Your Cheek Is Hairy, Mom…


    My nine year old son kissed me on the cheek this evening and told me that my cheek was hairy.  Now, don’t go getting the wrong idea, he was referring to that peach fuzz that we all have on our faces.  We do all have it, right?  Well, I’m Spanish and it’s no secret that we Latinas are blessed with tons of hair.  Yes, even hair on places it’s not supposed to be is a blessing.

    Anyhow, I commented about what he said on Facebook and an old school friend of mine answered that he will learn soon enough about women.  She is absolutely right, before you know it, he will be noticing everything about the opposite sex and he won’t need me to state the obvious about them.  It’s funny how children rely on us during these elementary school years to answer their questions and to address their curiosity.

    Once they get to be the age of my students in middle school, they couldn’t care less what us parents have to say about anything.  At that point, the authorities on everything are their classmates and peers.  You’d be surprised how many parents come in on parent teacher night to tell me that their kid never talks to them and always has an attitude.  I always lend them an ear and a shoulder and assure them that “this too shall pass.”

    So, yes, I definitely have blond peach fuzz on my face and you can feel it if you kiss me or touch my skin.  No, I don’t plan on turning into a sasquatch anytime soon in case you were wondering.  I am, however, intrigued by the fact that my nine year old son even noticed at all and even more intrigued about what other things he will start to notice soon about the fairer sex.  For now, I’ll just enjoy being the woman in his life and enjoy his self-esteem building comments about my facial hair.

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  1. I am going through that attitude problem, girl, pray this phase passes quickly. Certainly don’t recall us having so much attitude, we were put straight and we knew who was the boss:)!

  2. Sorry- you teach middle school? You’re a braver and better woman than me for sure!! And as far as Sasquatch… Menopausal Mustache Mary here is definitely related. ; ) BB2U

  3. abc mama says

    I love this post because my 8yr old son told me I have a BEARD last week. I do not BTW. It is the blond peach fuzz. I could not believe him. I can’t wait to meet his future wife, he has very high expectations for the women in his life and, alas, his mother has never fit into his ideal. I laughed it off, but did ask the hubs and the stylist to check it out (he got into my head!) They saw no beard. My older sis heard the story and a few days later I got a lady facial hair trimmer in the mail “anonymously.” Very funny of her, huh!

  4. That picture had me laughing from the get-go. This is actually such a sweet post about growing up and the letting go that has to happen. You have such a lovely attitude about it all. Your son is lucky to have you as his mom.

  5. i liked the way you being so strong and honest about these things. kids these days definitely are smarter and notice quite often which is cute and they are innocent which is why its fun when they openly tell something.

  6. Actually wait till you go through menopause. You will start growing hair on your face like you wouldn’t believe. You will be spending half your day in front of a magnifying mirror with tweezers.

  7. You are a brave woman to teach middle school! I subbed there a few times right after I got my degree.

  8. kSquaredGlamour says

    i also have peach fuze on my cheeks and you can see it when you are really close up

  9. I’ve spend most of my life it seems ridding myself of the dark hair on my lip and chin area. Enjoy your son while you can–he is getting older fast!!

  10. You’re a teacher – you know exactly what’s coming up in the next few years! 😉

  11. lol My son enjoys telling me about the gray hairs he can see from time to time in my hair. The little darling… 😉 🙂

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