Soft Scrub 4 In 1 Toilet Care Helps You Stop Scrubbing! #Purex

This post is written by me on behalf of Soft Scrub. I received a product sample to review. All opinions are 100% mine.

    You guys have no idea how much time I spend cleaning the bathroom, especially living in a house full of men!  Every single time I turn around I am down on my knees cleaning the floor around the toilet, scrubbing the sink and tub, and picking up bath toys.  Unfortunately, the bathroom is the one room in the house that gets dirty fairly quickly due to being in constant use.

    In the past I’ve tried out various cleaners to try to keep the toilet bowl fresh in between major bathroom cleanings.  The purpose of this was not only good hygiene but also that I got tired of constantly having to scrub the toilet all the time to keep the bowl clean and odor-free.  Most of the products I used in the past either dissolved too quickly due to frequent flushing or stopped smelling good after a few uses.  At the end of the day, I found myself right back where I originally started having to scrub the toilet bowl all the time like a servant.

    You can imagine that I welcomed the opportunity to test this new product from Soft Scrub as a Purex Insider.  It includes 4 in 1 toilet care because it promised to clean toilets, prevent future buildup, fight toilet ring, and freshen for up to 4 weeks.  That sounded really good to me, especially the 4 weeks part.  The thing that makes it different from other toilet bowl rim hangers is that it actually stays in place and it doesn’t dissolve too quickly.  I can attest to both of these things because I’ve had it in my toilet for about a week already and it has not moved at all.  Also, I can hardly tell that it is dissolving because the product is still intact within its plastic cage and doesn’t even appear to have worn down at all.

    What I can tell is that it is definitely working!  Our toilet bowl is definitely cleaner after flushing and the scent of the cleaning product smells great and permeates the area around the toilet but isn’t too overpowering.  Another thing I like is that the toilet doesn’t fill with bubbles or foam every time we flush it.  I have seen this with some of the previous toilet care products that we have used.  Besides the fact that it freshens your toilet for up to four weeks, it also costs less than $2.00 which is music to my ears and my wallet!

    Soft Scrub is hosting a sweepstakes along with their release of NEW Soft Scrub 4 in 1 Toilet Care.  One grand prize winner will receive $1000, while 250 additional winners will receive one Soft Scrub coupon for a free product.  Make sure you enter the Soft Scrub Sweepstakes and like their Facebook page to learn about new products and promotions.  You too can say goodbye to constant scrubbing for good!


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  1. In between cleanings, I tend to use either Pine-sol or Ajax. But mostly Pine-sol because I like the smell. I hate cleaning the bathroom and any way to not have to clean it as much will work well for me.

  2. I have boys so keeping the toilet clean at all times is one tough job. I keep a contariner of lysol wipes in the bathroom. The wipes work great for the seat, floor, front of the bowl . I find those are the most trouble areas that need the touching up.

  3. I keep a canister of pop up cleaner wipes by the toilet. I use those to wipe down the seat and lid and rims and such. It’s a never ending job!

  4. I really don’t do anything to keep it fresh between cleanings. I use a bowl cleaner and brush when the toilet needs to be cleaned.
    Thank you!

  5. Antionette Blake says

    This is a great product, my men are good and clean the bathroom weekly, but the 4 week freshness would be wonderful! I use baby wipes as a quick cleanup and add cleaner if the job is larger-lol

  6. Jenna Wood says

    We use toilet bowl drop ins to keep our toilet bowl clean between scrubbings. I also bleach the bowl regularly.

  7. June Lisle says

    Right now I don’t do anything between cleanings.

  8. I really don’t do anything in between cleanings. We so have air fresheners close by just in case it is needed.

  9. jamie braun says

    currently I am not using anything in between toilet cleanings. Alot of the products ive tried do not seem to work that great. I just end up cleaning the bowl alot!

  10. I use the scrubbing bubbles gel patch thing. Not sure what it is really called. I like the scent and it lasts all week

  11. Ashley H. says

    I just use Lysol

  12. I just clean it every week-i don’t have a favorite drop in or in between cleaner so far. Maybe this will be my new go to favorite 🙂

  13. We have used the I believe it’s lysol blue that goes in the tank

  14. I clean my toliet every Saturday.. it doesn’t need anything in between.

  15. sophieandmomma says

    I don’t do anything for the in betweens. LOL That is why I need one of these!

  16. Well, I honestly don’t do much between cleanings. We have to watch what we put in the toilet, because the cat seems to be facinated with it.

  17. I don’t really do anything, even if I did there 5 people (4 of them boys) that use the same commode. It wouldn’t stay fresh long

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