Make Bath Time Fun With Dial Kids Body And Hair Wash!

    When it comes to our children, we parents always want to buy the most trusted products especially when those products are coming in contact with their delicate skin.  The Dial Brand has been creating personal care products for 65 years and now they are introducing their kids’ line of products.  They understand the importance of offering body and hair wash that address the gentle and unique needs of children’s skin.

    My seven year old son has extremely sensitive skin and it’s an issue that I have discussed on this blog numerous times.  When he was an infant, he developed eczema on his face and me had to have him treated by a pediatric dermatologist.  As a result, we have always been mindful of the types of personal hygiene and body wash products that we have exposed him to.

    I immediately knew that the Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash for kids ages 2+ would be perfect for him because it is designed for the needs of children who have outgrown baby soaps but are not ready for adult strength body and hair washes.  Since my son’s skin is so delicate, I liked the fact that it wasn’t going to harsh on his skin and cause him to have a reaction.  Also, I loved the fact that it had a Peachy Clean scent that was light and fresh and not strong and overbearing.

    This concerned mom was also put at ease when I found out that Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash was developed in conjunction with pediatric dermatologists to address the unique skin care needs of children.  It claims to be tear free, hypoallergenic, Ph balanced, and does not contain any artificial dyes or added parabens.  My son personally vouched for the fact that it did not sting his eyes or irritate them.  I was happy because it did not aggravate his skin at all and he smelled great after his shower.

    Dial is proud to introduce the Dial Kids Sweepstakes featuring NEW Dial Kids Peachy Clean for ages 2+.  One lucky winner will receive $1,000, while 250 second place winners get to try NEW NEW Dial Kids Body & Hair Wash for FREE!  You can enter to win HERE!  Make sure you like the Dial Facebook page to stay up to date on product promotions and news!


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  1. My kids were taught to love bathing via bubble baths and I did the same with my grandbabies. Of course once they got older I taught them to use bathtime as “slow down” time before sleep. Wish they would have had this all in one- would have helped them slow down even faster!

  2. It helps to talk to your child while you are washing them so your child understands it. Walking a child through it while laughing and being silly really helps and makes it pretty fun.

  3. Elda Torres says

    Yo mientras bano a mi hija le explico el porque es importante lavarse bien,le explico como ponerse su shampoo y jabon.Para los ninos es bien importante un jabon con buen olor y que no inrites sus ojitos.

  4. It is important to me. I teach them so that they know it is important and it is part of keeping our bodies healthy.

  5. i teach my kids about personal hygiene by making it into a game in the bath tub. we have a dinosaur wash cloth that “eats” all the dirt off her. we also make brushing our teeth into a game

  6. jenmalonee says

    we explain that it is important to be clean b/c you stay healhier that way. the kids are just excited to pretend they are swimming in the tub. Works for me!

  7. Donna Cheatle says

    With each of my kids I used the things they could relate to to help them learn about the importance of cleanliness. My son had a playmate that always smelled and when he mentioned that to me I used it as an opportunity to teach him not to judge others and as a lesson on how others are affected by the things that you do or don’t do. My daughter was prone to yeast infections when she was little, so I had to teach her very early about personal hygiene

  8. Karen Gonyea says

    We reward them for taking care of themselves on a daily basis and for making good choices.

    ktgonyea at

  9. I teach not only by leading by example. If my daughter sees that I am good about overall hygiene, she will learn that she needs to be as well. Also, by talking to my daughter about why it’s important, helps her as well.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  10. My grandson is always “hanging out” in the bathroom with me. He mimics everything I do. He has his own hairbrush, toothbrush, and towel set. Such a cutie!
    [email protected]

  11. We have a chart to make sure they shower and brush their teeth every day. I make sure to supervise them every once in a while to make sure they are washing and brushing correctly.

  12. Jennifer Reed says

    I teach them by modeling the behavior I expect. I feel this is the best way.

  13. Es importante ensenarles desde pequenos la importncia del aseo personal y de quererse y respetarse a si mismos,,,cuando ensenamos a que se aseen y se mimen desde temprano, estamos criando personas seguras de si mismas.

  14. Es muy importante ensenarles a estar limpios,bonitos,y siempre contentos.

  15. brandy g. says

    I just let them know it is very important to keep good hygiene habits throughout your life because it keeps you healthy and makes you feel better about yourself.

