Tragedy Struck Close To Home Today…

    This morning, a tragic event took place in my neighborhood, right around the corner from my house.  It all started at approximately 7:45 a.m.  I was driving to work and talking to my mother on the Bluetooth while I was driving.  While we were talking, I heard the faint sound of sirens in the background behind her and remember thinking it was weird because we live in a very quiet community where you hardly hear any city sounds at all.  Since I was rushing to get to work, I never even had time to ask her what was going on and eventually ended the conversation and entered my job.

Channel 4 NBC news van covering the story.

    Fast forward to this afternoon, I am driving home from work when I notice at least 4 different news vans parked all around the corner at the end of my block.  I immediately started wondering if the sirens I had heard that morning while I was talking to my Mom had anything to do with it.  Without stopping, I drove up to my house and called my husband who proceeded to tell me that a fire had broken out in one of the houses around the corner shortly after I left for work.  He went on to describe how he had witnessed them pulling human bodies out of the blaze charred and black with soot.

Univision’s news van parked around the corner from the remains of the house.

    It seems that an 83-year-old woman and her disabled adult son were trapped in their home when it was engulfed in flames at around 7:30 a.m.  It took around 60 firefighters to finally put out the blaze and attempt to save both of them.  Unfortunately, it was too late for the mother as she was pronounced dead on arrival due to severe burns that she sustained as a result of the fire.  Her son has been listed in serious condition and is being treated at a local hospital for burns and smoke inhalation.

The charred remains of the house with police tape around the perimeter.

    This tragedy is a tremendous loss for our entire community.  Some of my neighbors tried to get inside to help while firefighters arrived.  It really says a lot about how much we care and look out for each other here.  As I drove past the remains of the house this afternoon, crowds of people were still standing on the corner consoling each other and just trying to be there for one another during this time of loss and mourning.

Our community is mourning this evening for the loss of life and damage caused by this tragedy. The windows are blown out and the interior of the home is completely destroyed.

    Firefighters fought the blaze for almost an hour and finally got it under control.  According to the FDNY, the fire was caused by a faulty electrical problem related to the refrigerator in the home.  As I look around at my family this evening, I am reminded how fortunate we all are each and every single day.  For all of the minute things that we complain about on a daily basis, it is truly a blessing to have my children and husband here safe and sound by my side.  It really is so true that, no matter how bad things may seem, there is someone out there worse off.  So today, you will hear no complaints from me, none whatsoever…


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  1. how very sad… my thoughts and prayers are with their family. Hoping the son will make a full recovery soon.

  2. How scary and sad. I’m sorry to hear this. I also received bad news today that a friend was diagnosed with cancer and will have to go through chemo. Today was a bad day.

  3. So very sad to hear this. My prayers for the family and all those affected.

  4. Very sad. My heart goes out to all.

  5. That’s very sad. I’m sorry to hear it.

  6. I am sorry. That is awful. I hope the son is able to deal with the loss of his mother.

  7. kSquaredGlamour says

    what a terribly sad tragedy to occur. I will keep the son in my prayers

  8. alma pacheco says

    so tragic … I will also squeeze my kids a little tighter today 😉

    New york was our home too.

  9. Margaret says

    So sorry to hear this

  10. Crystal says

    What a tragedy. I’m so sorry for your communities loss….. Prayers.

  11. Soo sad… Such a terrible tragedy. Keep the son in our prayers and sounds like you have a wonderful community that will be there for you if you ever need help.

  12. Bicultural Mama says

    That’s terrible So sorry for that family’s loss.

  13. it’s always sad when you hear stories like that but it definitely hits when it happens so close to you. You definitely need to appreciate each other

  14. I’m so sorry, Maria. My prayers are with you, your community and the family.

  15. Alejandra says

    That unfortunate news and poor people who suffered this tragedy. It is true that sometimes you think it’s wrong but really are people out there that are very very bad pass.

    Good thing nothing happened at home

  16. OMG, how awful. I remember when this happened. What a tragedy for the lady and her son. I remember a similar incident from when I lived in Co-Op City – there was an explosion in Section 4, and someone was killed. This sends shivers in me, and all I can do pray for the victims, and hope that such incidents do not happen again.

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