Grout Got You Down? #PurexInsiders

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Soft Scrub as a Purex Insider. All opinions are 100% mine.

    I can’t stand a dirty bathroom and, as a result, I find myself constantly cleaning it so that it is sanitary for my family.  Since it’s probably the most used room in the house, it definitely gets dirty quickly and it’s important to keep up with cleaning grout, mold and mildew.  New Soft Scrub Mold and Mildew Stain Remover comes in a gentle solution that will tackle all of the mold and mildew stains in your home.

    It is a a spray gel that has the unique ability to be extra tough on stains while, at the same time, gentle on all of your surfaces.  It’s different from other spray and bleach cleaners because it does not permeate your home with harmful bleach vapors.  Since it is a thick gel, it clings to your bathroom surfaces and penetrates tough stains without filling it up with fumes or clogging the air with overspray.

    I love that it is multi-purpose and cleans tiles, grout, tubs, and showers along with a variety of surfaces that can be found in most bathrooms.  It can be used for quick touch-ups in between cleanings or for weekly scrubbing sessions.  As you can see from the photos, I used it to clean the sink in our bathroom.

    The gel spray was concentrated on the areas where I sprayed it.  It had a pleasant and fresh scent and it foamed up a little as I rubbed it in with the sponge.  It definitely cleaned the sink well and was gentle on its surface.  I really liked the fact that my hands didn’t stink like bleach after using it and that it covered the specific area that I sprayed it on.  It really had good coverage.

    Soft Scrub knows that us mothers take pride in keeping our homes clean and that we are loyal to products that get the cleaning job done and don’t put a big dent in our wallets.  Use new Soft Scrub Mold and Mildew Stain Remover and don’t let grout get you down anymore!


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  1. I would have to say challenges come when mildew or whatever that gunk is accumulates on shower curtain liners – especially if I have a colored one and don’t notice it right away. I can’t stand the way it looks when it comes – so I’d have to say plastic Shower Curtain liners.

  2. I would say around the tub and toliet.

  3. Jackie Villano says

    I think the worst is the mold and mildew on the tile grout in the shower/tub area.

  4. elda torres says

    I think the worst is the mold around the toilet.

  5. the toughest part for me is keeping mildew away from the shower area. especially in the area’s along the shower doors. that drives me nuts

  6. For me it is in the shower. I find it hard to reach in the corners because I am short. Mold and water stains seem to accumulate in that area.

  7. its not mold or mildew its ruff looking spots that i cant get clean …i scrub but its not working maybe this would clean it

  8. My toughest obstacle is myself. I hate scrubbing the tub, so I put it off. Then I get disgusted because it shows that I didn’t do it. I end up working twice as hard. Logically I know all this, doesn’t seem to matter

  9. It seems I have difficulty in corners, of tub and on floor around tub area. I ask that my daughter keeps the shower curtains open after showering to help prevent mold and try to keep up so it doesn’t ever get out of control. I am kind of a clean freak

  10. Mine is that we have a septic tank and you are not supposed to use any bleach at all! It is hard to find cleaners for mold and mildew without bleach!!

  11. latanya t says

    Mold and mildew in the tub and toilet is tough. This product looks like it would work great.

  12. My Biggest Obstacles When It Comes To Mold And Mildew Is The Crevices In The Tiles Around My Bathroom, Very Hard To Reach And Clean.

  13. Angie B. says

    We are actually having our bathroom renovated because there was no vent system in our small bathroom and we would get mold quite often. I’d have to stand on a step stool, the tub and everywhere else to try to scrub the mold off the ceiling and walls

  14. janetfaye says

    My Biggest Obstacles When It Comes To Mold And Mildew is in the summer when i forget to leave the bathroom window open a little. Mold appears in the corners of the shower tile.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Heather! says

    Honestly, my biggest obstacle is finding the motivation to do it! It’s an easier job when you do it regularly, but I really hate cleaning the bathroom, so I procrastinate. Blegh.

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