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    Last night, my family and I attended my nephew’s first birthday party at my sister’s house.  We all had a a great time talking, laughing, celebrating, and dancing.  As a matter of fact, one of the party games that my sister had planned for all the kids was a dance contest.  It was really a joy seeing my sons and nephews jamming to their favorite songs and spending family time together.

    I can’t recall any holiday or family event that we have had over the years that didn’t include some kind of music and dancing.  It’s almost as if the music is in our blood as Latinos and it moves us from within.  Basically, it’s an extension of who we are and a large part of our culture and traditions.  Over the years, I have added a variety of songs to my Latin music playlist that move me and remind me of memorable events in my life.

    When I listen to these songs, they catapult me back in time to all of the memories that I have attached to them.  Some of them are associated with joyous or monumental events in my past and others are aligned with not so happy times.  Regardless of their origins, they make up the fabric of my life and my experiences and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, without further ado, here are the top three songs on the Latin playlist of my life!:

Number 1:  Marc Anthony-Te Conozco Bien

Number 2:  Jerry Rivera-Dame Un Beso Asi

Number 3:  India-Ese Hombre


Let’s discuss:  What are the top three Latin songs on your Latin music playlist?


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  1. I have to put my cousin, J Balvin, at the top of my list. I don’t have a single favorite…I like “Sin Compromiso” and “Extasis” to name a couple. Next would be Carlos Vives. I like his old stuff, like “Fruta Fresca”. Lastly I would say Camilo Sesto…now that’s old school. I grew up on his songs since my dad is from Spain. Julio Iglesias was played in our home as well, but more of Camilo Sesto.

  2. hello, my top 3 is this:
    1.. la arrolladora (regional Mexican) I like all his songs in particular: DE TI EXCLUSIVO
    2 .. calle 13 (I like the aggressiveness lol) I do not like all the songs but the vast majority if. especially: VEN Y criticame.
    3 .. jose jose (romantic) I like listening to these songs when I feel sad or feel happy.

    thanks for the oportunity good luck

  3. BB’s Old School- Give me Celia Cruz, Willie Chirino, Jonni Ventura, Jose Feliciano

  4. Vanessa Aguirre says

    The top 3 songs on my Latin Music Playlist are anything from Pitbull. Another one of my favorites is Prince Royce something like “Stand By Me” and my favorite band of all time Mana I love all of their songs 🙂

  5. How is anyone non-Hispanic and one that has not a clue about Hispanic music or performers, supposed to enter and answer the mandatory comment? Nothing like leaving out, ostracizing and really offending, your non-Hispanic followers. Nice.

    • Hi, Lisa. I’m sorry that you feel offended. If you follow my blog, you should be aware that this is a multicultural environment. However, this campaign revolves around Latin music and that is the focus that the sponsor has requested. You have the right to enter or not enter any giveaway that you choose. That is your prerogative.

  6. Ok…I like JLo and Pitbull’s On the Floor. I cannot get enough of that one. Tambien Elvis Crepo’s Besame-that one is a little old. Oh and anything Shakira or Enrique Iglesias.

  7. oh yea Marc Anthony too!

  8. I stick with a few Latin artists, such as Ricky Matin -The Cup Of Life and two songs from Shakira – Whenever, Wherever and Waka Waka

  9. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I don’t listen to much Latin music. I do like Marc Anthony-Te Conozco Bien. I also like Ricky Martin and JLo. I know there are more, but I don’t remember their names.

  10. I love listening to latin msuic! 1. Intocable, Marc Anthony, Romeo Santos

  11. Esperanza Spalding for her amazing talent. Tito Puente because his songs just make me so happy. And Celia Cruz for making me want to dance!

  12. janetfaye says

    I am not familiar with Hispanic songs. I think I would like Marc Anthony-Te Conozco Bien, and India-Ese Hombre from your list.I also like Jennifer Lopez.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. janetfaye says

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  14. I don’t listen to a lot of Latin artists especially top 40 ones but Fernando Ortega is a Christian Latin artist we listen to here in our home. Ones on the Christian radio that come to mind are Salvadore and Jaci Valesquez.

  15. I love most of Marc’s songs, his song ‘Che Che Cole’ reminds me of my dad, I love the salsa song ‘Juguete De Nadie’ by Puerto Rican Power, and Prince Royce’s Bachata Version of ‘Stand by Me’ is another one of my favorites!

    Now that they put a Super Target not too far from my home I shop there way more often now, so this is perfect, thanks for hosting!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  16. Heather! says

    There’s one album by Shakira that I love, and I listen to “Bruta, Ciega, Sordomuda” a lot! Definitely some Tercer Mundo, Gypsy Kings and Francis Cabral on my playlist, and my very favorite band EVER is Ozomatli!!

  17. I honestly don’t listen to much latin music…I would say Pitbull, Shakira and Ricky Martin are the artists I’m mostly familiar with. No top songs.

  18. amy tolley says

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  19. amy tolley says

    three latin songs i love shakiras music and jennifer lopezes music

  20. Shakira has made a reentry into my playlist lately as well as the occasional JLo… i’m sure I listen to others, but they escape me at the moment. we’re always listening to a whole variety of music from country to rap, oldies, to heavy metal. you never know what it will be!

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  22. I’m not very familiar with Latin music, so I don’t have any top songs. I do like some Shakira music, though.

  23. I like ‘Bailamos’ but that is the only song I can name. I like Shakira and Ricky Martin.

  24. I love to listen to all kinds of music. i can’t say that I have a Latin playlist. Shakira has a lot of great songs. I love to mix up the music and play all different kinds mixed together. thanks

  25. Allisha Gold says

    I love Selena’s music! Some of my favorite songs are Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Como La Flor, and Dreaming of You.

  26. Christina Aguilera, feel this moment and Loco & Ivy Queen

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  28. Tammy Schiff says

    I like Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony, Zumba by Don Omar, and Te Me Vas by Prince Royce.
    My daughter is the one that plays these songs and has got them stuck in my head.

  29. Tammy Schiff says

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  30. Sara Floyd says

    I don’t listen to much latin music, I think its because I don’t know anyone that does to get ideas on who is good! I will check out the ones you’ve listed. I do like Selena though!

  31. Our top 3 include Ricky Martin’s Cup of Life. My husband likes Matador by Los Fabolosos. And I like GLoria Estefan’s 1-2-3.

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