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    I cannot even begin to tell you how much money I spend on detergent and fabric softener in order to wash the laundry that our family of four makes on a regular basis.  Never mind the fact that both of our boys are involved in sports like basketball and baseball weekly because that also contributes a ton of dirty uniforms and clothes to our laundry pile.  That’s why it is really important that we use laundry detergents that not only do a great job getting our clothes clean but also don’t put a big dent in our household budget.

    As a Purex Insider, I am ecstatic to bring you the news that new Purex plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance combines the aromatic fragrance of Purex Crystals with the highly effective Purex detergent.  It can be used to wash your laundry every single day and brings the fresh scents of clean laundry and florals to every load that you wash.  If you use it in conjunction with Purex Crystals, it will give your clean clothes an even longer lasting freshness.  Just from taking the cap off, the air around me fills with the scent of Purex Crystals…

    Here is the best part of new Purex plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance, it makes your clothes smell heavenly and it is half the price of the leading brand.  Yes, I said half the price!  The average family can potentially save over $45 per year by using Purex With Crystals fragrance detergent.  Imagine what you could do with those extra $45 that you would be saving!

    What good are fresh smelling clothes if they don’t come out clean?  This year, all Purex detergents will contain the power of DirtLift Action.  This works deep into the fabric of clothes to lift dirt.  It has a deep cleaning power and will keep all of your clothes stay bright, white and clean.

    New Purex plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance is available in the liquid detergent aisle at your local Walmart, Target, Kroger and other Purex retailers.  Additionally, Purex is proud to introduce the Experience the Enchantment Sweepstakes featuring Purex detergent plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance!  One lucky winner will receive $1,000 and a year of FREE Purex detergent plus Fabric Softener, while 500 second place winners get to try this powerful, fresh detergent for FREE!  You can enter the sweepstakes HERE!


Our sponsor is giving away two free coupons for a bottle of Purex detergent plus Fabric Softener with Crystals Fragrance to 2 readers of Tough Cookie Mommy!a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Sounds good!

  2. I like a detergent that leaves the clothes smelling nice

  3. I entered the Honey Bunches of Oats giveaway

  4. I look for soap that makes my clothes smelling fresh.

  5. I look at the contents it has and nice smell.

  6. Scent, price and efectiveness

  7. Reinaa Pmora says

    I would like the detergent out more efficient, good which does not have much use when we wash and having more than anything a rich smell!
    I would like the detergent out more efficient, good which does not have much use when we wash and having more than anything a rich smell! but above all this at a good price. 🙂

  8. get the cloths clean and a great smell

  9. karie houghton says

    I like detergent without harmful chemicals…sorry. 🙁

  10. I like laundry detergent that has a soft, clean fragrance.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  11. Elda Torres says

    I like laundry detergent that has clean fragrance.

  12. Diana Rodriguez says

    I like laundry detergent to make my clothes smelling fresh, clean fragance

  13. that it gets the stains out, doesn’t leave soap residue, smells nice.

  14. As long as it works and has a pleasant smell, it is good to me. I love Purex for that reason.

  15. Ability to remove tuff Stains, fragrance,

  16. Kristen Morris says

    I look for a laundry detergent to smell pleasant, but not overwhelming or perfume-y.

  17. I like a detergent that’s tough on stains

  18. If its tough on stains, price, and scent

    thanks for the chance to win!

  19. It gets my clothes clean and smelling fresh

  20. I seek the detergent smells good and really clean the clothes without damaging my hands.

    thanks for the oportunity

  21. Ashley H. says

    They have to get out tough stains.

  22. they have to be able to make colors brighter.

  23. The clothes have to look and smell clean after they are washed!! In my book, if they don’t then the detergent sucks!

  24. If its safe for sensitive skin!

  25. Jennifer Short says

    Something I’m not allergic to. If I get it, and I’m allergic to it, other members of my family use it.

  26. scent and not allergic to it

  27. thanks for the link to the Purex site contest. I’m a fan of their laundry detergent.

  28. I look for something that works first (gets clothes CLEAN), then for a pleasant scent, and something that is gentle on sensitive skin.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  29. i like the laundry detergent when leave the clothes clean and smell nice

  30. I like a fresh clean scent and it must clean cloths!!

  31. i like fresh and clean 🙂

  32. Maggie True Armstrong says

    I want my detergent to clean great and have a wonderful smell.

