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    There are many ways to spend time with your children without having to spend a lot of money.  At the end of the day, your kids care more about just having those special moments with you than they do about where you spend them.  It’s important to remember that you can create a fun environment just about anywhere as long as you get a little creative and use your imagination.

    Believe it or not, your car is a great place to have adventures.  Whether you are headed somewhere and make a family adventure out of that trip or you simply pop up the back door of your van or SUV on a beautiful night so you can sit and look at the stars, it can be a great place to spend time together.  I can still recall the wonderful memories I have of driving long distances with my parents and singing all of our favorite oldies together.

    My boys love sitting in our car and pretending that they are driving it or using their imagination to pretend that they are sitting in a spaceship that is about to launch into outer space.  They both know how to work the radio and change the music to match whatever their current adventure is.  Sometimes, it’s just nice for me to sit back and listen to them planning out the details of their escapades.  It’s great to see kids stepping away from the video games and computers to engage in some good old fashioned pretend play.

Check out the video below to see how Blogger Mom Daphne uses her car to create unforgettable family moments without spending a lot of money:

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Let’s discuss:  What are some of the ways that you use your vehicle to spend time with your family?


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  1. Having a reliable car to travel and do day trips with the family is such a blessing. Right now I’m hoping I get approved for a car loan. My truck’s motor blew up yesterday, so we’re trying to share our old car. So stressful! I can’t wait to get into a new car and take a day trip with the family!!

  2. We’ve done a lot of road trips to NYC in the car – sometimes we start out early in the morning and stay until night, and make it back home in the middle of the night. We’re about 4 hours away, and have a good time blasting the music and talking.

  3. jenmalonee says

    we like going on trips to water parks or pools. My boys love water so much they could be fish. the car gets us to the places we like to go.

  4. We love going for long road trips and usually turn up the music and sing along. Driving is kind of relaxing to me at times so its great when the whole family is together. I actually have a kia sorento and i love it 🙂

  5. My kids usually watch tv in the backseat while I’m driving. We go on vacation a lot so car roads are great times to catch up with each other. Lately my girlfriend and I have been going to a lot of car shows.

  6. We take road trips every few months. We love to explore new places and create happy family memories. We like to stop and take pictures of beautiful landscapes.

  7. Debra Hall says

    its just me and my 24 year old son we often take little road trips just to get out go see the sites here local

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  9. We go on road trips to go do fun things! I have 3 kids and we like to go to state parks and go camping!

  10. We like to go on road trips and do fun things. I have 3 kids and we like to visit state parks and go camping and hiking there!

  11. We love a good road trip, so we enjoy driving to our family vacation destinations. It gets hairy sometimes, but it usually well worth the time.

  12. Antionette Blake says

    Woohoo, thanks for sponsoring!

  13. We love driving to nearby cities on little road trips with my grandsons. We enjoy taking them to new desitnations and seeing new things. It also allows us to eat out and with all this we spend quality time together as a family.

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  15. we like to explore the parks of New York City and many times we go to some far away to spend more time and distract us, we love to go to nearby cities if only to eat.

  16. Elda Torres says

    Yo lleno el carro de juguetes,bebidas y comida y guiamos a algun paraje bonito o parque.

  17. We talk a lot in the car. We also love to sing and play games. At time we even make up our own games. We try to make long drives fun.

  18. i use my vehicle to keep my family entertained as we go for long drives and have stopovers at ice cream parlor and shop for somethings at times.

  19. Mayra Rodriguez says

    We like to play “Veo, Veo” for hours when we are traveling from California to Arizona to visit my brother. My kids also like to compete keeping track of how many cars of certain color they find in the road. I tell the boy that our mini van is a small RV because when we do road trips we take sports items, toys, water, art supplies, and I also plug my crockpot to keep the lunch warm.

  20. At least twice a year we have to drive across the country to visit my husbands’ parents — it was difficult while kids were small but now we are reading, drawing pictures, watching cartoons, listening music and singing. We really like this time — our car as a small home on the wheels

  21. Virginia Rowell says

    We go to the beach a lot. My daughter is in travel softball, so we are consistantly together going to the games. And we will occasionally go to nature walks.

  22. SimplySouthernGirl says

    we take road trips. have been to 45 states.. and are well on our way to 50.. our favorite locations are the beach, tailgating at fsu. etc

  23. we go to places like the beach, the zoo, etc. The car is only so big so we are forced to talk and interact with one another, which is not a bad thing ever.

  24. Laurajj Jacobson says

    Oh we love to use it to go to the drive in theaters! Not many left around us, but we do have a couple and the kids LOVE the huge screens and watching from the car!

  25. Kenny Fensom says

    We love going places together in the car. Recently we went to the beach. We also talk about our day in the car.

  26. Sarah Hall says

    We take trips to other states and along the way we try to find points of historic interest. We also play games which has the child attach the right state capital to each state on a small travel map.

  27. We love going on family adventures. We hop in the car on a Saturday morning and drive into the country and have lunch at a little cafe and go explore the area!

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  29. Now that my “kids” are 17 and 20 the only place they want to go with hubby and I is to a car dealership to find a car for themselves. Recently we have gone to several including Kia in Newark, DE. Although we haven’t found just the right vehicle for them, it’s fun spending the time together for that too shall pass!

  30. Tabathia B says

    We use it to spend family time together by going to the park, library and to our local beach often and we enjoy movies in the park

  31. we use our minivan to go on vacations. We only drive, never fly. Our kids love going on the long car rides. In two months we will going from NJ to Florida for our vacation. they love the car ride!! thanks

  32. We take road trips to enjoy family time. Airfare is too expensive.

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  35. There is always an adventure to be found around here. We live in the mountains and there is so much to explore! Sometimes we say – hey I wonder where this road goes and we take it to find out.

  36. jamie braun says

    we use our vehicle for family entertainment by using it to get out of the house as often as possible! we try to do at least one fun family activity out of the house every week! we never know where our next adventure will be

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