Attack The Source With New Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips #PurexInsiders

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Combat as a Purex Insider. All opinions are 100% mine.

    We have been lucky not to have many problems with pests and vermin where we live, however, whenever the weather gets warm we get a visit from some unwelcome visitors.  We usually begin to see the ants in our front yard traveling back and forth from their colony with food and, eventually, they always make their way inside the foyer where we find the occasional stragglers.

     As a kid, I can remember my parents using Combat Baits and Gels to deal with roaches when we lived in apartment buildings.  It is a brand that has been trusted by my family for years so I was very excited to have the opportunity to review new Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips.

    They have the same killing power found in Combat Gels and are available in a new discreet design that contains an adhesive backing that makes it easier than ever to hide them out of sight and our of the reach of children and pets.  They are extremely easy to apply and leave no sticky mess.  This is especially important in our home because my seven-year old is very curious and has a habit of getting into everything.

    You are probably wondering what makes Combat Bait Strips different from other insecticides.  You see, unlike spray insecticides that only kill the bugs that are visible to you, these strips have the ability to attack the source of your pest problem which is the nest or colony.  They contain food and water that roaches and ants seek combined with Fipronil which is a fast acting insecticide that starts killing within hours once the insect has come into contact with the bait.

How Combat Bait Strips Work:

    My husband actually applied the Bait Strips in our Foyer and he loved how easy it was to apply them due to their adhesive backing.  He was able to put them in discreet places so the kids and our dog would not be able to mess with them.  We saw a significant decrease in the visible ants getting into the home immediately and stopped seeing ants altogether after about a week.  We are very happy with the results!


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  1. Tabathia B says

    Where I Live the entire area is infected with ants. They are everywhere. When we first moved we saw a few and thought it was because the townhouse had been vacant for a few months and after we moved in the ants were everywhere within three months and they come back and usually in the bathroom or anywhere especially if someone has their home treated which where we live is on a monthly basis we will see pest control about the ants and hopefully the HOA will do something soon

  2. Elda Torres says

    Tengo sting bugs en mi sun room.

  3. These look really cool because we have a major issue with ants. I don’t know why they like our patio and home so much, but it drives me crazy. It almost makes me wish that winter were here so that we didn’t have to deal with pests. lol.

  4. Della Dabner says

    OMG my apt has ants and just when I think I’ve gotten rid of them a million more pops up. They’ve moved from the kitchen to the bathroom. It seems like Our bug guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. When he sprays they seem to get worse. Hopefully we’ll find something soon

  5. We don’t have a major issue with ants getting in the house but we do have a problem with fire ants outside. They are so annoying and they hurt when they stink!

  6. It’s BUG season in Florida… these work like a charm, we have them everywhere and thanks to the new Combat strips, no bugs… I’m a happy camper…

  7. Carlee Colonneso says

    I live in Florida as well, and we get little unwanted visitors on occasion as well. Glad to know this product works.

  8. Luckily not yet but we are moving into a new house and I think you can never be too prepared!

  9. I have a big problem with cockroaches
    rather than use (raid) do not die every day dawns with traces kitchen
    that cockroaches walked there sometimes encounter some alive in the sink
    and I do not like.

    cockroaches sometimes fall from the ceiling and are big and nasty.

    I find a product that can kill all cockroaches well.

    thanks for the oportunity 🙂

  10. We currently have an ant problem. My girls get a kick out of the ants hauling off crumbs and scream when the ants crawl on their toes.

  11. Ants in my kitchen around the window are driving me crazy! I need help!

  12. Two years ago we had tiny ants coming in the dining room. I think they were coming from the deck and sliding glass door, but I couldnt tell exactly where they were coming in. We havent had a problem this year, although yesterday I did find one ant in the kitchen. I hope it’s not the start of something.

  13. I absoulutely hate any bugs!I am OCD so I flip out when they are in my home

  14. amy tolley says

    entered the target giveaway

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