  33. I like it to have a fresh scent and be reasonably priced.

  34. I look for nice scent, stain fighting ability, and good price.

  35. removes stainsThanks! Janna JOhnson [email protected] janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  36. It has to smell nice

  37. It has to smell good! Not too expensive either.

  38. Very tough on stains! I have four little girls!

  39. fresh scent, able to clean well


  40. tough cleaning but okay for sensitive skin!

  41. daphne shippey says

    It has to smell great and last.

  42. Dan Williams says

    cleans well, has a nice scent


    I like detergent to remove tough stains

  44. I like a detergent that get tough stains out.

  45. What are some of the qualities that you look for in a laundry detergent?

    im easy..just clean and freash

  46. I definitely compare quality versus cost when looking for a detergent. No point in buying bargain brands if I have to use twice as much to get my clothes clean.

  47. I entered your Honey Bunches of Oats giveaway as well.

  48. i like a detergent that brightens my whites and it must smell nice. I like to trust my detergent to work hard so that I don’t have to. I like for it to be gentle on our skin and budget as well.

  49. i entered honey bunches of oats

  50. Anastasia says

    I look for something that works well, but is also a good price 🙂 A lot of the expensive stuff is great but hurts the wallet when you have a family & load after load of laundry 🙂

  51. Amanda Hoffman says

    i look for a detergent that has a good scent cleans well and hypoallergenic. i also look for detergents that dont cost so much

  52. I look for a detergent that is HE safe. I also need to like the scent!

    [email protected]

  53. I like a detergent that leaves my clothes smelling fresh and removes stains. It’s also important that it’s inexpensive.

  54. Kathy Luman says

    I like a laundry soap that smells good and makes your clothes bright and something that doesn’t cost a whole lot.

  55. First off I look @ price. Then I look at if it has stain fighters. Then scent is important. Even though I have a family of 5 men I still like scent.Well especially for that reason

  56. I have to first consider if this is something that my daughter will be allergic too. She has bad skin reactions, then I consider how well it works compared to the price.

  57. i have to check the ingredients of the detergent first of all. some laundry detergents give my 12 year old a rash. then i check to see if its a stain fighter/oxyclean. I also have a 2 year old, so we need a good stain fighter. then of course, i compare the price

  58. happi shopr says

    I need a degergent that cleans well. Fresh fragrance is a must for our active household.

  59. I like detergents that smell good. It also has to clean great.

  60. I look for a laundry detergent that is affordable and cost effective. I also want one that is effective at removing stains on both my white and colored clothes.

  61. I look for a detergent that not only smells good but is also not to harsh on our clothes and skin!

  62. I look for a laundry detergent that will remove tough stains such as grease/blood/oil/mud. And that smells nice too.

  63. Most importantly, it needs to work. by that I mean everything is clean – no stains, no dingy appearance. Also it needs to be gentle enough not to tear up my clothes.

  64. I’d like natural detergent or dye free at the least.

  65. Denise Sachs says

    I get what I have a coupon for and is the best price. I also prefer the dye free ones, but not always. It depends on the price and the coupons I have.

  66. I want something that cleans well. Detergent that gets tough stains out because with 3 kids we get a lot of stains. I also want a detergent that keeps my whites white and my brights bright! Lastly, it has to smell good, but not be too over powering.

  67. I look for a detergent that cleans well. But one of my biggest things that I look for is a really good long-lasting scent.

  68. The clothes must look and smell clean. I want them to be soft too

  69. sara wood says

    I want a detergent that gets the job done without having to use alot of product. Also a nice smell without the harsh chemicals that irritate my skin.

  70. I like the scent and how well it cleans.. with my kids and boyfriend I need something that truly works

  71. I love the scent plus Purex is the only detergent that doesn’t irritate my skin!

  72. jennifer says

    I want a tough detergent that gets our grass and mud stains out, yet gentle on our sensitive skin… but I also want a great deal!

  73. cheap, effective and a good scent!

  74. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    clean fresh and uncostly
    vmkds3 at msn dot com

  75. susan1215 says

    I look for a detergent that gets out stain and has a nice smell. I also look for affordability too.

  76. cassandra mccann says

    I love to get detergent that will not make me break out and that keeps the smell even after the dryer

  77. I like laundry products that leave a nice smell and that extend the life of my clothes. I also want clothes to look and feel clean

  78. I want a detergent that’s tough on stains, but still keeps my clothes soft and smelling good. I also want my clothes to still look like new and not fade!

