors… and my kids would go nuts over these.. they are sooo cool. Need to grab some the next time I’m in Target. Thanks for sharing

  8. Tammy Schiff says

    These headphones are awesome. I really love the new colors. My kids would love to own a pair.

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