  16. We have always explained that it’s important for your health to keep all parts of you clean. And proper hygiene has always been expected, never ‘optional’.

  17. I got so lucky my daughter loves taking baths. She knows the routine and she gets rewarded for doing what she is suppose to do.

  18. I teach them by showing them and doing it together! yours kids will want to brush their teeth if you’re going to brush with them!

  19. It didn’t take much for my grandson. He is bothered and always has been even if his hands get dirty. He knows he gets bathed daily, teeth brushed twice daily and he just enjoys it.

  20. I help them wash their hands after going to the bathroom. I also teach them to brush their teeth after every meal

  21. janetfaye says

    I teach my grandson to wash his hands after playing and eating. I try to show him that it is important to be clean to wash away germs that can make him sick.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. I like to lead by example and explain what I’m doing and why. It is important to demonstrate the link between good hygiene and overall good health, especially during cold/flu season.

  23. yep. I am really big on having clean hands, teeth, hair and so forth!

  24. We made bath time fun and told them why it was important to be clean so they would smell good and be healthier.

  25. We have a nightly schedule and we talk about why we do each of the things on the schedule. I also try and model healthy behavior for him.

  26. My kids and now my grandkids have a set bathtime ..unless another event is scheduled at that time..they know their bathtime and are usually happy when it gets here. I have always worked on getting them to be responsible for their own bath,and making bath time fun makes them look forward to it

  27. Susan Smith says

    Not only by leading by example but when they were young I showed them how to brush their teeth, take a bath and brush their hair.

  28. My kids have a bath or shower daily.. I did tell my oldest to wash her hair every other day because she was washing everyday and getting dry scalp..

  29. Kari Flores says

    When it comes to teaching my kids about personal hygiene I typically tell them the consequences of not brushing their teeth. Like if they get cavities they have to get a shot in their mouth. When they were younger I would tell them things like they have bugs in their mouth that only toothpaste and brushing can kill.

  30. I have showed them how to brush teeth, take care of their hair, and to bathe.

  31. misses giveaways says

    My kids always brush their teeth and take a shower before they go to bed.

  32. Tricia Andrews says

    I have taught my daughter by example. When she was little she would copy what I did. So when I brushed my teeth, she did. When I washed my face, she did. Now that she is almost 9 her appearance and being clean is very important to her.

  33. We start, obviously, with us doing it all, teeth brushing, hair washing, etc. Then, we let them try and we go back and do it again or help as needed. When we see they’re able to do it on their own, we let them.

  34. connie black says

    I teach them by learning from my husband and I. The kids and I always brush our teeth together in the morning and we make it fun, by seeing who can get the most “rabies on their face” faces!

  35. I lead by example.

  36. shower,brush their teeth before bed.we also do bed time stories

  37. Sarah Hall says

    I try to teach them that when you take care of yourselves, you are letting other people know you have pride in yourself and what you do. I tell them that most people do not like to be around people who are not practicing good hygiene.

  38. Coriander Warren says

    I always make sure they brush their teeth and hair every evening and morning. They shower every other day. I have bought and they try to remember to use deoderant. I always tell them if they don’t like the smell of someone stinky then no one wants to smell them that way.

  39. We make keeping clean a priority and try to keep it fun. Bath/shower time is pretty easy. Teeth are still a challenge for us though!

  40. susan smoaks says

    We teach our children by example and by routine. We have a bathtime routine and we teach them hygeine then. Kids love structure and routine so it works out. Also kids do what they see us do so all we have to do is practice what we preach!

  41. I encourage my children in good hygiene practices by making them apart of their daily routine. My daughters have decided early morning showers help them feel more awake for school, so we encourage them in this. They love picking out their own toiletries from shampoo scents to toothpaste flavors. This makes the process more fun.

  42. Kayla Malik says

    Everytime we give my toddler a bath we let her squeeze out the soap and let her scrub herself (and then we do it afterwards as well). We also let her brush her own teeth. Another thing is she helps pick out her outfits and helps put her dirty clothes in the hamper.

  43. We teach them with consistent routine.

  44. allison.bahr says

    Teeth is the most challenging but we try to buy fun supplies


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