  79. kathy pease says

    I have to be honest I usually buy the cheapest brand that is my main goal. when I use coupons I usually buy brand names sometimes like purex and dynamo. as long as the clothes come out clean and smell nice I am happy

  80. I look for a detergent that will keep my clothes white, (or keep colors from fading), is not super expensive and that smells good!

  81. Mya Murphy says

    Considering, I can only afford dollar store, I would say affordability. But, I can admit, they don’t do as good of a job getting out stains 🙁

  82. The most important things to me are a good smell, stain-fighting, and that the clothes come out clean. I also like fade-resistance.

  83. krystal wethington says

    I look for the size like how many loads it is.I also like to find a pleasant smell and how well it gets clothes clean.

  84. i look for something that doesn’t require nearly half the bottle to clean well. i also like a brand that has a perfume free and dye free option because 2 of my children have sensitive skin.

  85. I look for a detergent that usually has coupons for it, works well, has a great scent, and is easy to use!

  86. Kat Emerick says

    I look for the cleaning quality, how it makes my clothes smell.

  87. The top things I look for in a laundry detergent are how well it gets out tough stains and how nice it smells. The smell has to last, beyond the dryer, that is so important. That’s one of the main reasons I love Purex crystals, because the smell lasts. Doesn’t hurt to stock up on it when there is a coupon/sale either.

  88. I look for good quality cleaning in a preferably natural product.

  89. I look for laundry detergents that are necessary to make your clothes look shiny and new and how well it gets out tough stains and how nice it smells.

  90. susansmoaks says

    I like my laundry detergent to smell nice. i like it to do a good job cleaning. I also like it to be a good price.

  91. I look for name brand detergents that have a reputation for cleaning. I look for scents that I love. I also look for any ingredients added for example to clean stains.

  92. Sarah Hall says

    I always look for something that is going to get my clothes clean but is also enviromentally safe. I always like something that smells nice, too.

  93. kristinwilkinson says

    I like my laundry detergent to be a good value, to have a pleasant (but not overwhelming) scent, and to get clothes CLEAN, including stains!!

  94. First I go by price so having coupon or sale determines what brand I buy. Next I go buy scent – I like stuff that smells clean, but not too girly! I also prefer detergents that help keep my colors bright and whites white!

  95. I like a detergent that cleans really well for a reasonable price. Lately it seems like all the products prices are skyrocketing and the performance of them are lacking. Hubby gets grubby, I need a detergent that does its job with just using the minimum amount for a good price.

  96. Well it has to smell good. It has to be affordable and it has to be able to remove stains from my husbands work clothes.

  97. The first thing I look for is quality…does it clean. I want it to smell fresh and leave my clothes smelling fresh too. I also look at affordability…I can’t afford higher priced detergents, so thank goodness I love Purex!

  98. I like detergents that get my clothes clean, first of all.. also, I like them for them to smell clean & fresh! Need one that works well on tough clothes, like my husband’s work uniforms.

  99. Leanne H says

    I like my detergents to mainly be gentle on the skin as most of my household has sensitive skin, I like long lasting fragrances, tough on stains, very affordable

  100. I want something that will thoroughly clean the laundry and give a clean, but not overpowering scent.

  101. I like a detergent to be good for sensitive skin, be affordable, and leave my clothes fresh.


  102. Vikki Billings says

    I have to get detergents that do not have heavy scents, heavy dyes and other things that can cause me to have irritation on my skin as well as makes me get migraines. Purex is the one detergent that I have always be able to use. The scent is not overwhelming it is pleasant and subtle.

  103. Lucy Schwartz says

    I love to have fresh smelling laundry. It makes the job of washing worthwhile but finding a good product that is inexpensive is the trick.

  104. I want it to smell like Fresh Linen. I also want it to be able to get stains out, and I want it to be a good value.

  105. I have really terrrible laundry skills, so simplicity is my first requirement. I like really fresh scents — lavander, vanilla, sunshine — and I need for the stuff to work with out requiring my rapt attention.

  106. The qualities I look for in a Laundry detergent are a fresh scent on my clothes. I also look for a detergent that can clean my clothes and get rid of at least easy stains.

  107. I like a laundry detergent that is inexpensive, but gets the job done. I want it to clean clothes and keep them smelling fresh.

  108. I look for something that is tough on stains. I also need something that everyone in the house can tolerate and doesn’t smell too bad/strong.

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